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  1. the title reminded me of this from the movie HELP, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlH767uV1z8
  2. Where are all the dead Bigfoot? My guess would be with all the dead horses! lol
  3. Thanks BC, looks like the weather was good for you too. I like the Buddha, nice shrine out in the woods. I wonder what Bigfoot would think?
  4. My wife and I went up to the top Of Marys Peak just west of Corvallis Oregon yesterday. Looked for tracks, the only tracks found were some bird tracks, human foot prints and mt bike tracks. Was beautiful first nice no rain day in a long time, there was fresh snow about 500 ft below the top. It was 36 degree and the snow was melting fat off the trees, captured this shot and a few others, beautiful ! Lots of mt bikers found out later there was an mt bike event called mudslingers. Great day but no signs of the big guy.
  5. I watched the eruption on May 18 1980 from Vancouver on top of the grain elevator, it was so surreal. I was witnessing my play ground being destroyed. I am glad I had to work on that Sunday because I might have been near the mountain. I had always thought Bigfoot would have not been on the mountain but could have been in the Mt Margret wilderness that we know was devastated. Or to the east wear so much of the ash fell. Bigfoot would have been OK on the south side. . My friend who was in the Guard went in after all the survivors had been rescued and was on a search for the missing most who were never found. His main job before and after was road blocks. He had asked and was able to do some search fly ins to the blast area. I have climbed the Mountain 5 times and have hiked into the blast area shortly after the eruption when allowed. It amazes me to think how much material there is from the land slide, having played in those areas before the eruption. Not to mention the distance the blast traveled! I still do not believe there was a pile of Bigfoot bodies kept from the public. Not sure where any bodies would be but we need to keep looking just in case.
  6. A friend I worked with was in the National Guard, he was mainly stationed at the road blocks prior to and after the eruption. He wanted to and was able to do a helicopter fly in looking for missing persons shortly after the eruption. I asked him about finding any dead Bigfoot. He said some pilots had made up stories about finding a dead Bigfoot, just a hoax for the guardsmen, When he flew in they landed at a spot where there was supposedly a dead Bigfoot, all a joke I think to lighten the mood. But you never know. Personalty I believed my friend no Bigfoot found.
  7. Just like the track way a friend and I witnessed near Goat Marsh west side of Mt St Helens back in the late 1980s. I thought at first look at these picture of a stotting dear prints. Looking at those picturse sure is convincing to be a Bigfoot what else could it be? the same conclusion my friend and I came too.
  8. here is a link to some Washington snow depths with elevations https://www.wunderground.com/StateSnowDepth.asp?state=WA
  9. Great pics BC! I bet the Bigfoot are sunning them selves on a nice south facing rocky slope with all that snow.
  10. I agree with Norse, said it all.
  11. December 31 1989 a Sunday at Soda Peaks Lake in the Gifford Pinchot NF. Temp there about 28 degrees, right a 12 PM light hazy overcast. With a good friend eating lunch. The lake was partially, 3/4 frozen over, very light patches of dusty snow Was not a sighting was something opposite side of the lake making a grunting guttural sound getting loader each time, nothing I've ever heard before or since, got out of there after about 20 minutes of the vocals. Have the time date and location etched in my mind. Hows that for memory? Same friend and I cross country skiing close to Goat Mt near Goat marsh skiing through an old gravel pit on trail came across a track-way crossing the trail went up the side of the pit towards Goat Mt, same year about a month after the Soda peaks incident. Probably not as intense of feeling as the SP Lake incident so date was not remembered and the other was on New Years eve.
  12. My wife bought us electric assist mountain bikes, she sold our Giant peddle bikes. The electric assist is awesome! Going up hill is easy on electric assist. Makes riding with my shot 62 yr old knees a breeze, I have logged about 120 miles so far with a little on trails, so far we love these.
  13. Get out there and see if you can find the elusive Bigfoot, have fun take lots of pictures and share a few. Look for evidence of wildlife and of coarse wildlife. When I was young I would run down the trails and would usefully encounter wild life by surprise and one time almost running into the north end of a south bound elk!
