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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. Salubrious is quite capable of closing a thread or issuing warnings and he hasn't had a real problem with the post being made, but I see WV Footer has stepped in and bitched about any reference to trolling.

  2. Trying to get use to the new forum layout ... kinda like the old one better.


    My question is what is a " reputation "?  I have gotten this message a couple of times with this new layout and I have not a clue as to what that means - do you know?



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      I'm pretty sure (its new to me too) the reputation thing has to do with how many posts have been plussed.

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      I'm totally lost. Can't find any threads or topics - just this "Activity" list.  Is there something I'm missing? And where is everyone? 

  3. You'll have time to get those three steps in so to get to the Ford. In 2003, I saw one of these things ..... until that time - I felt I needed to see one as well so to be totally convinced despite my having seen some really fresh tracks some 20 miles up Lake Harrison in September of 2000 that far exceeded the depth of my own footprints. The first reaction you will most likely have upon seeing one will be total surprise because as much as one thinks they may possibly see a Sasquatch while in the bush - they won't expect it to really happen. There certainly is no preparing one's self for the moment it happens. For that moment you will feel like you are frozen in time as you look at it in awe. Then, if like I did, you all of a sudden feel very small in the bigger picture of things as you start letting fear come into play. I was about 40 to 50 feet from my Jeep and while the subject was a distance away and even though I do not believe it ever saw me, my mind all of a sudden asked me what in the heck am I doing standing there and how I should get myself back into my vehicle. Then once in my vehicle - I sat there looking in the direction of what I had just witnessed and then fear told me to roll my window up. I soon reached a point that I locked my door and soon after that my mind told me to start my Jeep and get the heck out of there! Maybe I would have felt differently had someone of been with me, but we can't pick and choose when such an event may happen. And any prior thoughts of what I would do upon ever seeing one had flown out the window. I reacted and what I experienced came in short lived stages that I can still vividly recall.
  4. I was asked to read this thread and I have. I say let people look for the creature as they see fit. I don't understand why its so important to someone else to tell others how to utilize their time in the field. A researcher asked for opinions on how to better his efforts. I applaud those who responded by saying the project wasn't what they would do, but wished the best of luck to those who wish to try it anyway. I'll share a saying that i use in my signature ..... "A person who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the man doing it." In the end it most likely won't be a plan of action that resulted in anyone's success as much as it was that they were out there in the bush and ended up being at the right place at the right time. While this particular effort is not a technique I would be interested in doing - I say the best of luck to those who are at least trying by just being out there so to at least have a chance for an encounter. Bigfoothunter
  5. ^^ I still see them. Try emptying your cookies and see if that helps.
  6. ^^ You are correct. Thomas Steenburg says he was the one that first pointed it out to John Green years ago. I'll ask Thomas to post the Byrne book title and page references he was reading to me from yesterday when we spoke about that photo. I believe the photo was taken by Green or Dahinden. Regardless, it was used for three different track finds. All that was done was it had been reversed and flipped over to give an appearance that it was a different photo in each instance.
  7. I can see Byrne not knowing the rules, but when asked to disclose any other monies in other accounts .... who forgets having accounts that have as much as 85Gs in them. It appears that Byrne not only forgot about ever getting royalties, but he also forgot about asking Safari Press to send any future royalties to his girlfriend. The only relevancy of any of this is that its supportive of Byrne's possible intentional faking of track finds, which in turn may have given the false impression to financial backers that Peter had an edge that made him the 'go-to-guy' with their money for getting results in finding a Sasquatch.
  8. Actually, the IRS have audited me and the time they did, I actually had more deductions coming than what I originally thought, thus I erred in their favor. I think it may be to my red hair that I was always afraid to do something criminal as my description would certainly stand out in most any circumstance.
