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  1. Hey Cliff, question for you if you happen to see this post. Out of the numerous encounters that you and the team here at town hall meetings and other such events, how many would you say have been reported previously to credible organizations or researchers? My working assumption ks that for every one reported sighting, there are ten to fifteen unreported sightings, and I am curious if you have found this to be the case.
  2. So in other words, a whole not of nothing. That figures. All these projects who hype these game-changing photos, videos, and evidence collections without an immediate release of at something relevantly important are immediately suspect IMO in terms of genuinity.
  3. I know there have been reports were onocking has been heard in conjunction with a sasquatch sighting and/or other vocalizations, but has there ever been a sighting of a sasquatch actually comitting the knocking? I don't doubt that they do, I am just curious. Also, LCB, have you seen one yet? You seem to be in a unique opurtinity with recurring activity on a regular basis. I'd be a little freaked out myself. Luckily, where I am the nearest report is over twenty miles away. No BFs here, and I ain't complaining. Wouldn't want them snooping around my house. Out in the woods somewhere? Sure, I have no problem with a sighting. But not where I live.
  4. Hey all, i've been out of the BF scientific study loop for a while now, and I have to ask, whatever happened to the Erickson Project? Did it just fade away into ambiguity like so many other formerly promising studies? Thanks, SNY Oops, an accidental double post. Sorry about that! Mods, if you could fix...?
  5. I've read several reports of the creatures imitading stationary objects such as stumps and rocks. I wonder if this behavior is widespread throughout the species or limited to groups in certain areas. For sure, sasquatches living closer to population centers must have different behaviors than those living far out in the middle of nowhere. Have you ever run accross that kind of correlation in your Urban BF research?
  6. That amimation makes it intriguing, definately not a sign or something similar.
  7. Most impressive howl recording I ever listened to was that twenty something minute bit from Minnesota. Wow, talk about bone chilling. I hear that sucker outside my hours and I would move.
  8. "It" discovered that your dad knew it was there? Sounds like there's a story there.
  9. I think, in my opinion, that it is. Sasquatches seem to be fairly curious animals. It could have followed you down. Kind of a spooky thought though.
  10. Extremely intriguing tale. Sounds like a very territorial creature. Shadowing is a well reported behavior, but the fact that it went all the way down to the cabin that night is, well, creepy.
  11. And get the feds swarming the site? Just saying. I say get a squad of predator drones, equipped with hellfire missiles and top notch operators. Thermal scan huge swaths of forest until you locate one, than blow the snot out of it. Should be a tooth or two left to identify...maybe.
  12. If I could have one month with a high tech military drone, I could confirm you a bigfoot. Safly, I do not have clearence or money for that.
  13. I hate socks anyway. Send me the pics. I will post them for you as soon as I get them. You all have my word.
  14. I believe this opening post!!! Kind of like I believe that Calvin Coolidge did a breakdance on the moon in a pink dress... In all honesty, there are no five astonished people. There is no evidence, no photos. He knows how to upload pics. He is bluffing. Redwoods, if you are telling the truth, prove it! Send the pics to SeeTeCah the next time you get on, and we believe you. Truth is not truth until it is true.