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  1. I agree with this statement only that it has a lot of truth to it according to belief. I agree due to the definition of belief which states : 1. an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. 2. trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. So if people are seeing these creatures and reporting them and we are finding evidence of their presence. Then who are we to deny their belief in what they or even I seem to understand that we have seen these creatures in real life. Let's not say that they have not been captured on camera. Since doing so denies those who have encountered them and have tried to captured them on film. All though these pictures may not be clear as Patty they are attempts at capturing one on film. Imagine how hard it is to get an up close encounter and now with a camera. A creature that rather would want to hide and show it self when it feels right. I in my opinion feel like most encounters are either chosen, accidental or were done on purpose. The one that freaks me out is the chosen one since it is more predator. It is where it gets you to a vulnerable stage. A weak moment in your emotions . That's when it gets scary in a way. The camera part of them is like a tease when you do get them on a shot. But the chase is where we open ourselves to our vulnerabilities. Maybe remaining unseen is their way of security with man. Who knows and I am just speculating but recalling back to incidents I have had with these creatures and am still having.
  2. Where's the reports of creatures being hit by cars? Would not people report some thing crazy like hitting a large animal and running off on two legs. I have hit deer and have looked back and was sure the animal was dead. Nope ! the animal got right back up and took off in the dark. But at the time of impact I had no idea of what I hit until I looked over. It was all slow motion. But what about people that do hit one of these creatures? what will their reaction be ? I try to look at my self and place my self in their shoes if this was to happen to me. None of us can say how we will react until we have been placed in that same situation . I think two things can happen with our emotions 1. we get deep trauma or 2. we have excitement and just want to spread what one has just seen. For myself it has always been number 2 I enjoy it but the same time I just want to stay closed about it.
  3. I am with you on this as well but when a fawn walks in front of you not 5' from you. You kind a of have to question why it left it's hide. Also this was on a path not walked on by many humans. I kind a of believe that the creatures playing with me while on stand were juveniles. testy devils
  4. I heard a heavy breathing sound while sitting in a tree stand once while I asked for two does once. Yes and that's bizarre but what can one do but except it. I looked below my tree stand for the creature making the sound but it was not around . 20' up in a tree and the sound sounded like it was next to me. Getting dark and you have this heavy breathing creature that sounded like it chased these deer some distance kind a of freak's you out. So yes I know what you want through. But then it gets better and more exciting.
  5. Yes he is a member here ! It seems desperate but maybe the creature used the car as the tool ? you know to dispatch the deer or elk. There might not of not just been one but two or three maybe four creatures around. Hunting party !
  6. I have had them charge me, bluff that is but never harm me. That infra sound stuff as well too when they do use it only when I walk in the wrong area .Have had them surround me and have had them do knocks on me at different positions as though they were coordinating a hunt on me. But there was a infant or a young one involved and it was waving it's arms at me while the others were knocking around me. Have had big trees thrown down on or near my position. But then there was this fresh sweet smell that I smelt in this certain area .The fragrance was an odd smell that I have never smelt before and it was around the end of October or biggening part of November. It was in a way back part of the woods that I hunt in. I just do not go out in the woods like I use too. I regret not going out there. Cause the woods is like a place for me to think and let my stress out. Now I have not kept track of what I knew what was out there. But there young ones must be protected very well or we would have picked up on them by now.
  7. Swwasas were you able to find the right foot since is the left foot. That's a nice worn down trail to find that track. Toes are very brunched inward though, have you place game cameras but bet no picture yet. Glad that you are sharing. Thanks.
  8. Why would they not leave trails. A big thing like Bigfoot has to leave a trail some where leading some where right ! Heck us humans leave trails that can be found , except a bigfoot trail can be seen and followed. But why no Bigfoot? Why has Norseman not shot one yet and the same with those other kill folks of which I have turned my self into. They are a one of kind trophy yet no one has done it yet. If they stay in caves then why not stay far enough from the cave and wait to get a shot off on one. It should be a simple task and not hard to accomplish since one has to do is just wait and ambush. If they do live in caves then that makes for the perfect ambush op. The tracks I have seen have been found on used trails and off trails and on ridges. Never have found them in the lower parts of ridges but off the trails in a ways. Have found tracks where deer were moving through and have found their ambush spots which seems like a great bow spot for deer. I have yet to test those ambush spot where these deer go to bed down. Have found rocks in this area . Have not been out in the field for awhile so have lost contact. Like to get back out there though with my son. He has yet to encounter one but I am not sure if he is ready. Have been thinking of placing him on a tree stand on his own. Maybe that will do it. We get a deer in this area one of the thighs goes to them. That's our deal.
  9. 7.62 Best time to explore is all day from early morning to dawn and at night. The things I have seen are these structures that have been built over night and my bait pile being gone the same night I placed it. Same goes with tracks and have learned to find them at night with a flash light. They love salmon so take them some but be safe with bears. Have fun and have them find you and not you find them. If you feel that some thing is behind a tree, walk to it to get it to move. they do not expect it from humans.