  9. I remember my father sometimes telling me about something I had done as a child while at the same time calling me by my brothers name. Because I knew who he was talking about - I seldom corrected him. Those things happen. I am at least happy that while I misstated the title of the piece I was referencing - the error was in plain view as I also posted the piece itself with the title right on it. (see above) I can only assume that no one else caught it at the time as no one corrected me or that they knew what I was talking about and just didn't care about the simple error. And while I am no saint, I cannot think of a time as an adult that I fabricated evidence for personal gain or committed fraud at a criminal level. And I do not wish Byrne any il-will and hope that he learns from his mistakes so to better himself. I do however confess that I do not appreciate hoaxers.
  10. I want to say that I have referenced a piece called 'Peter and the Rabbit' on several occasions, which is something I also read years ago, but the data mentioned in this thread should be said to have come in part from a piece called 'Peter and the Sasquatch'. I hope that my mis-wording of the title has not caused any confusion. Bigfoothunter
  11. It certainly doesn't help to have combined proven evidence of his hoaxing alleged Sasquatch related matters seen in conjunction with a more recent history of further deceptions that seems to have expanded its borders elsewhere over the past 20 years. It raises the question of what it is that he really has done vs. what he wanted people to believe that he has done.
  12. It's hard to accept Byrne as a tracker of Sasquatch when the alleged track finds he claimed to have made were little more than the same photo shown reversed and flipped over three different times. And while I believe the Sasquatch to be an animal, mainly because of it being seen as having eyeshine that is an animal characteristic and something humans do not possess, I wouldn't mind if it was something in between. However, after reading 'Peter and the Rabbit', along with this latest 20 year long fiasco, I doubt that there will be anything he can do now that will give him the last laugh on anything.
  13. ^^ I never thought that Byrne accomplished much of anything when in Nepal. He listened to some locals claim they had body parts of the Yeti, then he proceeded to have an alleged finger bone of a Yeti smuggled out of the country and later examined and tested. The results proved the bone wasn't from a Yeti ... as I believe it was found to be human. I am not a historian of Peter Byrne, but from what limited information I have learned over time is that he had a knack for raising money to hunt for Bigfoot, but my impression is that he fudged the truth when ever needed so to justify the funds he was looking for.
  14. steal stēl/ verb gerund or present participle: stealing 1. take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. "thieves stole her bicycle" synonyms: purloin, thieve, take, take for oneself, help oneself to, loot, pilfer, run off with, abscond with, carry off, shoplift; Seems a bit narrow sighted in my view to compare Patterson not taking his rented camera back on time to someone stealing from another party. Surely someone cannot seriously say that what Patterson did was to 'steal' by definition. After all, the next thing would be to say that anyone who says that posting on the PGF subject is creating a waste of forum bandwidth and yet that same person keeps posting on PGF matters and wasting more bandwidth, thus shouldn't be trusted for they will obviously say one thing and then do another.
  15. The matter is a simple one really as it had become known to some that Roger Patterson had been playing with the idea of doing a mini-documentary on himself as a Sasquatch hunter. Its since been established that Patterson only went to California when he did because of two independent invites to come and film the 560+ tracks seen on Blue Creek Mountain. That once Roger finally arrived at BCM and found the tracks were all but virtual mud, he and Gimlin spent the next several weeks riding horseback during the day looking for other tracks, as well as riding the dirt roads at night with Roger sitting atop of Bob's truck shining a light on the road trying to spot foot tracks that way. Has any skeptic not noticed that after three weeks of failing to find any new evidence and that once Roger stumbled upon the creature and got some footage of it, that the documentary fell to the wayside. The point being that had Roger of had this one of a kind suit and was going to get a film of it in action, then what was the point of his wasting all the time looking for evidence that he never had any intention of using once shooting an actual film of the alleged creature? The fact is that skeptics have not been able to offer a rational theory as to how Patterson was able to accomplish something that the best names in the costume business were not able to do. Wild theories of hand digging trackways and then troweling sandbars is just too far off the scale of common sense. It seems pretty obvious that the man was summoned to come to a place that had been having a lot of activity at that time and it was he and Bob's persistence of being on the hunt for tracks over the next several weeks that allowed them to get the film that they did. Once the film was obtained - the documentary idea was no longer of interest of Roger. One could say that the documentary he started died the very minute he and Bob came upon the creature.