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  1. What we have discussed about bigfoot travel routes and pinch points may help turn up more predictable bigfoot sightings or videos. The next generation cameras need to be set up at these points. Most of the discussion has been around the Pacific Northwest, but anyone can post maps of their area. I want to learn more about the mapping techniques some have expressed. Are there maps that show highway under passes such as large culverts? I read an Oregon coast BF report from Curry County of a bigfoot being spotted in a culvert. This may be the way to learn more about BF. Hiflier, do we have access to any of the under pass pictures? I suppose no bigfoot pictures have turned up. As someone said, BFs probably know cameras are in the underpasses, so they cross on top of the highways by timing and speed. A dashcam video awhile back showed a bigfoot dashing across a two lane highway at night. It was super fast so this may this may be their method of crossing. Another report stated a bigfoot was crossing the Oregon 4 land highway the parallels the Columbia River and it was stuck in the middle and nearly was hit.
  2. The map below shows possible Oregon travel routes of bigfoot when crossing I-5. This highway is four lanes of solid fast traffic. Some bigfoots probably knows how, when, and where to cross while others are impeded. Does the highway prevent migrations or mate seeking? What are the effects on bigfoot populations? My theories are running thin as to why bigfoot would want to cross the highway to begin with. The areas by the red arrows are densely forested and have many reported BFRO sightings. It would be cool to show dots where there have been sightings. This would be quite a university science endeavor and interesting.
  3. gee .......wish we could see some maps.................. some aerial photos would be great to see these theoretical passage routes. Sorry, many of us won't take the time to hunt down all the written map points that many have told us about. Copy a google map and paste to the paint program. You can label, shows paths, scale, some topo, etc. Now upload to the forum. Why would bigfoot want to cross I-5 going west into Oregon? Where in Oregon? Oh, I suppose there are more BF girls here wanting dates! Where in Washington does BF cross the Columbia River and the highway and why? Can someone post wildlife study maps to help with answers?
  4. It's amazing what we can do, when the need is great. I will post a sample of this type of land study with layers soon. It's in a PDF and need to find it.
  5. I do not view locked gates ...................................... Georgerm; That area below Bonneville Dam while narrow the water is very swift. I have a hunch that frequent crossings are further down at about the mile marker 27 location. Three reasons, the water is not as swift, road crossing reports in that area, and sighting reports above that on the rim of the gorge. Might be the spot. My map doesn't have the 27 mile marker. Any other land marks? There is a small park on the gorge rim where a sighting was observed just above the mile 27 marker. A guy was just sitting there in the dark and a BF approached him. Visiting the location I could see where something could travel down into the gorge down a ravine. Really nice effort. Many of the sighting reports, when I can determine the exact location, I have gone to the spot trying to figure out why the BF was there. more information for the layered map There are also many locations in the gorge where the cliffs are too steep to scale down. mark this on the bigfoot trails map That really limits where something can come out of the high country and get down to the river level. Once you get abeam Mt Hood at all, the elevations to the South increase tremendously with snow cover in place most of the year. One question is why would bigfoot want to cross the Columbia River and go north or visa versa?
  6. What are you talking about? Please use the quote button so know your meaning .................. why the NAAAA-BLAHHHHHH sheee esh ..... What did you think of the mapping goal for the serious Bigfoot researchers that don't leave the war room.. .......................... Much like the 'war room' with maps and aerial photos so military targets can be located. Bigfoot targets would mean camera placement, researchers on the ground, and detailed fresh aerial photographs to look for recent paths.
  7. The discussions we are on could lead to knowing where bigfoot travels as it migrates or is pushed out of its habitat. The routes it takes are logical since we know bigfoot is a thinking stealthy creature. Looking at maps with terrain, buildings, highways, obstacles, and other features will show potential pathways bigfoot will seek. Finding a user friendly mapping program that allow layers is necessary for those that want to make a real science study. We in the engineering profession produce detailed maps with layers such as topography, property lines, utilities, existing vegetation and so on. A bigfoot map can show sightings, another buildings, another food sources and so on. This study will help field researchers to focus on areas to find bigfoot signs.
