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  1. ^I believe that was the "sighting lf 2 BF in colorado" thread.
  2. ^Didn't he believe in some shooting conspiracy or something?
  3. The answer as to whether or not BF buried their own dead relies on, IMO, two seperate things. First, the intelligence of the species, and second, how advanced their social structure is. BF is clearly one of the more intelligent animals in the woods, but for information into social structures, it seems habituators may have the most knowledge. As usual, just my opinion.
  4. ^Thanks JKH. That guy must have flipped when he stepped on the branch, lol. I think I would have had a heart attack on the spot.
  5. Oh, lol. Thanks Inc. This is what happens when I post late at night, :/
  6. What do you mean? They can see twenty miles? I mean, I have trouble seeing the sliding glass door five feet in front of me at times. But maybe that's just me.
  7. That's an interesting thought, hiflier. Such a low number of reports suggusts a gray hair coloring to be some sort of oddity. Age is certainly a possibility.
  8. As someone who has gone through search and rescue training, I can say that finding people who dissapear in the woods is no certainty. For every day they are missing, the possible search area expands dramatically with a decrease in survivability. Many, many people are never found. Even larger events can be hard to come by. Take this example, in the search for a high-profile small plane crash out west, I cannot remember the gentlemen's name at this time, searchers from CAP found over a half dozen previously undiscovered crash sites unrelated to the one they were looking for. A crashed aircraft is considerably easier to find than a dead squatch, no? Again, just my opinion.
  9. I find this discussion to be fascinating as the lack of bodies/physical evidence is probably the best and most common argument employed by skeptics. To think that every squatch body, if they are indeed buried by their peers, is recovered is incorrect, IMO. Surely some, as incorrible1 said, die alone and/or suddenly. But if you think about population proportional to humans, a very small number of individuals would die this year in a given unit of time, making it far more unlikely to discover a squatch heart attack victim, say, than a human heart attack victim. Still, the case presented above relies on more assumptions than I am comfortable with. The lack of bodies is one of the biggest mysteries in the bigfooting world, and one that has yet to be definitively explained. I am comfortable saying that sasquatches do indeed exist, yet I have no concrete explanation for the lack of bodies. Just my opinion, take it for what it is worth.
  10. Oh wow Cliff, that answers the question and more. Thanks so much for getting back to me!
  11. I think the fact that needs to be acknowledged by both sides is that something, whether an unknown primatelike creature, mass socio-psycological phenomenon, organized hoaxing, or a combination of the above, is resulting in tens of thousands of documented and undocumented encounters per year with something. I believe strongly that is is the first option that results in a good number of these sightings. The eyewitness testimony of so many different people and cultures cannot merely be ignored.
  12. ^The NAWAC OK photos? I don't think I have seen those. Do you happen to have a link?
  13. Hey Cliff, question for you if you happen to see this post. Out of the numerous encounters that you and the team here at town hall meetings and other such events, how many would you say have been reported previously to credible organizations or researchers? My working assumption ks that for every one reported sighting, there are ten to fifteen unreported sightings, and I am curious if you have found this to be the case.
  14. So in other words, a whole not of nothing. That figures. All these projects who hype these game-changing photos, videos, and evidence collections without an immediate release of at something relevantly important are immediately suspect IMO in terms of genuinity.
  15. I know there have been reports were onocking has been heard in conjunction with a sasquatch sighting and/or other vocalizations, but has there ever been a sighting of a sasquatch actually comitting the knocking? I don't doubt that they do, I am just curious. Also, LCB, have you seen one yet? You seem to be in a unique opurtinity with recurring activity on a regular basis. I'd be a little freaked out myself. Luckily, where I am the nearest report is over twenty miles away. No BFs here, and I ain't complaining. Wouldn't want them snooping around my house. Out in the woods somewhere? Sure, I have no problem with a sighting. But not where I live.