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  1. That was interesting!
  2. No problem MIB I didn't take it that way, all good here
  3. That's true I've not payed much attention to this thread lately. Thanks...
  4. So what am I missing? After watching the program last night on Discovery Channel Brian Sykes told Justin that the hair samples he tested are from a Bear. So where does that leave this whole story now?
  5. Great post Lee! I've been thinking the same thing, just wasn't able to put in a post as well as you did.
  6. i think he's just a good liar. I just don't see how so many people even give Richard Dyer or anything he say's any credit at all. I remember all the 2008 stuff. People like Rick Dyer don't turn over a new leaf! He is what he is.
  7. For the people jumping on the Dyer Train, You might want to pack a lunch. I think your going to be sitting on a siding for a long time!
  8. That's all i can say.
  9. If Rick Dyer shot a Bigfoot like he say's he did, don't you think that he would load that puppy up in his expedition and go to the closed news station and say, HEY you wont believe what I got, get the cameras I'm ready to give my interview and bring your checkbooks. Just think about it, He's a known Hoaxer...... Edit to not be so snarky...
  10. Maybe all the Hoaxers had a meeting and they made a bet as to who can get the most post about their discovery on the BFF.
  11. I give up, I'll take door # 2
  12. I wonder if that FLIR truck could be rented or leased, now that would be awesome to rent for a weekend. Probably expensive but if you had enough people paying it might not be to bad....