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  1. FarArcher and Yuchi You are both right I have never been combat tested but have been Bigfoot tested if you can call it that way. There is no way that i would have walked away from it no matter how bad it was. I would have not froze like other people would have. I can see how people might have to have help gain composer during some event of this sort. Since this type of event would be an event of a dramatic event beyond what we consider normal. I believe I would be like Norseman and pursue after waiting for the creature to die. By pursuing the creature right away you are pushing the creature further and furthering it to expire. It is just like big game , if you know that you did not make a good shot on the animal then you know not to pursue it. Now I just do not fear them and if I am with my son and he has a pellet gun and i see something dark behind a tree I just shoot at it. I really do not care. I do it cause I want to know if it is them or not. If I have my rifle I am going to shoot at it , but again no one will never know if i ever killed one since it will be my secret with my maker. I can tell you one thing Yuchi that freaked me out and that is my incident with the peanut butter jar that was returned to us. That blew my mind and had me in tears since I felt like this or should I say these things read us like a book. I thought that they were some type of monkeys ro some thing like them. We were totally wrong and were out played . We were left speechless while at the same time out smarted. You cannot compete with some thing that can out smart you.
  2. This is way to funny! Every hunter knows that a gut shot you do not go after the game that you sit back and wait for it to die and go look for it after a couple hours . You shoot the darn thing and then feel sorry after wards, what kind a of crap is that. I just do not get it. You call them Monsters yet you add emotions to them and now they are humans. Yea ok! I 'll go along with that. Right ! What's next that they are strange big monkies ? I have been on my own on their turf and if I ever get a chance to drill one I am going to take it. But then again no one is going to know so who cares. Right ! It was a waste of a bullet and a wasted shot with wasted game.
  3. MIB This is relevant to me since it is acceptance in my part while hunting. It is hard to accept your own fate when fleeing is an option. But when those doors shut and your alone and come home. You seem to understand a different creature.
  4. You are right if their goal is to collect a body then they should stick it out until it is accomplish other wise it is just another show. If they have activity then why extract blow the hunt, why not let it happen. Unless they do not want to show the killing on national T.V.? It is not like any other game animal that gives problems to farmers. It would settle the questions on many people minds. So who is being controlled GCBRO by the TV people or is the GCBRO controlling the TV people?.
  5. I do believe that their numbers are good but not like over populated or else we be seeing them all the time. I believe that they travel long distances and may stick around in certain areas for awhile and then move on and return after awhile. I also believe that their footprints could be used like a finger print to where we can tell if the same family has passed through a given area. Like if creatures from the PNW come out say to Ohio or Michigan. But I am not sure if anyone has tried to do that type of research. But it would be nice to know or find out.
  6. Not just do they carry large sticks like cave man but nice size rocks that they can use to throw or maybe even slam against a tree. We once had a knock conversation if we can call it that way. But we would knock once and it would copy, we would knock twice and it would copy again at a distance and this all happen at dusk. But then later that night is when we had the forest sound like a jungle with all these monkey sounds coming from the forest and some thing investigating our campsite. We did find a an old tree branch that was used for knocking and the tree that this old tree branch was knocked on. There were large prints surrounding the tree that was knocked on and they led back to the dirt road where we were quick to move on to see if we were being hoaxed. On the road is where we found this large old branch that was used to knock on this tree. The marks on the old tree branch and on the tree matched. There was a deep indentation on the tree that it was knocked on where there were prints under this tree. At that time we felt like we were being hoaxed since it felt to unreal. Even though I had my encounter in this area and knew that there was a creature in this area it still felt to unreal. Since it felt like it was trying to communicate with us but it did not know how in my own personal opinion. So it used the knocking as a form to get our attention as we initiated the knocking first. Very strange way for a creature we are labeling as dangerous. Since we are all still here communicating about this creature.
