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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
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  1. It seems to me that this type of activity started subsiding about the time that the Henry and Winchester rifles became prevalent if we consider the historical accounts. 16 rounds in rapid succession would make anything think twice, let alone something even slightly sentient. Lots of the native tribes spoke of different types of these creatures, some who were or are more predictably violent and aggressive. I lean toward this myself. I would think long and hard about taking any kind of presumptions good or bad for granted when approaching an area that is remotely suspected of being habituated. Some of the most prevalent Bigfoot related media content out there is teaching people to provoke them. My families experience with one as a kid was enough to know that just being in an area they are in can be enough for them to become pretty aggressive and intrusive. The size and physical attributes of this creature lend us as a species to be very wary of even half hearted aggressive intents on their part. Pretty smart if you ask me. I've never traveled the woods unarmed and never will. The first time you come across cloths and a backpack on a game trail in the middle of nowhere it makes you think long and hard about just how vulnerable you are out there.