  10. Twist When I think about this long enough and I do. The things I have seen and the things that have happened to me and I just mean me. I come up with that some one must be hoaxing me. But then I find my self alone in these areas where no one has no idea where I am at. How can one misinterpret the signs that clearly left for you to find. Again I could have been hoaxed. But how can one explain coming up to these object that were some how placed knowing that you would walk that exact area. They might be rare for some people but not for others. We can all argue about their existence and say that they do not exist but evidence shows other wise. People are still seeing some thing and reporting it. As far as some thing being squatchy, there does not have be a SaS in that area for it to be squatchy. It is the habitat that makes a place squachy. You just have to be in the right area at the right time .
  11. If you go into this like you do with hunting. That means using wind direction ,scent free clothing ,scent free detergent, and scent free spray. You will have better luck then standing out in the middle of the woods like a nekkid man looking all crazy. I can just imagine seeing your self on some face book page having saying all kind of stuff about ya. In my opinion I just do not believe that they care if we have clothes on or not. What of any reports of naked swimmers who have encountered them if there are any ? Right ! If these creatures have a mental attitude of being curius then those hikers in the back woods who have swam in those little honey holes of pools that nature has provided there be reports of it. The same would have to go with pools. Here we have half naked humans . Swimming in man made pools of water and we do not see them swimming in those same pools. So they must know some thing as far as I am concern. We see of other wild animals in man made pools but not the big guy, strange!. If you want to see if you clothes glow in the dark then stand in front of your infra red tree cam and have it take a picture of your self in your hunting clothes. It will show you that your clothes glow and you can correct the problem. The times these creature were following us back on the trail we were able to smell them. Each time I would lift my nose up in the air to find the direction of the smell which was in front. The creature would correct it self and the smell would go away. Very self concous I say. Still we were never sure if it was letting us know it was there watching us though. But we could feel it and some knew that it was there.My friend and my self would always smoke a ciggirette as we left our hunting spot and walked the trail back. so maybe it position it self to smell us and follow us this way. Speculation Right !. Crap if I was to take my clothes off out there my friend would shoot my ***. My wife would un happy or maybe happy who knows ? But if some one else is willing to do so well then go right ahead. The worst that could happen is you might find your self on face book with your nekkid body posted all over it.
  12. My bad ! But still That show was a crazy show though at the time. Kind a wished you had a sighting though. I still go back to when I was sitting in my stand and they were knocking from different directions. Then this small red one waving it's arms at me in front of me. I was not sure if I should have stayed put or leave. My instincts told me to flea so I split out of there. but looking back I should have stayed and learned some thing. But then what if I was din din. Then what ! But on the other side of the coin of not being eaten I could have learned how they ambushed first hand. That would have been cool. I mean same bait pile and on my ground blind and what if that small little red creature was waving it's arms for me to stay. Crap, they might read my mind but I sure as heck cannot read theirs yet. Keyword ( YET ) So their form of communication must be hand jesters with us at times. I had my bow but what good would that have been. I had one to the south, one to the east and another one to the west of my position. The little was just northwest of me and around 50 yards . He was in the area where I had to walk back to the trail from my ground blind . The other one I also had no where about. FarArcher I do not call this a honey hole. If they are there and stick around then they are enjoying your company. Strange thing for me to say, Right ! But at the subject: BigFoot then this topic honey hole of bigfoots. But hey we seen some thing. Some thing other people have been searching for a life time and might never see one. All I can say is they found me after I searched them. There is no creature on earth that does this. I am satisfied with what I have experienced and with what I saw and have no problem with it. In a strange way it is kind of peace full when they are around . Better shut the heck up
  13. Is that Crowley doing his crazy stuff? Norseman ! While all doped up on peyote.
  14. FarArcher Sure ! off course that's a given . Once seen cannot be unseen and is now there foreverrrr !
  15. FarAcher First what are you looking for? Some of these things you are asking with these threads have already been answered at some time on this forum at some time. I would not even call them honey holes, since these creatures have the freedom to roam where ever they want when they want. We cannot stop them since they carry that freedom with in that domain. If I could have that freedom that they do I would be living it if I could. Who wouldn't ? Right ! If a site is active it is because they chose it to be active not the other way around. We have no control over their actions since every wild creature has a freedom of it's own. I would not say what I had what you are saying in that sentence, it was wilder. Enough to say that in some strange way we were some how friends in a strange way. Would I shot one of the ones that have hung around me? at first yes for fear but then No. I felt the power that they had in the wilderness if I would have shot one while it stood in front of me. The ones that hung around me were always young ones. They would always spook my game away. Them darn little buggers. Little sticks and little rocks they would throw just to mess with me in the stand. Yes they would come and go during seasons and now I see if you do not go out for awhile they leave. But now I want to know if they remember you in a different area and that is if they are in groups. I want to know why they move or why they do this and that. That's my goal. But I would like to know what troubles you with these creatures?