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  1. Maybe ? http://www.bigfurmovie.com/ This one runs on a bit long, but gives a few different angles/views. Nother shot of it.
  2. It looks cool, but there are things that look off to me compared to what I see in the PGF. Having never seen one, I can't say, just my artistic impressions from buildin' a profile over the years from reports an of course the PGF. Sasquatch stuff starts about 2:00.
  3. I voted exist an viable. Sightings still come in, kinda in the middle between viable an endangered though, hard to say.
  4. It's not the media, but the evidence. Any evidence is its own evidence, so in my opinion, if folks want to toss it into a particular bin...that's up to them. John Green's book the Apes Among Us teaches us that all sightings are valuable...not valueless ! Evidence is evidence, it's the weight behind it that is relevant. The giant squid had its doubters back in the day.
  5. TedSallis, I look at everything related to the subject...with skepticism...an go from there. I seen the two images from the Crypto site, first image, the dog looked like the only actual animal in the photo, 2nd image looked better, but still did nothin' for me. They just didn't look like ol' photos to me. I think a photo or video will have to be pretty compellin' these days, NCBFr's photo is a example, no disrespect to him, but the photo offers nothin' if you have to guess. Even if there is somethin' in his photo, the quality is such you cannot determine much...if anythin'. In which case, for myself, I let it go. However, I still think a decent photo/video can be incredibly important an valuable ! Pat...
  6. NCBFr, I would tend to agree, you never know if in a active area. Pat...
  7. gigantor, Do they come out more, or does the extra light aid in visibility for humans to see them ? Or are people less active on those low light nights ? I'm simply of the opinion their vision is adapted for the darkness. Even with a full moon, if it's overcast, you're not goin ta get that light. Just my 2 cents. The moon effects the tides, if in a coastal area, I could see were the moon phases would help for clam diggin' etc. Pat...
  8. "Butter"...almost spit out my beer ! haha !
  9. BC witness, Glad to hear you're on the mend ! Pat...
  10. NCBFr, I put your images together roughly, to give you a rough size comparison, based it on the bend in that one tree(green dot is roughly 1/2 way down from the bend). Myself, still don't see anythin', sorry. Pat...
  11. MIB, Looks like two upright figures/shadows, but with the sticks an branches, I'd go optical illusion caused by the brush, shadows, etc.. Pat...
  12. ^ NCBFr, When you do your recreation, can you use you trail cam again please, perhaps somethin to establish size ta boot. Thanks ! Pat...
  13. I'm sorry, but all I see is a poor image quality photo, did or can the wind cause it to take a pic ? I ask, because the photo appears to show a slight movement, least to my eyes. Can you show a photo taken by yourself pointin' towards the area in question ? I don't mean to dismiss your photo, it just offers little info. Pat...