  14. thanks Big T W, I usually pick the purplish and reddish berries but not the blue one with the frosty look if that make any sense. I find the two I like have the most flavor. I'm amazed how many people are out there anymore. Thirty years ago I would only see a few and maybe no one, it feels like the areas have gotten smaller with so many people everywhere. I would think the small population of Bigfoot would be high tailing it out of these areas. Need to get out to the less used areas. Thanks BC I hope you can get out there soon, I miss your field trips. Get that Trailblazer fixed and start blazing those trails! Same goes for you get well soon. I had to laugh with your comment about my hair dresser you said "BTW" at first I thought you meant Big Tree Walker then I realized you meant "By the way" lol. Yes my hair dresser is myself with my Wahl clippers with a #1 attachment, I look bald in my profile but I do have some fuzz on top.
  15. My wife and I went up to get some huckleberry's today. We always head up into the Gifford Pinchot NF just on the western edge of the Indian heaven Wilderness. It was very quiet this morning while we were picking. The only things we could hear was an occasional car on the forest roads and the occasional jet flying over, no wildlife at all. After we picked a couple quarts of berries we took a hike into the Indian Heaven wilderness area around Thomas lake. I went to Eunice lake and did a little fly fishing for some brook trout. I looked around for tracks and only found human an domestic dog tracks. A few piles of bear scat but no bear, deer or cat tracks to be found. I was amazed by how many people were backpacking out. I was also amazed by how many people had dogs. I do believe this area is being used by so many people now more than I can ever recall. It is easy access and not to far from Portland Vancouver. Nice to see people enjoying nature and what it has to offer. I hope all these people take care of this special area.Here are a few pictures of our trip.
  16. I found this in the area talked about. http://wdfw.wa.gov/publications/00732/wdfw00732.pdf
  17. LaCamas / Camas Creek crosses I-5 Just north of the Cowlitz river. Not the Same LaCamas creek in Clark county.
  18. The I-5 corridor is very populated except for the area north on Castle Rock WA to just south of Chehalis WA. that would be the most likely crossing for any Bigfoot's if they did decide to cross I-5 in my opinion. Plenty of forested area from the foothills of the cascades to the coast range. The crossing would have to be at night. Just to much daytime traffic. I have never done any research but I just assumed Bigfoot families would not range across I-5. The coast Bigfoot families separate from the Cascade Families. On Bobby's map I checked off / on the layers to see from one set years to the next set of years, It appears as a group may be in an area for a time then move. It does appear to me each might be the same family in the same areas over the years. Good thread.
  19. The Cabin was at Sol Duc hot springs. Here are a few more of forest plants
  20. A few pictures to enjoy from the past few days from the Olympic Peninsula and the Olympic National Park. My daughter rented us a cabin. My granddaughter and I did a little field trip into the forest looking for animals, animal tracks, plants and of coarse Bigfoot. The only tracks we found were deer and human. We did see deer a bald eagle quite a few ravens, the ravens were entertaining squawking and flying through the forest, checking us out. I should have taken more time and headed up to the high country, maybe later this summer or fall. There are a couple of shots from Hurricane ridge looking south into the Olympic Mts.
  21. in his own words, sounds conniving to me.
  22. I found this huckleberry nest very accommodating, not sure who built it, LOL sorry don't mean to hijack. https://www.facebook.com/HuckleberryNest?fref=nf
  23. one more link http://www.fs.fed.us/pnw/pubs/pnw_rp143.pdf
  24. I spend time every year going after the delicious huckleberries. I start early going after the low elevation evergreen huckleberries around the Olympic peninsula, and by the end of summer going up around 4000 ft elevation. For me just another reason to go on a field trip and be rewarded for the time out in the NF. Here is an interesting link to some different types of huckleberries. http://berrygrape.org/information-on-huckleberry-plants/#anchor3
  25. Beautiful area. The description of the track way sounds promising, 50 inches is a very big step! Any bones found? I like the way you have the wood in the fire, I'd bet with all the blow down there was no shortage of fire wood. I hope you captured something on the time lapse, thanks for the report i love this thread.