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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. hiflier: You are right, the sighting of the young male one would have been 25 years after the "fight". Man, I screwed that post up good. I saw the young one only six years after I submitted the witness report to the TX group.
  2. That happened about 16 years ago. Within just a very few hundred feet of the location I had a teenage BF male deliberately allow me to see him one afternoon during the very hot summer of 2010. (Repayment for doing he and the others favors for several years.) The family group still occupies that mountain, and forages over an area of about 20 square miles.
  3. Sixty years ago deer were so scarce in the Arkansas portion of the Ouachita Mountains the 20 or so members of our deer camp were lucky to even see one all week. The original wild turkeys were nearly extinct. Bear also. Bigfoot were very, very seldom mentioned, much less seen or heard. Feral hogs had been killed out by the local residents. Now, thanks to restocking programs, deer, bear and turkey are numerous. Feral hogs have literally invaded the area, and done sickening damage to the ground nesting game birds' and nightjar's populations. When the game returned, Bigfoot did also. It is not at all unusual to listen at various places at about "dark thirty" and hear the males calling from different locations. It was at about this time that a few red wolves returned, and the coyotes, roadrunners and armadillos moved in from Texas. It was very rare to see those species in central Arkansas up until the early 50's. Some of the male Bigfoot may have moved away from the Ouachitas to find a mate, but if they did, they must have brought her back to live in Mom and Dad's "basement".
  4. WSA: In David's "Missing 411-Eastern," book some of the very disturbing and sad accounts of young children being kidnapped and carried off into inaccessible locations had their clothing removed at some time during their ordeal. I don't think it was ever stated or implied that the removal of the clothing was related to sexual assault. After reading the book, I began to wonder if BF - if BF was the actual abductor - kidnapped the children with the thought of caring for them as we care for young birds and/or small animals we find abandoned in the wild. If so, Bigfoot may have thought the clothing would have been unnecessary and a detriment to their survival since the animals lived the “good life” without them.
  5. That "stump" photo shows four very interesting things that would be very difficult to fake. Enlarge it, adjust the light and contrast and see if you notice what I mean. (You might not want to post an opinion about one of them.)
  6. You've convinced me. I suppose his mules are so familiar with the smell of Bigfoot it wouldn't bother them to back their butts up to one. Carry on.
  7. Then I was wrong; the BF will be a goner! So now I would sure like to see a video of you trying to back that mule up close enough up to a dead Bigfoot to get some chains tied around its feet and hooked to the single tree. Bet that clip would set a record on YouTube.
  8. They are "just stories" to those who have not seen or understand how they live and survive. As many of us have opined before, any would be bushwhacker that sees one of the things going about their business peacefully will never pull the trigger. (I'll admit though, I would like to see the video of you dragging a six or eight hundred pound Bigfoot out of the "brush feet first".)
  9. I really don't know the answer to that question as asked. I can say that they do often bed under limestone/sandstone overhangs along creeks and rivers. Generally the floors below the overhangs are flattened and smoothed by old floods and previous water levels. When used as bedding areas by BF, they usually make a "mattress" of straw, leaves or, in one case I know of, cornstalks. Those cornstalks were pulled up in large bundles when the corn was in the "roasting ear" stage by two different BF on one trip to a cornfield, and carried over a mile to to the bedding area. The corn was eaten under the overhang, the cobs broken off the husks and apparently thrown into the large creek, and the stalks and husks used as the mattress. (As most field investigators have concluded, BF are "neatness freaks". In this case, all the soil was gone from the roots of the stalks - maybe just from their transport through the bottom land's thickets - and the stalks aligned so that the roots were against the back sidewall of the overhang.) Several other documented cases of BF using those overhangs for bedding spots in AL, northern Arkansas, and West Virginia. I would think that to a BF, overhang ledges with a very good view of the stream and its valley, plus the security of not being seen from above, would be much more appealing than bedding in a cave. In the previous post I mentioned "a huge limestone mine" in north AR. That limestone was mined in layers using heavy equipment and explosives. It was mined in a "checker board" pattern, leaving square support columns and straight line "roads" in between the piers in two directions. Each layer mined was, as best I remember, about 20' thick. When the crew were well into the second layer, and after the large, heavily laden truck had been using one of the inside roads a long time, the rear wheels under one side of a truck broke through the limestone floor into a large cave. Mining shut down, the load from the truck, and then the truck itself was removed, and the deep cave could be seen with lights. The geologist in charge contacted a state university, and an experienced team of "spelunkers" went down to map the cave. The cave was so long, with so many forks and drop-off they didn't find but one end of it. In the far reaches of the cave they did discover the remains of a Native American male and his hunting tools, all near the skeletal remains of a raccoon. Maybe BF just isn't cut out to be a spelunker. I've been in several caves in several states, but you can bet your boots I never went past more than one fork. All I was looking for was BF sign. I suppose everyone has seen and read this report.
