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    Mule packing, hunting, fishing, reenacting.....and sasquatch. Have seen tracks but no Squatch as of yet......

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  1. Humans are Apes......and evidently some of us are dumber than others
  2. The only person on this website who is a legend in their own mind? Is you dude.......
  3. I was able to view those thanks! I think it looks pretty good compared to the PGF.
  4. Very true but that cuts both ways. Just because your a Green Beret does not mean your willing to get on your hands and knees and crawl into a Alder thicket after a wounded Kodiak brown bear your client shot.
  5. And I thank you for your service. No. I cannot afford a brown bear tag. I've hunted black bears in Alaska and have had grizzly encounters in Washington/ Idaho. Nothing more. But I've been in harm's way often enough as a firefighter.
  6. Very true but that cuts both ways. Just because your a Green Beret does not mean your willing to get on your hands and knees and crawl into a Alder thicket after a wounded Kodiak brown bear your client shot.
  7. As a hunter I find that laughable on Lansdale part! What hunter waits TWO WEEKS to follow a blood trail...... And the payday for me is a scientific one. It would be pretty cool to see Bigfoot step out of the myth shadows and become a real entity.
  8. The day before.... Yuchi observed them drinking, yes. And yet he still elected to go out with them. So I'm assuming he for whatever the reason had 86'd his concerns and went with full knowledge of what he was getting himself into. And I guess the gravitas of the situation is different for each of us.... That wasn't a "hey we will get them next time" mission. That was a "hey we have Hitler cornered and with one final push we can end WW2 now!" Mission. Huge! HUGE! As far as non entities....that's common for rookies. When I was on the fire dept. for 20 years we didn't stick rookies on the halligan tool or the nozzle.....nor did we send them up the ladder with a saw to ventilate the roof. We had them doing other valuable tasks like hooking to a hydrant. They were in the fight but not the tip of the spear. Unfortunately no one is a expert Bigfoot hunter, we are making this up as we go along. Two things. First If the PGF is real then we all know what it looks like....there should be no surprises with how human they look. For two, I cannot speak for Lansdale but for me it's not about fame and fortune. I'm pretty sharing with what I do find out there, and other than fear of you and I bumping each other in a particular location. If you want a long/lat coordinate from me all you have to do is ask......and some I even post. I have nothing to hide and as long as this creature is proven I could not care less who does it. Furthermore if someone needed backed up or helped out logistically to make this happen I would be there in a heart beat.
  9. Presumably Sasquatch would have entered North America through the Berengia land bridge. Maybe a lot of this is underwater now. But we have many fossils that survive from that time. http://www.beringia.com/exhibits/ice-age-animals While the volcanic soil of the PNW is not the best place for fossilization? Arctic permafrost is...... in fact certain societies have actually eaten mammoth steaks at yearly banquets. And Im not pushing forward the idea they only live in the PNW. But reject the idea that they are a healthy breeding population in 49 states.
  10. Fine. Awesome. You don't like the GCBRO's methods. Start your own group, or join a different group that believes firearms and alcohol do not mix..... Hell I got a mule with your name on it anytime Yuchi! Just don't start a anti kill crusade fer heaven sakes! I promise you I would never ever quit you or a blood trail, so long as we could track it. One bad experience based on things beyond yer control is not cause to throw the baby out with the bath water......
  11. All they do is lock gates around here to block access. which is easily bypassed with a four legged atv
  12. Control? Your talking about a guy with a walkie talkie standing next to a fire. I'm not beating up Lansdale either, but he certainly isn't orbiting the area in a bird with a NV scope. And I have no illusions about the dangers of hunting these things at night. But that's why your there in this first place right? As far as Yuchi....he and I do not butt heads about his actions that night. Albeit I would have continued but whatever. No, we butt heads about his subsequent flip flop and militant anti kill stance since that night. And his constant nagging on organizations like the GCBRO and the NAWAC. As well as my group....the fact that we are called project "Grendel" is offensive to him.
  13. The moral of the story for me is two fold. Firstly, the type specimen dies with extreme prejudice. This isn't sport hunting. If I could catch it in a grizzly bear leg hold trap, I'd do it in a heart beat. If I could run it over with my Peterbilt I'd do it in a heartbeat. The GCBRO states they will only harvest a male......why!!?? Out of some sense of chivalry? Or is this sport hunting again? Lets just get the grisly job done and over with. Remember, this is what science demands of us. Do it right the first time and we will never have to visit this ugly chapter of Bigfootery ever again. We can ban harming them ever more once they are proven to EXIST. Secondly, bad shots happen to the best of us. Your rifle gets knocked in the scabbard, bad light, buck fever, or just plain bad aim.....it happens. People lose their nerve, get scared, get tired, get cold, it happens..... At least they are out there trying!!! It's not a ego contest. Everyone deals with their emotions in their own way. I have way more respect for this Native American shooter that gut shot the darn thing than I do a vast majority of people. Here is a rifle! Go solve the mystery in the pitch black! Good luck! I'm not afraid to stand up and say I respect that. He tried.....
  14. That's an awesome follow up BTW. And I concur that natural deaths are hard to find for those species. My only concern is fossils. We would expect to find some sort of fossils of them, in Siberia, Alaska or points south if that was their point of entry in NA.
  15. Assuming the story is true? It's a tough read for me as well except not in the way you read it. Gut shot or not these guys had a solid blood trail. One of those pink unicorn moments in Bigfootdom in which tracking this creature is a given. HALLELUJAH!!!!!! So why the hell stop!??? Your on the very verge of making one of the largest discoveries in the history of mankind.... I'm not judging Yuchi per say, I've been watching the GCBRO on the TV. Landsdale is certainly heavy handed in where he places people, what actions they are allowed to take, and his leash on you is that two way radio. I would have turned my radio off and kept going. That may have resulted in my dismemberment and death of course. But nothing is guaranteed with dangerous game or even hunting ungulates in their territory. Some western hunters last breath was taken while their arms where inside a warm Elk chest cavity. They never saw the grizzly bear behind them. I think the reward is worth the risk.