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  1. I voted doing great, and do think protecting the environment is always a good idea for BF and everybody else, I think they are such opportunists that they would survive regardless. Their reproduction rate may be too slow to sustain their niche, and like many other species on earth, may go extinct before any measure could help them.
  2. woodslore, at least you didn't shoot hot coffee out your nose. lol Skyla, another variation of the single bigfoot, (like they think it's like King Kong or Godzilla,) I was asked when they commented on all the sightings across the country, "well is bigfoot like Santa Claus or something?" And this was from an adult.
  3. Predator hunters also note that every coyote/bobcat has its crow/raven, but not every crow /raven has its coyote/bobcat. May even apply to bears/wolves and bigfoots. A symbiotic relationship, where the scavengers swoop down for any leftovers, as soon as the hunter has had his fill. Often noisily calling in the rest of the flock. Saftey in numbers I guess. I've also noticed them anouncing my presence, especially when I'm trying to be stealthy.
  4. It is evidence, but not proof. If the tests identify it as a known (feral) non-native primate, oh well. At least he has found something that few if any others have found in America. He's only presenting it as primate, not bigfoot. The possibility that it is, will be examined with the DNA tests. Maybe it is a juvenile that fell prey to an alligator.
  5. good luck, and take care LCB, we need you around here.
  6. If a logging truck, or hunter don't take one out first, my next bet would be a partially decomposed body found in a frozen glacier. Or similar to the wooly mammoths found in frozen thawing tundra. I'm sure in either case it would be examined at length by various scientific groups, declaring it a sub human, and debating how long it was frozen, etc. trying to prove it is prehistoric. It would probably be a long time before the general public learned any details. Just my dos centavos.
  7. I wonder why the above report (LCB's post 1542) seems to have been removed from the BFRO recent sightings data base. It was one of the more current ones for June. Then when they added some for July, this one dissapeared?!? It still appears when you look up by state, Montana, Yellowstone
  8. 100% for me too. Finding tracks on half a dozen occasions that were not bear tracks, sealed the deal. Then I had 3 seperate sightings within a 20 mile radius to confirm it. Like some others, I'm not sure what they are. I used to think an ape species, then 2 looked close to human. The third looked like a huge long haired gorilla. Maybe they were 2 subspecies or whatever. I'm 61 yrs. old, and have lived most of my life in rual/wilderness settings from Portland Oregon, to Minnesota, where I live now. I don't remember anything BF related until my first track find in the early 70's. Since my sightings, like SusieQ I was scared to be in the woods, and am just now starting to get out again. It's been around 10 yrs. now. It seems like there is a lull in activity, in my area now. Perhaps contributing to my sense of wellbeing returning.
  9. I liked it better when the scientists ignored us. LOL But really, did they submit any DNA to any of the samplings? Or are they going to publish their own peer reviewed journal? Lots of un-answered questions, and answers presented peicemeal causes red flags to flutter.
  10. The Redwoods, thanks for posting, and welcome to the forums. You may have bit off too much. Looking at some of the posts from the past would have shown you how information like this is handled here. Instead of cherry picking members to forward films or photos to, why not post them for everyone to see, and weigh merit on. Generally that type of evidence doesn't hold much weight anyway, with all the technical advances since the 60's. We also need more info, on your dedicated group of biologists. Will another of your group step forward to help verify? Also why hasn't anyone else heard of this group? I still find it hard to fathom that every possible habitat has been eradicated of BF, and verified as so.
  11. What led to their demise in 1987? and Couldn't there possibly be small pockets of survivors scattered in various wilderness area? It seems unlikely, that they were so closely monitored, that it can be substantiated they no longer exist with certainty.
  12. I took some photos of 2 tracks found in wet peat/mud next to our irrigation ditch. (a link to them is in BigTex's thread "in the Field") I was looking for bear tracks, due to some suspected bear activity, based on our dogs barking etc. I didn't find bear tracks, but did find these, with no claw marks. They measured 17.5" long, and 8.5" wide, five toes visible. They may have expanded slightly. I noticed they were about 2" deep in some spots, my own tracks in cowboy boots, and my rott/pyrenees cross dog sunk about 1.5". I was 200lbs. dog close to that. lol I also noticed that deer sink way deeper, probly due to less weight distribution on a smaller track.
  13. Thanks for sharing WesT, I know how you feel. Hopefully, with the popularity of the subject, another person who whitnessed your event may brave up, and share some more details.
  14. LOL, He used to drive a tow truck for a repo company, and frequently had PO'd clients up in his face. Especially over Harleys.
  15. A friend of mine who happens to be a BF skeptic, but knows of my interest in the subject, related to me that he saw what he at first thought were two children approx. 10 yrs. old wandering around the woods. This was early in the morning, just before daylight. His description of them, fit 2 white/albino juvenile BF. This scared him sensless, and he doesn't scare easy. He is easily over 300 lbs. and has violent confrontations regularly in his line of work.