  10. Although this thread is specifically about caves and the probability that Bigfoot might use them as bedding sites, folks are overlooking the fact that Bigfoot is known to use man-made subterranean cavities for that purpose. There are hundreds - if not thousands - of shaft coal mines in many Southeaster states that provided excellent bedding locations for Bigfoot. In Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma local residents have seen Bigfoot entering or leaving these shafts during early mornings and at twilight. Bigfoot tracks have been found inside a few of the old mine shafts. These shafts are ventilated by vertical openings to the surface, making then ideal for bedding during both the hot summer months and cold weather. Such abandoned shafts are fairly common in Kentucky, West Virginia, northern Alabama, and parts of Tennessee. During investigations in Morgan County, AL residents reported that a particular coal mine shaft was in fact the bedroom for a large - and grumpy - Bigfoot. Late one afternoon, I walked the old and washed out road down toward the mine adit (almost horizontal opening.). One BF allowed me to pass by him unseen and unheard. When I got within about two hundred of the adit, another BF bellowed near the mine and began breaking small tree or large limbs, when I turn to leave, the one behind me made a loud growling sound. As I walked up the old road toward that one, it ran a hundred feet or so into thick brush and let me pass without incident. (This was within a mile or so of the location in which the largest BF I've every wrote about was seen by two witnesses at different times.) There are several limestone shaft mines in North Arkansas that are huge, with multiple adits and now abandoned. These mines are located in areas that generate numerous Bigfoot sighting reports. During WWII there were numerous quartz crystal shaft mines in the Ouachita Mountains that produced the quartz needed by the military for the frequency control oscillators in radios. A lot of the mines were worked by hand. One lady that worked her own mine told me of seeing BF a number of times while walking the two miles or so to and from the mine at daybreak and near full darkness. She said at times one or more of the BF would squat near the mine while she was inside just to watch and listen. She said they were not a problem unless she left he lunch sack outside. Then one of them would get a free lunch. Off the subject a little, but she also told me of her strange encounter while going to the mine one morning. She vowed that she met a strange, red haired animal walking on four legs on the trail. Both stopped and looked at each other several minute. She said that the animal reminded her of huge Irish Setter dog, although with more of a sturdy build, with a very unusual shaped head and with powerful looking jaws. After a few minutes, the animal began walking slowly toward her, but showing no signs of aggression. She began talking calmly to the animal, and slowly removed her lunch bag which was hanging from a strap over one shoulder. Still talking calmly, she removed the food and placed it on the ground on one side of the trail, and walked to the woods along the other side of the trail. She continued walking slowly toward the mine. The animal ignored her and walked to the food pile and began eating. Later that day, and hour or so before dark, she was frightened to see the same animal at the mine entrance. It moved to one side of the open and she heard it moving around until nearly dark. With no light, she said she slept in the mine that night with her heavy pick hammer and a sharp pointed pry bar close by. This was in Montgomery County, Arkansas where I spent a lot of time. One older man claimed to have seen a similar animal along the Ouachita River about the same time. Neither he, her nor I have any idea what kind of animal they saw. Sorry about the long, off the topic post.
