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  1. Thanks for posting the videos TritonTr196, but I didn't see a BF anywhere... it looks like you guys were standing on top of a road bridge, I see the guardrails and all. Maybe you can post a still of the figure so we can all see it.
  2. Yeah, right. You have not just one, but a bunch of them tracked down and could get a type specimen any time you wanted, you just love them too much... That's the weakest excuse there is.
  3. and where can we see these?
  4. If it has bats in them, no (in MD, VA and WV). But even if they could, the owners have been informed and don't want to hurt the bats, why would they? The NSS does in fact have caves that you can access without bats, in other states... and those are mapped with Lidar. Every square inch is being mapped and there ain't no BF in them.
  5. All I know for sure is that in MD, VA and WV you go to jail for entering a cave without permission from the proper authorities, and they ain't handing those out easily. It's that simple.
  6. I have to say these are very, very interesting. The above explanation won't fly in this case. Thanks to Paul Graves for documenting everything so well, it really lends credibility to the find. Great job!
  7. Oh, that's just an artifact of the auto scaling of the x-axis in the plotting routine... the chart is only so wide and the plot lines don't always divide evenly, so the software overlaps some. But your reasoning of a BF family cycle is interesting. Think of the what the cycle is like: 1) Big Daddy finds a mate and knocks her up. 2) Party is over, time to lay low and take care of baby 3) The juvi grows up and Big Daddy kicks him out 4) Teen goes wild, Big Daddy gets busy again, lots of activity 5) Teen finds mate and settles down. Big Daddy knocks her up again. The question is how long is that cycle?
  8. Is this what you mean? But 3 years is not enough for a juvi to be kicked out, maybe its a 6 or 8 year cycle... shoot, it could be a 12 year cycle!
  9. Now that you mention it... those mini-bubbles do look cyclical. But what could it be? I know, El Nino warm years!
  10. There are 23 reports with a score of 7+ in Florida:
  11. Class B reports are non-visual. Here is the scoring criteria: BobbyO, the report is based on the sighting dates, you must tick the date box and select a beginning and end. You can certainly come up with an objective score like we did. Not perfect, but it does a good job weeding out hoaxes, misids, etc. I'm sure that if I gave you any report with a high score, you could read it and agree that its one of the better ones. And viceversa, if I gave you a report with a low score, you'd agree that its not a very good one, hoax or misid. We've tested this thoroughly and it works. Criteria #4, #5 and #6 really seem to do the job. Name a State and I will give you links to 3 reports with a high score so you can check for yourself.
  12. Well, it shows a decrease in the number of people reporting a BF sighting. Whether that's population dynamics or not is debatable. It does show that the number of high confidence reports (i.e. plausible) is exceedingly small.
  13. It's even less than you suspect Norse. The SSR has a score value, it's a 1 - 10 scale with 10 having the most confidence. The reports are scored manually based on an objective, consistent set of criteria. If we plot the sightings filtering for only reports with a score of 5 or higher, we get the following (2019 reports): and the same chart for a score of 7+ (362 reports!) Reports prior to the BFRO are dated and score badly because of the amount of time that has elapsed, rightly so. I don't even bother reading reports with a score below 5.