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  1. There were some females with young ones that stayed around here at night for a few years & the kids made very little noise. They had a food fight on the front porch one night, involving a bucket of scraps from cleaning fish . There was a lot of bumping & knocking things around & fish carcasses flung everywhere, but I never heard so much as a squeak from them during the fight. Another time I saw 4 or 5 playing in the yard on a moonlight night. They looked like a bunch of big puppies rolling & tumbling around until one ran to a tree & went up it like a squirrel almost to the first limb. The rest followed it & then they went sliding back down. Sometimes they would knock on an aluminum gate in the pasture with sticks & there might be a few giggles, but a sharp "ehkkkkk" would stop it instantly. I have heard of a few people that heard a new baby crying, but it seemed that it was on purpose that they were allowed to hear it.
  2. The females take turns baby sitting for each other. They have safe places where they can kind of turn them loose & not have to watch them too closely, such as in habituators' back yards. Sometimes, some of the older kids watch the younger ones, too, but they aren't very reliable & mischief happens. When untrusted humans are around, they know how to hide & be quiet, the same as the young of any other wild thing.
  3. They'll probably be asleep.
  4. Or perhaps it knows an old means. Some of the Southern Indians say they "walk above".
  5. I voted #5 only because there wasn't a category "Exists & breeding like rabbits".
  6. Well, in my defense,Bobby, it IS lying down....... Yeah, Guy, I wondered about that one too, but it's kinda.....blurry.
  7. Here's a frame from one of Xion Comrade's videos. We had a discussion about it, but never agreed on what it is. I think I see blue or green eyes & a pointy head.
  8. .....or a bigfoot. I had one caught right in the middle of a big open pasture, on the night of a full moon, with a good video camera, gen 3 night vision & a 3X lens. The only problem was that she was keeping herself directly between me & the only tree in that part of the pasture, & I fell for it. I looked at her for a few seconds, & decided she was the tree trunk. If I had known what she was & waited, she would have had to do something to get away & it would have been an amazing piece of video. As it was, I got 22 seconds of her standing there, looking like a tree trunk, turning around & backing up, & probably telling me that there was nothing to see there & to turn the camera off. Which is exactly what happened. I didn't even give it anymore thought until the next afternoon. When I finally looked at it on the TV, that tree trunk could be plainly seen with two arms & two legs, & moving all around until the film stopped.
  9. I just noticed a bright shooting thing like the ones I get pictures of pretty often. They are often associated with places where BFs are sighted & in pictures that are thought to be BF. That other "shiny spot" is familiar, too. I think MK Davis found one of these in the PGF.
  10. I see a dead or injured deer propped against a small tree, right front leg stretched out in front, and something that may or may not be a BF standing back in the trees. I'd like to see another pic of the same area too.
  11. Did you look around for game cams ? I keep thinking it may be something to see who & what has been around.
  12. That thing is strange! I hope somebody knows what it is.
  13. They do that crab walk thing too. It is amazing how fast they can go. When I saw it, I thought they were a red eyed "something" flying just above the ground. I've seen them belly crawling through knee high grass with nothing but green eye glow visible, too. Up in trees or down low are the best places to look if they know you are around.
  14. Well, this particular one wasn't wearing overalls...... Oh....was that two questions?
  15. And then it says "May cause hives, uncontrollable sneezing, death, migraines, divorce, blah, blah, blah...... Ask your doctor today!
  16. OK. Let me put it this way. The one I saw looked exactly like a human's, not a dog, bull, goat, cat, etc. But maybe they do, I didn't ask.
  17. Thanks, Hiflier! Happy Holidays to you too.
  18. From what I saw...... they don't have it. That one was the human looking kind, though.
  19. I think so too.
  20. Sorry about that. I should be more careful about not saying things like that outside of the paranormal section. I just forget sometimes. I'm glad you took it so well.
  21. In answer to LCB: If you hear or see them, there are two alternatives. 1. They know you are there & want you to know they are there. Which means that you or whoever else hears, are no perceived threat to them. And their perception is almost always very good. Just because their presence is "known", doesn't mean that they will be seen. 2. They don't know you are there, which does happen occasionally. I asked one that almost got shot by one of my neighbors, why she let it happen. She said she was "happy & in a hurry to get somewhere & wasn't thinking about being careful." So they do make mistakes, but not all the sounds that are heard, & BFs that are seen, are mistakes.
  22. No. I read it in a Book.
  23. "Super"natural is still natural.....
  24. Boredom sets in when the "goal" is set too low. After a certain amount of "scientific" discussion mostly limited to tracks, calls, hair, cameras, & the proper gun to "harvest a specimen" (which must be 100% flesh & blood), there's no doubt that boredom will eventually set in. Raise the goal, & rise above science's self imposed limits, & boredom will disappear.