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  1. Text book is a person with a degree in biology when dealing with animals . As much as we like to think that our or the common layman's sighting holds the same weight it just doesn't . Example would be my self and 3 of my hunting buddies witness a close encounter of a bigfoot . Then 4 biology professors from Harvard university while out backpacking encounter the same thing and report it. What would hold more weight ?
  2. LCB You're spot on on floating rivers and lakes late at night with a thermal. To be honest I'm very surprised that most Bigfoot researchers don't do that . Maybe it's just seems more normal to me to be on lakes and rivers at night because I use to bass fish at night during the hot summer months. I sold my boat a few years ago so now all I have is a fishing kayak but it does have a trolling motor on it. I went out for the first time with a ATN thermal HD monocular and saw lots of game approaching the wooded shore lines . It was a state lake located in a state park near my home and it's all wooded with no houses around the entire lake . I didn't see a Bigfoot but I saw a lot of game , 8 or 9 whitetails and a black bear that walked into the lake it seemed just to cool off. I feel right now that the best chance I have to capture anything on video ( the ATN records video) is this approach . I can't imagine just how much water an adult Bigfoot needs to drink in the summer months to stay hydrated but it must be substantial . I think they hit the lakes and rivers under the cover of darkness to drink and also just cool off .
  3. There's many ways to also look at this . The total of forest and wilderness areas in the U.S that totals no roads or freeways is 109,127,689 acres . That's over 100 million acres in the U.S with no roads where a large creature could live and not be hit by a car .
  4. Yeah that definitely sounds like wood being hit together . Can I ask you what you use for a recording device ? Also I would like to ask you or any other of the more experienced members if you leave a recording device out for days or weeks at a time like you would a trail cam? If so can you recommended one to buy that would have a long battery life and weather proof . Thanks
  5. Tree knocks will mess with your head. I remember climbing in a stand 2 hours before sunrise in a dead calm night. As the morning progressed the wind picked up and I kept hearing a loud knock just 30 yards or so to my right . Still dark and all of a sudden a loud crash hitting the forest floor had to be a large limb or tree falling. Good thing I was tethered in the tree.
  6. I think that bones get eaten ,chewed up . I find it a bit puzzling that a few people think we should be finding their bones . I'm going to give just a for instance . When I use to deer hunt in CT there was a swamp in the 1500 acres I hunted . The swamp was maybe about 40 to 60 acres give or take . I can say with some authority that not a soul had wadded through that place in 100 years or ever for that matter. What I'm trying to get at is these creatures I believe know when they are dying same as all other animals do. The old deer who finds a bunch of soft pines to lay down on. Your family dog who stops eating and drinking and goes to find a quiet spot to die . I believe that they go to areas where we just won't walk into and lay down to die. I don't think they bury their own or anything like that. Most places we walk in the wilds are just that ,places where we can walk . It's our nature even when hunting big game to take the path of least resistance . There's swamps that humans have never walked through or deep thickets that we walk around while hiking or even when searching for Bigfoot.
  7. Triton Tr196 that was really amazing to watch , I've never seen anything like that before thank you for posting it. I'm new to this so I wouldn't know what a typical normal behavior would be by these creatures in an encounter or a confrontation ? maybe a little bit of both there . I don't know by watching if they were testing your reaction in different scenarios they were creating . I could be way off base but if this had been tried by a lone person I don't think they would have backed off by grunts or yells . What's gets me is yes in a way they were staying out of sight but they certainly wanted it to be known they were there . I know that has been discussed in your posts and it still boggles the mind how they acted towards your team. Again thank you for posting it
  8. Triton Tr196 During the bluff charge did you keep filming ? I've been through some hairy stuff in my life but that would scare me quite a bit.
  9. If you live in an area where you truly believe you are finding evidence all the time than the next course should be to train hounds from pups to follow nothing but that scent . Hounds men know to train dogs to only follow , coons, rabbits , big cats etc... Just spit balling here but sometimes the old methods of tracking work better than , drones , thermal and every other new gadget out there.
  10. Yup People like that spend a lot more time in the woods than the average hunter or bigfoot researcher . I've often wondered what people that spend 100 days or more a year in a fire look out tower have seen but keep it to them selves .
  11. Can I ask you what you mean by things you've seen? I'm very new into this but what got me very interested these past two weeks are photos a coworker showed me he was finding for 5 years on his property and beyond. It was just a conversation about the outdoors, fishing , hunting and I happened to ask him what he thought of the existence of Bigfoot . I had never asked him that before or even mentioned anything about it. That's when he said he's had things happen at his home that were pretty strange including a what he believes was a night time encounter . He then said he started taking photos of the things he was finding . He showed me and the photos are pretty crazy. He's close to my age in his 50's . He has since sold the property but still has access to the area so we have talked about it and decided to start exploring the site again in the spring time . I'm actually pretty excited about it. He never had any type of good equipment but I'm a person who has some pretty good stuff when it comes to night vision .
  12. My thought and it seems most everyone disagrees but I think they mate for life so travel is only based on food sources , weather and pressure from humans. I think they have a very intimate social structure .
  13. That's what exactly happened to me while hiking in Maine. Now looking back maybe I should have pursued deeper in the woods but at the time Bigfoot never crossed my mind. Not that I wasn't a believer or disbeliever just that I never gave it much thought back then. Only after I had gotten back home it crossed my mind. At first I thought black bear but we ran into bears before , not in Maine but camping off the Kancamagus in the White Mountains . He wasn't afraid of them . This time it was fear and then it kind of transferred over to me so I turned around and headed back to the trail. One thing we never ran into was a cougar , so could it have been? who knows Anyways this thread is fascinating to read .