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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. I tried to revive the "scariest sighting" threads because I enjoy reading and discussing the sighting reports. That's what I loved doing here. The arguing and posturing gets old quickly. Enough said..
  2. This was my very first thought, and one not mentioned in your list of potential reasons. Little ones. Nothing more threatening than a potential predator near my baby..
  3. Last night coming home about 9 on a rural OK hwy, my husband and I both heard a very loud growl. This really gave me pause because 1) my husbands hearing is very poor because of diabetes and he actually heard it and 2) I truly thought we were on to something BIG. Then we heard it again, and realized it was the drag racers at Thunder Valley cranking up their engines for a race.. ****
  4. Post it in the premium section
  5. Pauline's did cover this case https://www.facebook.com/BigfootHotspotRadio/videos/500812773354669/ I can't find the video anywhere OFF of Facebook but there it is Sorry paulides. Stupid autocorrect.
  6. But of course. Should have know it was already covered. Thanks
  7. Oh my. Those would do some serious damage, no matter HOW big the "competitor" is.
  8. Gum, I knew you would find tidbits, thanks. And thanks DWA for the book info.. So their relationship is obviously strained due to...competition for resources? Natural enemies?
  9. Would it be a different scenario with a brown bear?
  10. So the bear is not the highest on the food chain? The Bears retreat?
  11. I saw this addressed on the BFRO Facebook page this morning. Some folks mentioned stories told of bear backing off when a BF was in the area. Other folks mentioned sasquatches killing bears. We know (or at least we can guess) that a Sasquatch and bear would probably share the same habitat as they would be attracted to the same resources. Anyone have insight here? Are there "official" records of bear/ Sasquatch interactions and/or confrontations?
  12. https://www.facebook.com/BigfootHotspotRadio/videos/500812773354669/ I know most of you are not on Facebook, but I couldn't make this take post me to a an external link. David Paulides discusses this case. Says the straps to his waders were all twisted in back, like someone had dragged or dropped him by the straps.
  13. Coons definitely sound like the sound that I heard. Only issue is I can't picture a **** standing there for that length of time, not moving, not changing pitch, and chattering constantly. There has to be another answer.
  14. That's actually pretty close! The looking for siblings and climbing sounds are the ones I am referring to.. Although what is hear is a little lower in pitch.