Poll: Do You Think BF has a Viable Population?

Poll: Do You Think BF has a Viable Population?   67 members have voted

  1. 1. I'm curious to see what members think about the status of BF as a species.

    • BF Does Not Exist. It Never Has.
    • BF Existed at Some Point but it has gone Extinct
    • BF Exists now but it is Endangered. Its population is so low that it probably won't make it.
    • BF Exists now and it is a viable species. It should survive if its habitat is protected
    • BF Exists now and it is doing Great. Its population is large enough.

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I bet my bottom dollar that if you polled the forty something people that voted that the population is maintaining or increasing, and asked them to exclude a state? They would have a hard time doing so.


What states haven't the Finding Bigfoot team NOT visited? 


I trucked back east....getting off the interstate was a nightmare! Even in rural areas.....because the little towns are five miles apart! And every one of them were 25 mph speed limits with some local yocal trying to speed trap you.


So how do these "viable breeding populations" get around without getting ran over? Or shot? Or struck by lightning in someone's driveway? The list goes on and to why IF they are THAT numerous we should have a body by now.


Ill go for the Everglades and the bayou and a few remote spots in the Appalachia. Sure. 200-300 animals......about the same as the wolverine population. Wolverines are endangered..... 


When we talk about a large VIABLE omnivore? Coast to Coast? Washington to Maine? A black bear comes to mind. Which is more like 300,000 animals......


I'll repeat myself again, something ain't jiving. And most of you do not see it. 


Anyhow Im trying to get my jabs in before tommorow when the poll closes. :)




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You might be getting your jabs in but when you're using "Finding Bigfoot" to back up what you're saying, I know you're capable of being on the ropes..;)


I don't know the answers to the questions, you know I don't.


I'll go, in no particular order and I may add to this, States that don't have viable breeding populations.


South Dakota

North Dakota (possibly)





Nevada (maybe the northern part, but don't know enough about it) 

Rhode Island



New Jersey


Thats nearly 25% of States crossed off there...;)


They may pass through these States, I wouldn't be surprised if they do, they might pass through to find areas that do have viable breeding populations maybe or other food sources.


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