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  1. Heya Wade,


    Regardin' those tracks, Paul Graves mentioned "" We walked out onto the back deck and looked down to see the same tracks we had been investigating all week. There was a well-worn trail of deer tracks coming from the road and down one side into the backyard—this is where the first print appeared (the track-maker had walked up the deer trail from the road into the backyard). The first print was pointed south and the next step is 13 feet from heel to heel. This print has a strange indentation adjacent to it. The step length then changes from that print to the next four, all at 6 feet 2 inches, perfectly inline with no drag marks. The sixth print was 10 feet heel to heel, the seventh print 9 feet 8 inches heel to heel. Rodger, the homeowner, noted that underneath the house deck is a motion sensing security light, and it was where the 10 foot step lengths were. The tracks continued on from the last one sideways/sidestepping to the edge of a three foot masonry retaining wall. The tracks then pointed east and leapt the other side of the wall. The prints were then side by side pointing back to the north with a strange drag mark in the middle. This is where the tracks were lost." 


    I asked him about the side by each tracks, this is his response...

    "Hi Pat yes they were side by side right after the last 9'8' step it side stepped then it looked like it jumped off the small retaining wall and landed with both feet side by side with a strange big drag mark between the feet , I sent you a picture of the track way and the side by side feet this is about a week after they were made and are melted out but they are the exact same tracks as the first tracks."



    He asked me not to post the image on the BFF, as he's waitin for Murphy to add it them to his report. So we have to keep this to ourselves till his report gets updated. I'm still not sure what to make of them, the side be each tracks...interestin'.



    side by side tracks.jpg

    1. norseman


      It reminds me of this.