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  1. John is such an awesome person and the BFF provides such an awesome opportunity to discuss his work. FYI - the BFF is holding a fundraiser to help pay for the hosting server. if you are interested in donating, please see:
  2. Hello, Hairy Man


    Now that I've been elected to the steering committee, I would like to know what is expected of me. Is there a thread somewhere that outlines the duties of steering committee members?



    BC witness

    1. Hairy Man

      Hairy Man

      Yes, check out the pinned items in the Round Table. Your main duty to to review and vote on items presented to the SC, which has become less and less now that the Forum has been around awhile.

    2. BC witness

      BC witness


      Thanks for your reply, I'll look into that tonight.

      Sorry for the late response, I was in hospital from the 8th through today.

  3. The Coast to Coast show was on was Dec. 11, 2014. Meldrum called Standing his colleague and talked fondly of his association with the project. I then saw a news show the next day or maybe the day after that where they were interviewing Standing in Seattle about his movie. Standing gushed about being called Meldrum's colleague. Standing hasn't gone anywhere - he just got quiet for some reason.
  4. Yeah, except just a month or so after the 2014 Sasquatch Summit, Meldrum went on Coast-to-Coast and hyped Standing. Meldrum even called Standing his colleague. Not to mention the radio show Meldrum did with Standing most of the summer of 2014. IF Meldrum has distanced himself from Standing, he should publicly say so.
  5. LOL Bonehead74! The project tanked Wingman - it is no longer a project. Read some of NathanFooters posts. On a side note, I got to meet NathanFooter at the recent BeachFoot event and it was a complete delight. He is a very charming and articulate young man. Our community is definitely a better place due to him.
  6. And yes, he was on Finding Bigfoot with the same tooth. It is definately a fossil.
  7. I know Mike Rugg and saw the tooth a few years ago. Grover Krantz never saw the tooth. Dr. Meldrum examined it, but I don't recall him determining anything about it. It's still at the museum and Mike will gladly show it to you.
  8. I can certainly pass it on.
  9. Actually, no...we don't sit around and wait for them to come to us. We have folks who are expert trackers in the group, but we would love for Halfpenny to come on down!
  10. I only read a few pages of this thread, but it was enough. I should just say that I don't believe bigfoot is real - I know they are real. I saw them in Area X. If someone doesn't like it, tough luck. I simply don't care. That's more of what of a few of you should be doing. Ignore them - don't respond. Why anyone spends their time talking about something they don't believe in, I don't get. I certainly don't spend my very valuable time on a unicorn forum - but then again I like to feel productive at the end of the day.
  11. We haven't diluted our resources in Area X. The reason we "expanded" was to include the states we currently have members in. We want to encourage sighting reports to come in from those states so they can be investigated. It in no way impacts the resources available to Area X. Martin stated: Why then go to all of the expense (additonal tax reporting alone would be considerable) of becoming a 501c3 non-profit? Only reason I can think of, if your not getting donations, is to make members camping trips tax deductible... It’s neither expensive nor time consuming to be a 501c3. Several groups are 501c3 - I sit on the Board of one. The reason why we did it was to separate ourselves from other groups like the BFRO that were profiting from bigfooting by charging people for expeditions, selling merchandise, and generally not accountable to their members. The BFRO doesn't have any rules - its a whim on who becomes a member and when they are kicked out. A 501c3 has to have a purpose (like for education), bylaws, a Board of Directors, membership is voted on, the BOD is voted on and serve terms, there are regular meetings, no one can make a profit, etc. There are a host of very good reasons to be a 501c3.
  12. The NAWAC has never received a dime from Wally - where in the world did you even get that? There isn't even a rumor of Wally being involved with us. If Wally had given us $250,000 - we'd already be done with the deed. But as it sits, we scrape by with member dues and an occasional donation of very little. The Falcon project never got any money hence why it folded. Where in the world did you get a figure of $400,000 for Meldrum? Wally gave equipment to the BFRO - the cash went solely to Matt Moneymaker (and there is no way to know that total, so don't even bother). I know Wally bought the film rights to the "Squeeky" film, funded Melba's failed work, and supported Matt Moneymaker and the Olympic Project. Adrian Erickson spent money on the Pancake video/property (again associated with Matt Moneymaker). There is very little "money" going to serious researchers and groups. Most, if not all, goes to very few individuals. To me, this thread is pointless. There is simply no way to know the who's and/or the amounts - it will all be unfounded rumors. If people want to list amounts and who the donator was and to whom it went, it needs to be properly cited to source.
  13. All permits are Forest or Park specific. There are no state-wide permits. They will need a SUP to operate on any federal or state lands. If they are only on private lands, then only the FAA may apply.
  14. Nathan, I am not sure I understand what you mean by this. Being involved in a scientific endeavor from a out-of-state university does not release the project from having the proper permits to occupy and use federal or state lands. If this project will be held on National Park, National Forest or Bureau of Land Management lands, a Special Use Permit will likely be required. For example, no one can camp on FS lands for more than 14 consecutive days without a permit. I guarantee operating an air ship over a National Park or Forest will require a permit on top of whatever the FAA wants.
  15. This policy applies to commercial photos and films taken in Congressionally designated wilderness - it does not apply to recreational use or to websites such as the BFF or Facebook. All commercial use has always required a permit to operate on Federal lands - that's not new - it's been the policy for more than 30 years. This just specifically addresses such use in wilderness areas.