  11. You would think someone, maybe that reporter, would have at least photographed a section of the tracks with a scale reference in the view. Dang the statement, go with the evidence. Whether the man followed the tracks one mile or seven; the tracks would make or break the case.
  12. A few brief comments and opinions, all related to field work in the Southeastern States. 1) The assumption that Bigfoot has to "find" a knocking stick to respond to other's knocks is a little misleading and many times erroneous. They very often carry a club with them while hunting AND foraging around home sites on which outside dogs are kept. They have been seen killing both pen raised and feral hogs, by the use of clubs. In WV and central AR they killed, and arranged the bodies of dogs in X formations, at night. At a location in AR, the home’s residents routinely heard their two dogs “booger barking” about midnight. After they took in another stray hunting dog, the dogs begin barking one night and one of the dogs – they think it was the stray – ran out from under the porch and aggressively confronted the intruder. When that dog charged, the other two also ran out. The residents immediately heard loud grunts, three loud thuds, and the sound of a dying dog after each thud. The man of the house got up immediately, grabbed his gun, but would not open the doors because of deep growling and hissing sounds near the front porch. Within a minute or two, he heard the sounds of fast bipedal foot falls run across the county road and into the edge of the Saline River bottoms. When he then went outside with his light, he found the bodies of the three, stacked one over another, each crosswise to the one below it, The bodies were stacked against the native rock pier blocks under one corner of the porch; the section of porch under which the dogs usually lay. Their heads had been crushed, and the owner said a club had left a groove across the top of their heads I believe the late Bobbie Short may have posted on her forum a report from North Arkansas which I investigated and wrote about in which a young man saw a Bigfoot carrying a large club as it passed below his second story bedroom window on a bright moonlight night. The families’ outside dogs were huddled against the screen door between the front porch and living room. The BF was on the way to the family’s chicken pen. 2) During the hundreds of nights I have spent in BF hunting/foraging areas, I have NEVER heard ANY kind of bird or domestic fowl that could make a sound that could be mistaken for a Bigfoot signaling another of its kind using tree or rock knocks. 3) It definitely makes a difference what species of tree, and the type and condition of the limb used when BF or humans use tree knocks as far as the travel distance of the resultant sounds are concerned. The tree choice depends on the habitat of course. From blackjack oak in the mountains, to hollow cypress in the wetlands, or recently dead tree of any kind, it’s Bigfoot choice. For a creature that has the ability to break the top out of a good sized tree, a good solid four inch thick and four feet long knocking stick or club would literally be a “snap”.
  13. I certainly wouldn't advise anyone else to do this, but--------. Seven years ago, some of my Bigfooting Buds talked me into sharing what little I know about the subject animals on an Arkansas Hunting forum, "Arkansas Hunting.Net". The State does have a very good population of the things, and I just wanted to share a bit of info about them and their habits and traits. The thread I started on January 7, 2010 has now been viewed 800,708 times, with 17,900 replies. Of course many of the replies during the first couple of years were from skeptics. During the last five years I have been inundated with Personal Mail and phone calls from a LOT of folks that KNEW, but kept their encounters to themselves and family members. During the the past two months some Buds have had some real fun with BF in the Ozarks, and down south in Ouachita Count. I shared those with the members, now a lot of them are eager to hit the woods with us, It's fun for us all.
  14. Would like to point that the animal's "steps" were four feet apart; his stride would have been eight (8) feet. I very seriously doubt that any human could have made those tracks at that spacing in the snow, especially with a pair of cumbersome, over sized fake "stompers" on his feet. The tracks themselves look real, and have the ball width/foot length ratio of a grown Bigfoot.