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  1. My ex Mother in Law told me about a story when she was renting a double wide trailer on some property outside of Cour d'alene Idaho many years ago. Apparently one evening she was home and watching tv. Her small dog began whining and thinking that the dog needed to go outside she opened the front door to let it out. The dog wouldnt budge. She said she noticed a foul odor and thinking a bear might be around she smacked the side of the trailer several times to scare off the bear. She didnt hear anything and closed the door and went back to watching tv. Several moments later something hit the side of the trailer with tremendous force. Because it was a trailer she said the whole thing shook. She looked out several windows but couldnt see anything. She got scared so she called her landlord who came by but couldn't find anything as it was dark. The next morning her landlord returned and discovered that something had hit and actually dented the corner of the trailer. She said the dent was about 8 feet off the ground. They found several depressions that could have been footprints that led by that corner of the trailer but didn't have eough detail to identify 100 percent. She said that they thought it looked as if this thing had just strolled by and then threw a forearm against the trailer as it passed. Nothing conclusive but interesting nontheless. She got out of her lease soon after that because the incident shook her up quite a bit.
  2. I grew up in the seventies, I remeber going to the theater and seeing a movie about Bigfoot when I was about 7 or 8. I don't recall the name of the movie but I vividly remeber the narrator saying something to the effect "What your about to see was filmed in Northern California by Roger Patterson..." and then they showed Patty walking across the sand bar. I remeber it scared the hell out of me because it looked so human like and yet wasnt human. I grew up in Vancouver Washington, not very far from Skamania County, and at that time reports of sightings were coming out of there on a regular basis so the thought of a giant 8 foot tall ape roaming the mountains right outside of town freaked me out a little. Several years later when I was 14 years old two friends and I were fishing at Lacamas Lake east of Vancouver. We used to fish beyond the spillway where Lacamas creek continues down stream. This day we weren't having much luck and decided to walk further down stream. We came to a point where the creek flows through a fairly steep canyon. The trail forked, one continued along the edge of the creek and the other veered off and headed up torward the top of this little canyon. I decided to go explore while my friends continued to fish so I took the upper trail. At the top of the canyon was an exposed area that was covered in moss as it was early spring and still very cool out. The tree line was about thirty feet to the right or so. I remeber the moss was really thick and lush and I was thinking this would be a good place to go camping. As I wondered around I walked torward the tree line and saw something imprinted in the moss. It was a human shaped foot print pressed into the moss and probably fourteen to sixteen inches long. The moss had been torn where the ball of the foot would have been and was layed over like a flap, exposing the dirt and rock underneath. I remeber looking at it for several seconds and trying to fit it into my head as to what it could be. I then started looking around and found two more prints. There was a left, right, then another left footprint. They were in a half circle trackway that made it look as if this thing had been walking in the tree line and then stepped out and then back into the trees. The step was 4-5 feet between each track. I suddenly felt very alone so I decided to call my friends over to show them what I had found. I remember looking and discussing this with them as we tried to make sense of it. I remember that we noted how these tracks had mashed the moss flat against the rock beneath it. We werent even leaving an indentation in the moss when we lifted our feet. We also looked at the tear and noted that the dirt underneath was still dark and moist, it hadnt had time to dry out and lighten up. At the time I didnt put it together but I know believe that it rotated on the ball of its foot as it stepped (possibly to look back behind it) and tore the moss in doing so. We tried to make the same step but had to jump from track to track to clear the same distance. We looked around to see if we could find any rocks or anything heavy that someone could have piled up onto some fake feet to mash the moss down like that but couldnt find anything. At that point we decided to get the hell out of there and headed back to the car. We didnt hear, see, or smell anything but I remeber the walk out on that narrow trail next to the creek seemed to take forever. We told several people what had happend but just got laughed at so I stopped talking about it all together. I still continued to hunt and fish and didnt have any other experiences that I could chalk up to a bigfoot and really kind of forget about it until about 10 years ago. One day on the internet I was bored so I typed in "Bigfoot". I found a ton of sites and started reading everything I could find and my interest was renewed. Then during the deer season in 2006 me and 3 friends were camped and hunting next to Pine Creek north of the Swift Creek Resivoir in Washington. On an evening hunt one of the guys and I were walking a fire road that wound its way up and over a ridgeline behind our camp and came out onto a logging road behind a locked fence. Our plan was to hunt up and over the ridgeline and down the other side. Then walk the logging road back to camp in time for dinner. When we got to the top of the ridgeline the fire road had petered out to a game trail with brush and trees on both sides. I began to notice footprints off to the right of me in the brush. I would take a step or two and stop and I would hear the same thing softly off to my right. Two more steps and stop, same thing to the right. I called my buddy up who was behind me by 30 or 40 feet and asked if he was hearing what I was hearing. He nodded yes and asked if I want to go into the brush and find out what it was. To be honest I wasn't thinking bigfoot, I was thinking other hunter and didn't want to get shot so I said no, lets get off this ridge. I remember feeling aprehensive and fighting the need to "go". Once we were off the ridgeline I felt better and the rest of the evening hunt was uneventful. Once we got back to camp and had dinner, we were sitting around the fire just shooting the breeze. This would have been a couple of hours after we got back from the evening hunt so probably around 7:30 or 8 pm. I was in mid sentence talking with one of my friends when something let out a yell/scream that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It started out really low and increased in pitch until it was a blood curdling scream. It started out like a moo from a cow and then increased in volume and tone until it was a blood curdling shriek. The end of it sounded like a women being murdered, incredibly high pitched. And the volume was amazing. It sounded like it was coming from the ridgeline we had been on earlier as it was behind and to the right of camp. It also sounded like it was coming from above. As the scream ended i heard an owl hoot twice behind camp only a few yards away. I remeber watching my friends face as it screamed, I could see in his eyes that he was trying to identify the noise in his head with a known animal but was coming up empty. When the scream ended we all grabbed flashlights and rifles and headed back torwards the scream. After going a hundred yards or so back I think we all came to our sense and decided to leave whatever made the noise alone. I think we all knew that whatever it was was sounded a heck of alot bigger than we were. We didnt hear anything else after that and the rest of the hunt was uneventful. I can't say any of what I experienced was a sasquatch as I never saw anything with my own eyes. But I do find it hard to beleive that the tracks I found as a kid were faked in moss and I know what I heard was no animal that I have ever come across. The experiences I have had have just cemented my intrest in the subject. I want to know what it is.
  3. Just my two cents. Here in the Northwest the Cascade Range runs from north of the Washington/Canadian Border into northern California, say 700 miles. Wikipedia says it is 80 miles wide. I would guess probably closer to 60 on average. That equates to 42,000 square miles of land. There are 640 acres in a square mile. If my math is correct there are 26 million plus acres of mountains in the Cascade Range. It is rugged and steep terrain, densely covered in trees and vegitation (more so on the west side) and wet and cold a good portion of the time. People, for the most part do not venture far from roads or trails. They just don't do it. So all any animal has to do to stay hidden is stay away from these two things. Some people seem to think that there are people all over the Cascade Mountains when in fact, there are areas of the Cascades that have nevere been explored. People go where the roads and trails take them. Last time I checked the majority of the Cascades are still roadless. Gates are being added and locked all the time, and many roads are no longer being maintained and reverting back to wilderness. An acre is the approximate size of a football field. Imagine that covered in trees and scrub and ferns and logs and you would be hard pressed to find anything in it if it didnt want to be found. Now times that by 26 million and have at it. I'm sorry but I don't beleive encroachment is a problem for sasquatch, at least not here anyway.
  4. ISFJ- dead on, I'm a Safety and Security Manager.