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  1. Deepest of sighs... How many years have we been talking about this? Teasing people? Groaning when we know its obvious, but others are "so sure" they see something? There is a simple test for resolving these issues. 1) you find Sasquatch in a photo... in the bushes behind your friends, peeking out from that big tree, or any other number of places and scenarios we've all seen before ad nauseum. 2) you GO BACK to the place where the photo was taken. Take another photo. If the object/shadow/giant scary sasquatch is still there when you view the photo, ITS NOT A SASQUATCH ! This also is a very effective technique for resolving your "Stumpsquatch" situations as well. You're very welcome. -A- Edited to add- Slabdog, no doubt that "Macguyver-Squatch" is real, you can see a resemblance to Patty !
  2. Has anyone yet discovered a living, possible "missing link", between Homo Sapiens and the rest of the great Apes ? Besides causing a huge philosophical debate (creation, religion, evolution etc), and considering how staggering of a discovery it would be, I'd say any of the other species or sub-species discoveries you could mention from the last several hundred years, would pale in comparison to this. This discovery would be a game changer, and there is no way to estimate just how explosive of an impact it could make. For that reason alone, there exits reason to believe that there are people, entities, and organizations (Govt or Private), that would want to suppress such a discovery. Same goes with possible ET / UFO activity... Art
  3. What would be the motive for any Govt. agency confiscating the corpse? To cover it up and to further the plausibility of them being non-existant ? Thinking along these lines would to me at least, make me want to avoid being hush hush about the find, and get it out to a reliable news outlet that will immediately break the story on a national level. Once your local yokel NBC affiliate reporter and camera crew shoot a bunch of footage of what can only be a real body (and not a monkey suit + pig guts stuffed in a freezer), it'd be nearly impossible for them to sweep it under the rug. If the Feds found out it was being stored at a local college, and you hadn't told anyone publicly? They could swoop right in and make that thing disappear in a flash. I think the safe bet would also be, as has been mentioned already, to section the body and to keep at least a few recognizable pieces separate from whatever is handed over to anyone for examination. All these years later, I'm still trying to figure out the necessary thought process involved for those two guys to actually believe they were going to pull that charade off. Man, I cant even imagine how nervous and excited I'd be, If id been dumb lucky enough to put a soft point through old big and stinky's gourd, and had the body stashed somewhere safe ! Its been a good Winter for keeping an eye on things here in upstate NY. A consistent snow pack for most of the Winter, which allows me as im driving around on some of these back roads that border (or go through) large tracts (1000's of acres) of state forest land, to keep my eyes pealed for tracks, or large dark shapes against a pure white background. But its been cold also, and I believe that's going to severely limit any activity.
  4. Well, having been gone from the forums for a while, I took some time over the last hour or so, and read much of this thread. I've got a few points to make, that may or may not have been glossed over. 1) There's alot of talk about trackways not being observed in the winter, and how if they were moving around, "it'd be easy to spot some sign of them". That's ridiculous ! Let me ask you a question... Of all the members here, how many or what percentage of us go traipsing around far off the beaten path in Winter? I take walks regularly where I'm at in upstate NY, and while I'm no woodsman, I consider myself fairly knowledgeable after doing so for most of my now 45 years. I could walk out the door now, head out across a large field that's right next to the house, and regardless of whether i walked up the left, center, or right of the field, there's a nearly certain chance I'd miss any tracks (bigfoot or otherwise), if they weren't within 40 or so yards from where i was walking. You could walk through any wooded area and miss trackways. Unless you and/or a group of people where criss crossing back and forth, or walking a spread out line, you could easily miss what you didnt see. It's not like your going to find them driving down the highway, or even on dirt back roads. 2) I dont have a theory on how they survive in Winter months. Winters are tough, especially as other have mentioned in regions where all the vegetation and trees are dormant, and there is typically snow pack for the entire winter (5-6 months). Here in NY Ive seen winters where wary country deer (not the tamer suburban variety) came right up to our yard and ate the tops off Arbor Vitae trees because it was green, and wasnt tree twigs. Cold, windy, and some winters several feet of snow on the ground thats present for most of the winter. It takes hardy creatures to survive these winters, and sadly many times deer and other critters dont make it. They starve or freeze to death because they cant keep their calorie count high enough. So in order to be surviving during northern winters especially, its for certain that some form of shelter and an abundant food supply would be necessary. 3) As far as trackways go, the first experience I ever had with anything possibly bigfoot related, was again here in upstate NY, and no further than five or six miles from where I sit at this moment looking out a window at the woods and fields. My entire lengthy report was at one point in the premium members section, although I have no idea if it survived the server upgrade or my account being disabled and eventually terminated due to my disappearance from the forums. Long story short- in the dead of Winter, my brother and I found a trackway one morning that to us as children appeared to be as if a large person had walked barefoot down the trail during the night. On a 135+ acre piece of land, bordered on 3 sides by thousands of acres of state forest land. My brother, myself, and my uncle, who was a deputy sheriff at the time, followed that track way for nearly a mile. Through several large fields, over a stone wall, and eventually leading up to a dark pine forest, into which none of the three of us wished to continue pursuit. There is so much wilderness out there, whether its Alaska, or somewhere in the lower 48, and the vast majority of it sees very little human activity, even in the summer months. To say that not understanding how, or where these creatures survive during Winter months, is reason to question their existence, is being somewhat short sighted, and based on the assumption that like most things, we know better than nature or the rugged creatures that inhabit it. We do not. -A-
  5. So let me get this straight.... You want to find the buried remains of a Sasquatch, based on 30+ year old eyewitness accounts, or the word of an alleged habituator, and hope that if the animal died somewhere in the area, there might be some remains intact...? Imagine if you will, a one mile wide by one mile long area of land. Within that one square mile area, are lying millions upon millions of uniform sized sewing needles, about a foot deep. Only one of these needles out of all the millions, has had its appearance altered-lets say by dipping it in red paint. Your task if you choose to accept it, is to find that needle. The hopes or chances of finding some Sasquatch remains by the technique outlined in this thread, is far less greater than the chances you'll ever find the red paint dipped needle. Good luck !!