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  1. If it was 100% it would not matter. Im thoroughly convinced most proponents do not want to get to the bottom of this. They would rather participate in this myth for eternity, than to move forward to the answer with the very real possibility the creature does not exist.
  2. Large and increasing? I would say a very small contingent believes in the creatures existence, and with scientists it's a minuscule amount. And it's all on us proponents to prove the existence of the creature by physical evidence.....the cavalry ain't coming. You might as well dump yer dental resin down the toilet.
  3. Umm....field biologists employ tactics I know nothing about as a hunter and outdoorsman. Remember Todd Disotell's mosquito catching trick? Millions of blood samples just flying around. Bigfoot may be able to hide from humans.....but not mosquito's!!! Brilliant! Welcome to science! Mr. Bigfoot! Exactly. If only it was as simple as reading 10,000 reports and the animal materialized out of thin air. Plussed.
  4. No. We don't have any physical evidence.....which includes dental resin casts. Sorry.....nothing has been proven. Bindernagel's "defacto" discovery is bumpkis. Ill take two chickens and a hog.
  5. Not true. Look at how other species are "discovered", Its with PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. This field isn't quantum mechanics, we are not looking for unseeable sub atomic particles....... Produce real evidence of the creature? Science will fall over themselves to look at it. Apples and oranges. A newly graduated biologist is far more qualified to weigh in on Undiscovered Primate evidence than you or I are. And one that has been in the field 20 years or so? 1000x more so...... Amswer me this....if we don't like scientists then why does this field hold onto Meldrum and Bindernagel like a life preserver!? Unfortunately those two experts have been unable to prove anything to science either........and they have had quite some time to do so.
  6. A lawyer has to pass a bar exam on top of his law degree....your making my point for me. Boiled down to brass tacks? You do not like the answer the experts are giving you, so you seek to discredit them.
  7. So you would let a self proclaimed "expert" operate on your skull!??? You evidently have a lot more faith in how people represent themselves than I do.
  8. They are experts in their field of study. Boiled down to brass tacks? If you had a brain tumor that needed to be removed? Would you want me to attempt removing it in my shop? Or would you rather contact a brain surgeon about your procedure? I can guarantee you that I have the power tools to get it out of your head. It's just the small detail of you living through the procedure, that I cannot guarantee! I think what people miss with science is the nuances.
  9. I think the question they are asking is how do you tell the two stone flakes apart?
  10. More and more cousins keep showing up!
  11. 16000 plus years ago a dog team would have been more useful than a leather boat.
  12. At the core of Stanford’s case are stone tools recovered from five mid-Atlantic sites. Two sites lie on Chesapeake Bay islands, suggesting that the Solutreans settled Delmarva early on. Smithsonian research associate Darrin Lowery found blades, anvils and other tools found stuck in soil at least 20,000 years old [note only the soil can be reliably dated, not the artifacts themselves]... Further, the Eastern Shore blades strongly resemble those found at dozens of Solutrean sites from the Stone Age in Spain and France, Stanford says. “We can match each one of 18 styles up to the sites in Europe.”.. Stone tools recovered from two other mid-Atlantic sites — Cactus Hills, Va., 45 miles south of Richmond, and Meadowcroft Rockshelter, in southern Pennsylvania — date to at least 16,000 years ago. Those tools, too, strongly resemble blades found in Europe... “The reason people don’t like the Solutrean idea is the ocean,” he said. No Solutrean boats have been found. But given that people arrived in Australia some 60,000 years ago — and they didn’t walk there — wood-frame and seal-skin boats were clearly possible, Stanford argues...
  13. But it's a little harder to argue with DNA.
  15. Trace evidence is indeed a form of "evidence". Trackways are evidence, photos and film are forms of evidence. Not proof mind you but evidence.... Which is why I keep an open mind from the evidence I saw. Is that so hard to understand? Ive already addressed your second paragraph numerous times. But the bottom line is, is that the scientific community had deemed something extinct until decades later some uneducated fishermen with a net proved them very very wrong. You may not understand it, but it's hope for us. Dmaker I cannot help but notice that you come back time and time again, as if you are somehow begging us to convince you Bigfoot is real. This forum is not the place for it, if you truly seek to examine the evidence first hand you have to get out there and find it. Years and years of you typing on this forum could be shattered in an instant in the bush. Besides, this field needs skeptical analytical minds like yours anyhow.