  8. Hello Hiflier and SWWA ..... Shadow, BigTree, Guy, and more: Gate closures keep out timber thiefs, fire starters, and bigfoot researchers that could all be bad for timber companies. I'm still back on the 'pinch point' discussion and I made a sample map. Before moving along too fast, science is slow to develop so let's focus in more. This discussion of migration routes and pinch points that someone started................... was it SWWA is important? We can all take credit to an important 'theory to bigfoot migration.' This would be a whole chapter in our bigfoot science book. Let's slow down and not hop from topic to topic like Jack Rabbits. We have more to discuss on migration routes. Shadow's theory is valid. Please open the map and comment.
  9. The discussion has been quite interesting and I just caught up with the reading. We are traveling and moving to Roseburg, Oregon. Keep pushing the dial of science ahead. Realizing there are ‘pinch points’ where animals are forced to traverse a narrow area during migrations, drives us to find these points. A hypothesis can be presented claiming bigfoots move through this or that pinch point so what comes next? The low voice of science can be heard saying prove it. So we need proof such as foot prints, hair, broken trees, scat, witness reports, report maps, and trail camera pictures. Maybe BF doesn’t want to migrate to the areas discussed since it has what is needed within a 5 mile radius of a den. Long distance seasonal migration around obstacles can be risky. Unless they have been driven from their homes by vast fires, why risk it? While reading the great discussions, I could not form a mental map since my home grounds are south and west of Crater Lake. Imagine amateur and professional scientist such as ourselves from other places trying to follow. We need to see maps and photographs of pinch points. Someone should copy and paste a Google Map to Paint then show the pinch points, and draw migration routes. Then take sighting reports and put them on the map. Science can be fun, tedious, and necessary. Keep up the fine work and thoughts that gives us plenty to read.
  10. Wow, we derailed big time! Get the train on the track. We are allowed to have well stated opinions on the forum but 'snarky' or sarcastic ones are foul. The fact that the P/G bigfoot film appears to be fake to someone, this is not the place for this comment or the 'large latex' ................... what evers........................ Wow let's get back to 'has science stalled?' This thread is exceeding my expectations, and I’m thrilled so many have posted. One goal is to keep this thread on solid scientific footings. Can I take an active hand? A few pages back the discussion was disappointing since only SWWA, Cryptic, me, and one other had some fair discussions. If we on the bigfoot forum expect to expand our knowledge of the creature, then read all posts, and the quality of your posts are paramount. Facts and proper writing are necessary. Not too long or too short is a good rule of thumb. Half of the posts don’t meet these objectives …………………… let’s raise the bar. Many times errors are missed when I read my posts ……. Ouch. Below is an example of a post by SWWA that enables us to learn. Can you post an example? Swwa says, “Lets throw out conventional wisdom and timelines and hypothesize. Humans have evolved from preexisting species in pretty much the last 5 million years. The Carboniferous era was 300 million years ago. We have had major extinction events about every 65 million years going back a long time. Given that, and a measly 5 million years to evolve humans, other than the lack of fossil evidence, who is to say that humans could not have evolved and been destroyed several times in hundreds of millions of years?..................................... and more.†Happy posting move the science needle ……………………..
  11. Thanks for bringing up a serious point. We can study your question more. This is how a skeptic can question what is being presented as evidence. You make the whole community think rather than going away angry.
  13. Stand totally corrected ............................... I got too excited about the topic and really jumped the track by mixing Pangea into the discussion..... me bad .......... Let's eliminate the Pangea factor in the discussion and see if we can revive some interest. It's obvious early Homonids did not use the Pangea connections to get to North America. One plausible theory is some wandered to the east out of Africa during ancient migrations Thanks Norse for adding some clarification for the confusing mess caused by me. As to animal life 200 million years ago ....................... no hominids. Seems like there were small, hairy schrew like animals as seen below................................... our predecessor. I'm still amazed with the 3 homo species that were living 2 million years ago in Africa. What happened to them? Did they evolve to higher homo species? Did they migrate to Asia? How are they related to Neanderthal? What is Yeren, Almasty or Bigfoot? As time goes by, more gaps will be filled in to the puzzle. peace be with us .................
  14. Please study the chart to the left and three homo species overlaps the 200 million mark. They are the Homo georgeicus, Homo habilis, and finally the Homo ergaster. The see the reconstructed clay faces posted earlier.