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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. Here is a great database for missing persons. This has all the particulars on the Maureen Kelly case (there is a box on the left for the different reports and info) without all the news hype, just the facts. https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/20715/428 Since she has been missing for close to 4 years, the best they can probably hope for is identifying the bones if found.
  2. I found this with a Google search: Rit brand fabric whitener Woolite ERA brand detergent Tide detergent Again, most any detergent that contains whiteners Irish Spring Soap Mr. Clean So my guess is that if you used a bluing like they did in the old days, it would glow as well. of laundry detergent - Try out whatever you have in the
  3. Yeah, I don't see anything of importance or note, save for the fact that the stump looks kind of like Groot.
  4. This theory should be easy enough to test out. Aren't there supposed to be people here on the forums who have habituated families of Sasquatch? They could just go out to their backyard where the Sasquatch hang out and shuck off their clothes and see what happens. Then we would have our answer. Seems simple enough.
  5. To those new to this field of interest, you really need to know the players, past and present, to have a good understanding of the subject. Ivan Marx is one of those "must knows" in the field. I encourage everyone to read as much as they possibly can about Sasquatch, and those who chase them, for a complete knowledge of the subject. Most of us already have, but those new to all of this have a lot of info to catch up on. It is a very steep hill to climb to catch up. Maybe we should start a section on books, with a review, about the big guy to help those that want more reading material. I know we have a "Film/Video/Photos/Audio" section and a "Media" section, but perhaps a book section would be a good addition. Just a thought to help the newcomers, besides, I wouldn't mind a listing to see if there is anything I may have missed along the way that I would be interested in.
  6. I was looking around the net and ran across these photos that are of supposed BF. I thought I would toss them up to see what others thought of them. Here's my thoughts on them. The first photo shows what is purported to be a BF family. An adult and a juvenile BF standing in the snow. Why is the image of the smaller one exactly like the bigger one? Why do they have the exact same stance? The second photos is at a greater distance of a single creature also in the snow. Why does this creature have the exact same stance as the ones in the earlier photo? Let me know your thoughts on this set of pics. Here are more photos from the same poster on YouTube. Again, same stance as before.
  7. If we get back to the original question of has hoaxing made us TOO cynical, and if we refer to the text book definition of "cynical". "believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity." I would say that it has made us just cynical enough. Not so jaded that we discard every thing that is put forward, but cynical enough to demand extraordinary proof of the findings. What we are searching for is pretty fantastic in the pure nature of it, and we will need some fantastically good proof to prove it exists. I hate to say it, but we may very well need a proof specimen for that proof.
  8. Not saying that it isn't a hoax, but how do they explain the face looking in the window, and why don't the fake feet match the shape of the prints? Also, a drunk guy is going to put these on nad trek, drunk, for 7 miles creating a four foot stride? He would have probably had to make leaping bounds to create a four foot stride. Here's the math part of it. 5280 ft. in a mile X 7 = 36,960 ft total for the 7 miles reported for the trackway. divide that by the 4ft. stride and you get a total of 9240 foot steps. A drunk guy with what looks like solid bottom stompers goes for 7 miles at a forced stride of about 4 ft. IN THE SNOW = total exhaustion way before he hits 7 miles. I'm not sure of the footprints, but the claim of a hoax by the other guy, who by the way refuses to give his name, seems far fetched. My opinion. Yes, those a definite footprints. No, I have no idea what left them,.
  9. We keep the locations undisclosed for the privacy of the property owners. We could care less if anyone wants to go where we go. If they think they can find something in that area, go ahead. We aren't in competition with anyone in this search, so we don't suppose ownership of any research area. When we go into open lands such as National and State forests, one would have to be willing to hike at least 10 miles or so to get to the area, so we have little worry of it being over run. Now I'm not saying that there haven't been sightings in campground areas, but we like to do topo surveys taking into consideration of what would be natural sources of food, water and shelter away from human habitation. We are just guessing with this approach, but it has been much more productive than what we call "Campground Research".
  10. One way we try to eliminate, or at the very least reduce suspicion of hoaxing is to use actual 35 mm film cameras and Polaroids. Yeah, you can still buy that stuff. If you produce a picture in those mediums, there is little to no chance of faking the actual photo. I'm not saying you can't fake the other aspects of the encounter or the evidence, but it removes one element from the equation. With 35 mm or Polaroids, there is no digital manipulation, and they can be examined for alterations. We also run suspect photos that are digital through a filtering system that will tell us if an image has been digitally altered. That programming will also give us the meta data of the camera it was shot from and if any programs, such as Photo Shop, has been used. Still, there are a lot of hoaxes we come across, and just toss them away when offered to us. We find one questionable factor and the whole mess is tossed because it no longer holds any veracity. We do come across items that show no altering or hoaxing, but they are so ambiguous as to have no value even if it were the real thing. This would most often be your blobsquatch.
  11. Thanks to all for the input. We don't share specifics of where the research is being done or who owns the land. Some of it is federal land, so that's irrelevant really. We do work with other groups, and some info is shared with them on a limited basis. We aren't trying to be the first kids on the block to find this creature. We recently did a trip to the MT. Adams area up here in Washington with some of our affiliated folks from Southern California. When we did that trip, we had a film crew along doing a pilot for a possible Discovery Channel show. After that "experience" we are up in the air as to if we want to participate in something like that. It was a total PITA. Besides, who knows if it will even see the light of day. One reason is, we don't do re-enactments of things that happen, that is just fake presentation. If you can't hear or see something the first time it's on tape or video, it's useless and dishonest to replicate it for a show. That's just how we feel about it. That is also where the reality hit us as to what you see on the screen is not always what actually happened. Plus the fact that not everything you hear is a Squatch, not every pile of branches is a nest, and not every depression is a footprint, no matter how much you want us to say it may be. Our field of interest varies, so we do go on radio shows from time to time, but hardly ever share BF info because it is so hard to relate the experiences over a blind medium where video and photos are actually needed. It looks like I may have to rejoin the Premium area again. I discontinued premium membership a while back as I didn't come here too often, and my great dislike of the Tar Pit. I have been a member here since the days of BFF 1.0, and still have barely over 400 posts, so not a prolific posting machine.
  12. Anytime we have had any sort of "interaction" there hasn't been any particular action that triggered it that we can find. If we could narrow down something that would positively get results on a repeatable basis we would have the proof that everyone is looking for by now.
  13. I have been wondering how widely folks here share their findings with others. Do you share universally? Within a formal research group? Perhaps with only a select few? Or possibly not at all. I'm part of a small, very, very close knit group doing research on Sasquatch, among other things, and we have kept all of our findings within that group. We start back up on the Sasquatch front this May, and are debating if we should share our findings more widely. We have shown some things to Meldrum, but not publicly. I'm wondering if anyone has shared their findings, how widely and with what results. I have resisted releasing findings on forums because it always seems to devolve into chaos over theories and personalities. Anything anyone would like to share about their experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  14. If it is what I surmise it to be, there is a small circuit board inside with some small sensors attached to it. The fins are meant to let the air in for taking readings, but deflect rain so that the circuitry stays dry and doesn't malfuntion. The plastic fins should actually be, just plastic fins.
  15. This appears to be a remote weather sensor for sensing barometric pressure and temperature. The threaded pipe to the side is for mounting a wind speed and directional piece, but would not be needed in the area that it is deployed in, due to the surrounding woods. It appears to be a standard set up, like the ones we used in college for doing research, but only has the one sensor piece mounted. Our's were round, this one is square, but serves the same function. As for keeping this area a secret, it would appear that is now a lost cause, and you may not get the results you once did due to increased traffic. Hopefully I'm wrong.