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  1. It lends more credibility to calico and other digs in which the evidence didn't fit the conventional wisdom.
  2. Absolutely I just watched it!! I think it's probably a fake.....a very clear one at that! But that's just my opinion! It's not a blobsquatch, it's not a bear, it's not a human. It's a Bigfoot with a baby. There is absolutely NO clarity issue at all. I can immediately see that on the film. The PGF is the most documented and well known film site for a Bigfoot in the what!!?? How does it's "authenticity" help Patty be real in the eyes of science!!?? It DOESNT. Dude I'm sooooooo not shifty, I have been beating the type specimen drum for so long and so loud on this forum....your way off mark. All ONE person has to do is pick up a rifle instead of a want clarity? How does 600 lbs of DNA testable physical evidence sound to you? That's clear. That's stick a fork in it clear. And Lastly.....let's just say for a second a government agency gets really really clear photoage of a Bigfoot with a camera trap? How do they vouch for it's authenticity? I promise you the first thing the Biologists think if they ever encountered Bigfoot on their film? Is that they were being punked.
  3. Night Walker, Only a body will do, I don't care about video. But dont complain about clarity, and then shift gears to authenticity, when you don't like the fact the video is pretty clear. Your proving my point for me. But please continue on discussing the really really super duper crystal clear video in which the unknown creature acts in a really super duper correct way that you would expect an unknown creature to act you will be really really convinced Bigfoot is real.
  4. Which ones are photos and which ones are videos? I own trail cameras.....your choice of trail camera photos is pristine but unrealstic. What about all of the trail camera photos that look like this? I would definitely say the mother and baby Bigfoot video is much more clear than these photos..... So it's definitely in the range of trail camera "clarity".
  5. No.....I'm not joking. Your pissing in the wind. You could have a PGF style thread debating that film for the next 10 years with red and blue lines pointing to this or that and never get anywhere with it. But it sure in the heck is CLEAR enough to be on par with any trail camera video the CCP could manage to capture. So what are we talking about here? Your pointing out the lack of DNA though Drew? I actually agree with you. You can read through my caloric intake thread and see that I do. We should be finding scat and hair that positively ID's a new discovery for Biology. Why we are not is bothersome for sure.
  6. Prove to me the Sasquatch with baby video is NOT real...... Its certainly clear enough that we are not dealing with mistaken identity.
  7. Because TRAIL CAMERAS that the CCP employs are not on par with Nat Geo camera team photos that Night Walker compared to. Drew said we don't have clear footage of Bigfoot in this thread. Which I took to mean as clear as what any trail camera could provide. Because this is the medium by which the CCP employs. But we do have that from other sources..... So I view his statement as incorrect. If we are simply talking about trail camera clarity, we have a lot of photos and video to discuss.
  8. Then this thread is a moot point. A trail camera is not a Nat Geo film crew......
  9. What are you talking about? That bigfoot footage is going to be at the same level of clarity as any trail camera in the country. That was the bar Kitikaze set.....trail camera quality. Check. But you swoop in with Nat Geo quality photos for comparison....ok, you got me there!!!?? I think this life changing "clear" video or picture for the skeptic is hogwash. No matter what they will pick it apart. And the but, but, but youtubers think its a hoax or we do not know who shot the video is immaterial in this debate. We dont have any clear clear clearest of clear video of Bigfoot.......Because you guys play the nutshell game with yourselves. Which is WHY Im right and dmaker is dead wrong. Only a body will do.......
  10. Your not going to believe it exists until you witness otherwise or observe compelling trace evidence..... And we are not going to prove the creature exists until a body is brought in. The premise of this thread is moot. No trail cam photo, iPhone photo, video or drone video no matter how compelling is going to solve this mystery satisfactory for science. I can post video and photos up all day long and people can easily declare them frauds simply because such a creature does not exist. Its a chicken vs egg debate. And my second statement is the only defining moment in this subject that ends the debate conclusively.
  11. Do we have proof that Bigfoot and Unicorn like creatures once roamed the Earth. Yes we do. The only question then becomes extinct or extant.....and if extant, then where?