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  1. Really if you are speaking of the Patterson creature. That is not bagged Only a body will suffice. Needs to be examined ,tested. A nice film and anecdotal evidence is not proof of a mythical beast and you knew that 9500 posts ago
  2. I agree and that was a well written thought out post. Gets my plus as well
  3. This was a great report and interesting read. Thanks for sharing. I would no more believe himore than anyone else. He has obviously done very little reading on the subject matter. There is a fossil record of similar primates. I do agree the creature most likely does not exist. Not documented and not proven
  4. Very good topic. Thank you all for the interesting discussion. Not here to derail. Just wanted to let all of you know I enjoyed it.
  5. Thanks for explaining it. In an email from him he says he will explain in more detail when he completes his research on it.
  6. Cliff Barrackman. Is a good source.
  7. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the eerie sounds . Certainly not moose, but not undiscovered ape men either. Sounds more like lonely loons to me.
  8. I am no elk hair expert. I had read elk hair was prominent near the lay. I appreciate your input and explanation. I can't comment on the validity of what you said about the hair pattern. I just don't know enough to have an informed opinion. I do agree with the Bigfoot, UFO and ghosts comparison.
  9. Thank you for replying. I do agree with your statement why bother. The tracks are not convincing to us. The ones I found intriguing of a crippled individual in Washington and the London track way are now it seems just more hoaxes. Turns out they are no more convincing than eyewitness sightings. I have read many convincing reports and listened to people on this forum who are convinced of the creatures existence. However, this is not proof and the creature remains elusive and undocumented. Sure wish there was a specimen to be examined .
  10. Rare ? I was under the impression they are found in about every state . Perhaps, I am mistaken and it is the so called sightings that are so prevalent .
  11. No sasquatch tracks either. They supposedly make them everywhere.
  12. Thank you all for sharing. I found them interesting .
  13. Perhaps you follow your own advice. Mirrors are for everyone.
  14. Norse. Plussed. You obviously understand evidence.