  7. I would think that one reason to carry a rifle would be is to have a enough fire power to put one down. The yardage does not mean a thing since one will only have one shot or maybe even two shots. My guess would be is that if one was to shoot one of these buggers it is going to be an up close personal shot. If it is well placed shot then it will be an confrontational encounter. Heck ! chances are the first encounter will be a loner encounter and will be the last loner encounter. But if you have that one encounter and you have the right fire power to take one out then do so. Not just with a rifle but with a bow or even a cross bow which is and up close encounter. Who is to say that is not self defense when you pull a monster out of the woods that you have just shot with a bow or a cross bow. When just seeing these creatures brings fear on people. Taking long distance shots just will not work well for no one since the shot will be heard through out the woods. By the time you get to the body it might not be there and might have already be gone. No ! short distance shot is the best and only way to retrieve a body. What I call for is complete aye ham and chaos. (:
  8. Well I have always been freely open with my findings. Have taken the pictures and shared them will all. Have even recorded them and shared. The reason I have shared to find out if I have been on the right track. But the results gained have been mixed between anger to acceptance. But my view is that I have to stay skeptical as though I am always being hoaxed. But when you share it seems to help to know that yes you are on the right track. That the truth is truly out there since you are no longer alone with the info you have gained. Knowledge ! It is like a puzzle where all the pieces are now fitting together. Just never been posted until now. That these creatures do seem to react the same around humans around the US. Not just Humans but among researchers and it is very telling. Yes I am all for open source.
  9. I am pretty sure that some Native Americans back then during hunting seeing these creature had a lot of respect. I am sure there were few who have shot at them with their bows and might have even killed some in defense. With animals I try not look at them either since I feel like when I stare at them they can feel me. You know like sense me even though I am camode out where it can not see me. You can be scent free and still animals will still some how sense you hunting them. Still it is cool to sit in a stand and have different birds or even tree dwelling animals come close to you until you twitch. I am mostly interested in Native Americans then a history of the ancestors of North America. But thank you.
  10. Would that make him or them any less? I do not think so. Fear is a good thing for those in the know ! My wonderment is that they do not spot the tree formations in the episodes of killing bigfoot. All that is part of tracking this Creature we call bigfoot. What's cool is that they ( Bigfoots ) were on the forest floor and now they are in the tree's as though they know. But then again it is a show and who knows how real it is or how far they are going to push it. If they go all the way then we will know the truth and no sense on keep saying what I have been saying about them reading thoughts. So we will learn a lot from watching this show. You can sit in a stand for hours with no luck then all of a sudden you have that one encounter with a buck of a life time. Same goes with these creatures you can sit there with that one moment and it will mess you all up. A life time of change. If they are playing out this show there has to be an out come. But who knows what this out come may even become off. In my eye's I really do not believe the deed should be done in public view. It should be done privately so the study can be done in silence. If the species is there or out there( which I know it is ) then it deserves it's privacy. I believe that once it has been confirmed then it should be made public. I know that they are trying to go after aggressive creatures. But I have yet to see an aggressive creature or what I would consider an aggressive creature. If they were aggressive then lights would not matter and these creatures would be in their face. The camera crew would have rocks thrown at them by the group. Yet nothing of this has happened. The same goes with the snipers. They have been compromised from the start by them walking and talking. You are hunting them so why announce your self to them. Hey but I do like the show though and hope that one does get retrieved. Only time will tell.
  11. It does not matter where you place the shot as long as it is a good one. If they are animals does it really matter if it is looking at yea or not? as long you put it down fast. If Native Americans were fighting with them then it was done with Bows and arrows. Then you would test all theories and not with what most believe. You would go all the way and see another light of them. Test what I have and you will see. The worst is nothing happens and you would be alright with the whole thing. This is what a very serious field researcher would do. I felt that I was tested and passed. It happens and have no judgments on no one. Maybe trust is not the easy part and may even be the hardest. But once you step it is crazy. But true ! That I cannot deny. ): It's not a matter of ponying up but getting out in the field and figuring it out for your selves. It's like this you all know where they are but never test them with what others have said. You have never spend your time on your own and not let no one know that you are there. Just you and them and no understanding but you test them by pushing them. You do this when they are in the area. See I do not want to be a tough guy cause I am not. Being a telepath well how do you except that? But if they can read you like a book then what are you to do. Tell me? A lot of researchers are still alive so what does that make the Bigfoots? They go out placing themselves in their way to have a encounter and yet they come with a quick heart beat and un-harm(un-scaved).The way I see it, is I have nothing to loose with what I have said. Just needs to be proven by more.
