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  1. Piled higher and deeper.
  2. Is there a bigfoot branch in Brazil? You know, where the nuts come from?
  3. Caution: Necro Poster At Work.
  4. I can offer appreciation for your candor.
  5. Nor do you bring up your size every or every other posting. My point stands. Truly dangerous people aren't the ones constantly mentioning it.
  6. One thing I've learned about truly dangerous people in this world is they don't need to tell you how dangerous they are.
  7. How fitting. ^^ Heh!
  8. Sad to see what's become of BFF. The alphabet soup has gone rotten. FU, DWA.
  9. An oft heard canard. Who here espouses the "I want it now" mentality?
  10. Don't think it pass the keep it clean in the Comedy section, haha !


    No automatic alt text available.

  11. DUDE! YOU ARE responding to a six year old posting, and the poster is long gone. He can't hear you, but you blather on, as if you're making a valid point and he gives a rat's arse.
  12. Hmm, Carl Sagan, respected scientist and spokesman, or Resurrection Man? Give me Sagan for a thousand, Alex!