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  1. Tritons a stand up gentlemen.From PM'S to phone call.One of the few on this forum who would help out a new guy. Shame on all you research's i contacted for help.
  2. Use the eclipse to its advantage.Like any predator would.It will most likely be on the hunt for dinner.
  3. It's more difficult to assemble a squad size of men to harvest a mythical beast.As long as there is a active spot.It will go well. Triton have you covered in my 294.Would be a intrnesting run none the less. Side note.How to upload windows movie maker(wlmp file I Belive) to a annoyums video hosting site.Have 3:19 of thermal blobs I would like to have scrutinized.
  4. Gentleman is not a hunter.Watched videos.Love the scenery of PNW.Man made structures for sure.At least hunting blinds.Ive made plenty just like his. Positive there are 1,000's of guys just like me making these temp hunting blinds. Show me a body!
  5. A squad of ex military with tax stamp weapons.Would not take to long.
  6. Michigan DNR. "Male black bear live in an area about 100 square miles in size, while females live in smaller areas of 10-20 square miles." Thoughts always evolving.Would think larger then bear if need be.
  7. Interesting perspective.Not sure which case you are referring to.At least two i recall in Eastern 411 like this. My take on story.Small child approx 5yrs old.Found miles away.In the middle of a large 3'-4'+ deep swamp. Boy was found on a very small raised piece of soil.Undressed.No shoes.Thick briars & deep water making access for adult rescuers difficult. More importantly making escape unlikely for a child. Appears to me this unfortunate child might be considered a prisoner among other things.
  8. Excellent idea.Being a noob myself.Spent(wasted) considerable time finding credible sources. Favorite by far is John Green. Local gentlemen. Tim Stover "tcsjrbigfoot" Youtube: Kryder Exploration. Favorite book: Missing 411 Hunters.
  9. Stump Photo: Appears "something" might be on its back.Right side as you look at photo.
  10. With all due respect Twist. Simply ask the individual why they are on this forum.Instead of assume.
  11. Reckon BF is like a large mouth bass.90% of BF(bass) are in a 10% of the woods(water).Find the 10% they use. Forming a pattern should be easy. Nobody's answer is correct or incorrect on numbers.Ill state 50,000 to kick things off.
  12. NE OH. 75 degrees past Friday.Started snowing Saturday.Currently 26 degrees & 2" of powder on the ground. Snow amounts in decline over the years in this location. Do not recall seeing the big guys print/s in snow.
  13. Interesting picture(buddy). Break is approx 15' in air.No signs of lighting damage.Any ideas?
  14. Good chuckle on post. .45-70 with garrett ammo will do the trick.Now you know.