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  1. Ahhhh ok of course. As a "self employed" it's always in my head. I forget that there's a world with paid vacation etc hahaha.
  2. A vexing obstacle in the search for sasquatch has been the inability to successfully extract and sequence DNA from hair samples attributed to sasquatch on the basis of their distinctive morphology. Recent headlines have expounded the discovery of DNA of the enigmatic Denisovan hominins using environmental DNA (eDNA) survey methods, despite the lack of any physical or trace evidence of Denisovans occupying the cave. The potential for application of eDNA methods to the sasquatch question is obvious.The key to successful results is identifying the appropriate sample site. Recently, members of the Olympic Project, a group of citizen scientist investigators in Washington state, became aware of multiple ground nests of distinctive construction, yielding hairs of an unknown hominoid. Expert opinion is that these unusual nest were not made by bears. This seemed to be an ideal situation for an eDNA survey. Read More -
  3. What are we at now, 15/20 posts on this thread by someone who admittedly hasn't listened nor has any interest in listening to the link podcast of what this thread is all about ? Way to go..
  4. Well put quite simply, don't ask anyone, or me specifically, any questions then if you haven't even got the decency to listen or read what is provided to you on a plate. It's not the first time neither Fella. You've got an extremely poor habit/character trait right there. Why would they do it ? Aside from mental illness, why would anyone spend a second around a subject that they firstly have no interest in and secondly don't even think exists ? People have been making extremely negative noises about this forum lately, and i completely understand why when it's membership consists of people who are clearly doing nothing but trolling witnesses etc and who bring absolutely nothing to the table of the subject in a positive sense. It's utter madness.
  5. It's so tough though Norse huh ? I don't mean to preach to the choir but you know better than anyone, time constraints, geographical constraints, financial constraints, it's not easy getting things going progressively. But i do still think it's possible..
  6. One needs to be popped, it's as simple as that, all the other stuff going on is just a load of fun and nothing more IMO. Nobody has the funds nor time outside of every day life to be able to make that happen though unfortunately.
  7. You need to get some of those candle things in your ears sharpish D, that was explained clearly in the update linked and previously.. This is the cool thing IMO, whether it's subject related or not, it would appear to be undocumented behavior from whatever species made them anyway which is very cool.
  8. Here's an update for those of you that are interested. 20 plus nests found, many woven uniquely, wildlife biologists been there saying no Bear, no Bird, two rocks found in the immediate vicinity that appear to have been hit on each other or hit on something, and the nests are allegedly identical to that of Gorilla's. Unfortunately it is not thought that anything subject related has been back to them for at least a year however. Enjoy..
  9. The connection was in what Night Walker wrote. He/She said the image from LFTBM was at the tart of the Mama BF video, hence a connection.. N=Not sure how you failed to work that out for you to be fair D, i only hd to look back over a page of posts to see it. Time consuming again, to clarify for someone else, when they easily cold have done it themselves.. Again...
  10. With modern society becoming more self absorbed and with more of a hunger for "now, now, now" by the second, a subject in which the average man/woman is some way behind in even getting close to will always breed frustration and eventually boredom with ultimately disinterest. That's modern human nature whether we like it or even believe it or not. Aside from that, MIB and JDL nail it.
  11. Me too..
  12. Absolutely. And a higher, extremely intelligent primate that is as in-tuned (sp?) with its environment as these things are ? Don't hold your breath waiting to bump in to one after creeping up on it.
  13. With you all the way, on everything bar the last sentence...;)