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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. So I was watching an old episode of MacGyver today.... ...and there he was. Plain as day. Man he's just so sneaky the way he finagles himself into photos and videos without anyone noticing in real time.
  2. The cast is interesting for sure. I always have a problem with in line snow track ways. I've just seen way too many coyotes hopping in a line in deep snow.
  3. Copyright LDP?
  4. It is a good point though. Honestly my optimism of the the existence of such a creature is teetering. Between thermal technology and the quality of cell phone camera technology, there should be something of better substance eventually. Were it not for a trusted friend having his own sighting, I would likely be in the "non-believer" camp at this point as opposed to "skeptically hopeful". I mean think about it.... They all are as ellusive all across the country? How can they be so coordinated? Not one of them has been afflicted with a medical condition that makes it delirious and staggering into public or in front of a big rig? C'mon....
  5. Went back and watched it... Didn't even see the naked chick at the end the first time.
  6. I just bought it and watched it. Pretty good movie! The first 3/4 is funny and the last 1/4 is actually pretty dark and scary. Especially the very end. What did I miss? After the credits or something? Or the skinny dipping scene?
  7. The fact that he even found this is a testament to all the time he must be putting in the field. Regardless of what it ends up being....great work.
  8. One could most likely not train a dog to track a sasquatch without having sasquatch odor to train it with. Just as you can't train a dog to detect cocaine by training it with heroin odor. Similarly... You can't train a dog to detect sasquatch by training it with *monkey odor*. Too many variables and not worth the investment of time to train up a dog that can detect ape odor eatting zoo provided ape food......but not sasquatch. Just shoot and kill one for crimeny sake. Give me a part of the hide and I will train up your "sasquatch detecting dog" for you.
  9. The recent activity on this thread is a prime example of why I am adamantly pro-harvest and why I sincerely hope that the NAWAC's shooters are proficient and train often under the conditions that they will shoot. (Back to lurk mode)
  10. Oh the drama...(sigh) My .02 cents. The NAWAC's work is fascinating and I am thankful for their dedication. Drew's supposed "stick figure" (post #1128) seemed to be a genuine effort and helped me visualize the event. I wish it could be confirmed or clarified. Oh well. I enjoyed reading the NAWAC's updates here. I also enjoyed the back and forth debate and tough questions and answers between the skeptics and Bipto. It's Bipto's right to hit the eject button. Hopefully he comes back but if not I will get my updates from the BFS. (Back to lurk mode)
  11. That what he said alright... ----The Quest for the Yeti will describe Sykes' hunt for genetic traces of species whose existence remains scientifically unconfirmed, including the Yeti, the Sasquatch and Big Foot. For the most part the samples he has tracked down for analysis have turned out to be known species such as humans, bears or apes; however two samples taken towards the end of his quest will "change our understanding of human history," he says.---- Wonder what those two samples were? An extinct raccoon?
  12. "Hair!" (Must be bigfoot!) "More hair!" (Has to be bigfoot!) Groan...
  13. Good question. What are the other animals doing? Getting the heck out of dodge I'm sure, but via what method and what direction? Waterways? Urban areas?
  14. What kind of snowfall does X normally get in the winter? Is it typically snow covered to the extent that a typical Midwestern state / area would be? I'm thinking in terms of track way potential. Is it Dallas / Ft Worth type weather? Or is it north enough to get regular snow fall?
  15. I was on an expedition last year and saw - what appeared to be- large shining eyes looking back at our camp ~ 50 yards in the tree line. They looked high off the ground. I requested the Therm and determined it to be a raccoon on an incline.