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  1. Stan,


    Hope all is going well with you and yours.


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  3. I also have a page set up of possible sasquatch vocalizations.
  4. My experience has been just the opposite. I have taken my Karelian Bear Dog to every location that I investigate. Her ears and nose are just phenomenal. Many times she has alerted me to possible activity. But it also depends on the breed of dog and how well trained they are. My dog never barks in the woods (unless she trees a ****). She has been with me in my main research area for over 8 years and during that time I have found 6 set of footprints and had a daylight sighting. And on the flip side I believe that sasquatch frequent homes and farms where dogs are present. Do they come by to tease and irritate the dogs or just to steal dog food? No one knows for sure. Two of the best sets of recordings that I obtained I believe were partly as a result of having a dog at my home. Just go through the thousands of published bigfoot reports and see how many times dogs were involved. Those people having a dog on the home place doesn't seem to decrease the activity.
  5. Anytime you interview a witness you are taking a risk of somebody hoaxing a report. Usually they don't answer their phones. Sometimes they do. I have done a lot of interviews and posted 205 reports with BFRO. The witness is in his sixties, retired and on disability. This particular witness does not own a computer and has hidden his interest from his wife and relatives. He uses his friend's computer to look at reports. He contacted me last fall and begged me to come down during the spring. He said he was having activity just before the leaves would come on the trees while he was out mushroom hunting. So we kept in touch for six months and when I returned from Florida we set up a date. On Sunday night I thought he was going to call me and he thought I was going to call him. So we rescheduled for the next day. I was able to get to his home a half hour earlier than my GPS said. We headed directly for the woods. The railroad crossing we stopped at was not his regular research area, but he had had a sighting a month earlier there when he was in his car while going over the crossing heading for his site. We only planned to stop by the railroad tracks long enough to walk down the hundred yards where he had seen the squatches standing next to the tracks a month earlier. We were there no more than ten minutes when we headed back towards my car. The train went by and we headed for his main area and mushroom hunting.
  6. I have been to the site twice without the witness and plan on another trip later this week. Last time I was there railroad officials asked me to leave. I don't typically use gamecams.
  7. Someone who has worked with the railroad estimated the train I saw at 30 mph. The next time I was down there the train actually stopped 100 yds in front of me waiting for the tracks to clear
  8. This is a 3rd possible sasquatch witnessed riding the rails.
  9. As far as being a hoax? It would have been impossible for the witness to be involved. We did not even go on our scheduled day because I had an unplanned change in my schedule. I also showed up at his house at a different time that I thought I would get there. For unauthorized people to mess around with trains is a very dangerous thing to do in a post 911 era. It was just a happenstance that I was looking in the right place at the right time. I updated my blog with audio and will travel back to the location the first of next week.
  10. I was somewhat taken aback! I keep preaching to people to always be mentally prepared to enjoy the moment, take it all in. Been a good couple of weeks.
  11. I'll post a blog post tomorrow. Here is the audio of the train going by and our discussion during my sighting. Trains and bigfoot
  12. gigantor Hoaxing is always a major consideration. We had traveled the spot where the track was found twice the afternoon and evening before the animal ran behind us and across the road. If I had not been with the witness the whole time I would not have accepted the track find.
  13. Gearman, Thanks so much for the information from Oklahoma. I think many of us have programmed ourselves as to what we think these animals look like. When something different comes along it kind of shakes our beliefs.
  14. I would not have believed a 26 1/2 inch footprint unless I had been there. I have seen 18 inch several times before. Until we can lay a tape measure along side one these guys I think the height thing is just a guess.
  15. This footprint last week may be the largest ever found east of the Mississippi River, not sure about that.