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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. Absolutely agree with you Bobby, the skeptics in here relish needling the people they detest - being us - especially when these results only show that the hair samples submitted are not bigfoot and nothing more.
  3. Melba Ketchum Do to the wild rumors out on the internet. I felt it important to address a new rumor about a possible hoax. First we have never hoaxed anything as there is no need to. We have the proof we need in the science. I hope this helps everyone understand. One of the early reviewers asked for any and all references related to our subject matter. We neither agreed with nor endorsed any of those references used though Bindernagel's books are a good effort since at the time he didn't know the human element involved. It was not our choice to use any of them though. That ref was a testament to the idiocy surrounding not only the scientific bias against the existence of these "people" but also the request by reviewers for refs that we had not felt had any place in our manuscript and were not included originally. This same reviewer required the so-called folklore that is in the introduction. That also was not in the original manuscript
  4. I'm going to feel dirty for defending RD but maybe he was talking about Ed Smith and the Quantra hoax?
  5. Ronn, he posted this on FB just the other say and talked in the sense that he tried to reach out to Meldrum recently, not in 2009.
  6. I highly doubt FB/FB is in on the hoax, like I said earlier he's gullible and he served Dyer's purpose of a bigger platform. I feel bad for the guy because he does put his heart into his work but he should have really know better.
  7. Read somewhere on there FB/FB promised to shut down their page if this was a hoax. I almost feel bad for the guy because he really put his heart into these videos, but he was so **** gullible. Just about anyone could have hoaxed him.
  8. Yeah, you right guys, people buying into obvious hoaxes doesn't make the community look like idiots, what was I thinking?
  9. Sorry, with all due respect you're 100%the wrong, believing in Bigfoot like I do is not foolish, believing a well known con artist and hoaxer is. And hey, I hope I'm wrong and he has the body, but giving him the day of time over what he says hurts the BF community as a whole. We need to be better than this.
  10. You forgot to add Fantasyland.
  11. No, it's really kind of sad.
  12. But yet fools still buy into his crap, no offense to the fools here who do.
  13. 100 pages of dribble.
  14. Ahhhhh so they did embalm it, or at least that's what Dyer's script calls for.
  15. I listen to Part 1 but I ain't got the time to listen to Part 2, did Musky mentioned anything about its smell? Its always possible they sent it to a local pet groomer in the Las Vegas area before Musky arrived.