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  1. I voted #3. Our planet is going through a major die off right now, supposedly one of the bigger extinction events. Since it has been a 50+ year struggle to get proof since the PGF I can only assume that they are one of those species that isn't going to make it. Heck, we might not make it.
  2. If I saw something 12 feet tall, which is more than twice as tall as me, I doubt anything I have would put a dent in it. If it were charging me I would pray that I had enough time to turn the gun onto myself.
  3. I'ld be afraid I'ld shoot an unkempt man by mistake. If it was a bigfoot that I shot then I guess I'ld have to drag it in the house and make it look like a burglary/self defense on the off chance it turned out to be some type of human.
  4. I don't know if mine is truly an encounter but I can't imagine what else would be able to push the accelerator through a tractor floor other than a bigfoot. If I had to guess I would say that whatever it was had watched my husband operate the tractor a few times and thought they would take it for a spin. Evidently he had a lead foot.
  5. I don't think bigfoot science has stalled because it would require some type of flesh and blood sample to verify its existence. Once bigfoot is identified then there are several branches of science that would be involved; biological, environmental, anthropology as just a few for example. Right now the search for bigfoot seems more like an ongoing investigation using some scientific means to collect or establish evidence.