  12. I am kind a of wondering what kind of pathogens we might have brought them? Here we have a new species that has come into contact with us but has not realized that we carry pathogens that might kill them. Just like us meeting new discovered tribes in the amazon that we have to be cleared for by doctors so that we might not bring them a disease that they might not be cleared for. Tribes have been lost because of illnesses that we have brought to them that their bodies was not ready for. So the same can go for them as well where they can bring illnesses that our bodies are not prepared for. I have never thought of this until now but have heard of this by other researchers who have spoken of this. Their immune systems is not the same as ours as ours is not the same as theirs. We have no idea if they understand this and if they do can this be the reason they keep their distance from us? If we have DNA from them then this should show where they stand as far as illnesses goes between us two species. Yes , a body is needed but what precautions should be needed in retrieving this body. Even if we find a dead body how should we approach this dead body. In white suites wrapped with duct tape and a filtered gas masked so that we do not get contaminated. Will we need a wash room to wash down and burn our clothes after retrieving this body? Lets say that we do find this dead body will the hospitals isolate us from the rest of the world? The other thing too is are we to place this body in a container that is sealed so that no one else may be contaminated in the process of shipment? Protocols is needed in the removing and transport of this body.
  13. Faracher I know what triggered mine and how it was triggered. It was when I decided to let it all go. Not record them not get no proof of them and leave them alone. But be a part of them a belonging that is hard to explain. Yea a brotherhood in a way, you can call. A part of a group. Sure ! It is wayyy far out there thinking ( mind wise ) . But as you have said you " know where they are" so why make your self vulnerable to them and see a new side of them. Well that's what I did during hunting. I learned another side of them that can only be explained by others who have gone through similar situations. Hey I am not a scientist but I do know how science works. The first test can just be fluke and that's all but then you try again and the test works again. Two test in a row, one test yes a fluke but two test now in a row stating truth. Now I go for a third and a forth and fith and they are all positive. Now what do you do stay silent about it. Each one was a trigger to understand if they can do one thing. I did find the truth. Them things are smart !!! I like learning and this is what this bigfooting should be about. Like those chest skip beat moments out in the field.
  14. Explorer simply get them to be curious. If they are approaching you then they are curious and this is a weakness. There were three of us when we were camping up north in Mi and two went to a creek and I stayed in the tent to sleep when one approached the camp. It did not know I was there but it did have a nice size rock with it that it left it behind. The more they see us out there looking at them through these devices the more they understand. Believe me if I ever owned a thermo I be the safest hunter out in the woods with these guys. I am pretty sure they even stay further distance from me. My idea in the woods is trying to clear my thoughts in my head. Not think about them and let it try to naturally happen. It seems to work and I seem to have success. We can post sounds ,pictures or what ever Bigfoot and not every one is going to agree. I am trying to figure out what it is that they attract to people. They study us on how we react to them. Hifler To go after on of these would no take that much. Just the time to go after one. A good rifle with a thermal and a one chance shot and that's all it would take. The odds are very good for one to go down. People are getting a feel for these creatures and how they are so it could be soon when one is finally brought in. Who Knows ?
  15. That depends if they are human? Even if we have reached this point where acceptance has now come in to play. I am not talking about acceptance as a whole but individually. How did we come to our own meds, knowing that this plant will help us. Trial and error I would think that they figured out what helps them as they ate. in my opinion. But they are in the elements all the time. I am sure that they must be use to what ever ails them. Also my honest opinion as well.