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  1. I am not sure though with so many places being overrun by us humans, the number of sightings could just be attributed to them not having as many places to themselves.
  2. Hmmm. Certainly bacon. They also seem to be drawn by the sound of children. LOL, I just hope for different reasons.
  3. What about a lime pit? I know people who have had experiences around one of those....same sort of idea though I suppose....
  4. Of the incidents around the family place, one experience with eyes shining red.
  5. Two somethings "talking" back and forth, kind of a singsong sort of voice? Mumbling. Night-time animal sounds that were somehow "off". Whooping between several animals. Tree knocking.
  6. Very interesting....
  7. Interesting topic. I CAN'T say there IS a connection or that there is NOT. I am keeping my mind open and just observing to see what happens. I have spoke often about the family place (where I grew up). We have seen UFOs (or at least things WE could not explain). There have been bigfoot sightings in the area. That isn't proof positive but you never know.
  8. Good pics Sasfooty. We have seen these balls of light a few times around here. Once with 6 witnesses. Though I dont claim to know what they are.
  9. I was thinking about the whole water thing...there are stories about them coming up out of the water, are they fishing?Just swimming? Or as some people say, coming out of caves under the bank? So besides using rivers for the usual(travel, consumption etc.), maybe they also make their homes there.
  10. I am not sure what to call it, migration or whatever. I do believe they move around to different areas at certain times of the year. As someone else said, following the food source. What we had/have experienced was a rarely in the summer or winter, a little bit in the spring, mostly in last August into November. That throws this following theory out, but sometimes I wondered if they stayed close to areas of the river in the winter that werent completely frozen over. The eagles around here do, so maybe...anyway, just basically thinking out loud.
  11. I would agree with Sasfooty on the whole misconceptions thing, so many people DONT believe that one would almost have to go up and slap them in the face to change their perceptions.... I think their stealth is as natural to them as breathing and they just get better at that as they get older. That and keeping to the places humans usually are not. I dont believe the population is huge, but enough that they ARE seen, heard etc. And I believe most of the sightings are of younger ones, either out of curiousity or someone else I knew speculated that the young males are chased off and trying to find their own territory. And maybe sometimes they WANT to be seen.(shrug) Just a few ideas.
  12. I think with civilization encroaching on so many places, it could be discovered almost anywhere that has had sightings.
  13. My fascination started when I was seven years old and came upon a footprint while on a walk with my grandfather.
  14. I would say I am somewhere between researcher and socialite. I am NOT a hard core researcher at all, I just try to keep my eyes and ears open. I also like listening and talking to others about the subject.
  15. I was on the old BFF in its earlier days, I think I actually liked it better than what it became later....its good to see it back up in its current form and I do enjoy it, hopefully it will be around for a very long time.
  16. Sasfooty, dont worry too much about what people say, if you know what you are experiencing, that is what is important. I have been called a LOT of things during my life because my parents have had weird events happen at their place for 40 plus years, and I have had a few questionables in the 12 I have lived here. From the time I saw a footprint at the age of seven, I knew there was something out there. I dont get too worked up at other peoples opinions, just kind of go with the flow. Honest debate (like saskeptic) is good and makes one THINK, thats for sure. I generally dont get too involved with the conversations though I do update in the Minnesota section of sightings when something occurs that is a little "off". Because you just never know when it actually might be the missing piece to the puzzle. I have enjoyed reading your posts, and hope you will continue to post.
  17. Hmmm. Infrasound. I had experience where I was terrified, I dont mean scared, nervous or cautious, I was out of my mind with terror. THAT is not my way. Unexplainable to me. It was during a time that something was outside the house. I have kind of played with the idea that infrasound could have been involved because I really dont have a lot of answers.
  18. I just think that bigfoot are curious about things sometimes. There was a story on bigfoot encounters, I think about a native American woman that was at a cabin waiting for her husband to come pick her up on a snowmobile because she was snowed in? The bigfoot watched her from the window, walked around the house and came back to that same window to look at her some more. It left when it heard the snowmobile(s) and they saw the footprints. I cant remember the name of the story, but as said, its on Bigfoot Encounters.
  19. My immediate family says nothing derogatory about my beliefs because many of them have experienced the same things. Most of my friends just laugh and then move on to another subject.
  20. Hmmm. My fear came so gradually that I am not sure exactly WHEN I couldnt enjoy the woods alone anymore.:/ I would say that yes, it is at least partially because of BF,bears,cougars etc. though logically that makes no sense as I feel as much time as I used to spend walking and just enjoying nature, well, there was ample opportunity for harm to occur and I never worried about it before. I still love the woods, just not by myself or with a few people.:/
  21. I used to love going out into the woods alone. Now I am just not too crazy about it. Large family campouts are the extent of what I can take.