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  1. MIB, the source that made the claim was briefing a group with geneticists in the crowd, he showed the interrupted sequence in a slide, and then said something to the effect of, and here's the thing "everybody" knows, nobody can explain, and nobody's talking about publicly. The reaction from the crowd was an amused "Yeah, you're right". It was the crowd's reaction, and the sequence depicted on the slide that prevented me from dismissing it.
  2. I'll take it under consideration. I've seen claims, but haven't had the expertise or time to validate them to my satisfaction, that our DNA shows markers consistent with genetic engineering. I suppose, if one were to engineer one species for a particular purpose, as Sitchen proposed, then one might have a reason to engineer two and use them for different purposes, or retain the more fitting of the two.
  3. Non-evolutionary intervention? Enkidu?
  4. Hey FarArcher, I've developed a strong interest in the Advanced Ice Age Civilization hypothesis. There are a lot of things such as submerged ports along the US coast and various other things that suggest an intercontinental trade network once existed before sea levels rose. I suspect that the civilization, if it existed, originated in what is now the Americas and may well have been that of the large Native American race. If so, they were clearly more advanced than the Si-Teh-Cah, but the Si-Teh-Cah may have been a struggling remnant of a dying race. Edited to add: "If anyone caught a quick comment at the end of this before I deleted it, I thought I was responding to a text on my cell phone and it was merged with this post instead."
  5. I was driving on I-78 near its Western end about 2 am one night, headed back to Manhattan. I was very familiar with the route, driving to and from Cincinnati twice a month to see my son. This was about five or six years ago. Up ahead, one of the roadside signs (big green interstate sign with the white border) had something new attached to it on the upper left side, a pair of incredibly bright, incredibly red reflectors. It was near a dairy farm built along a stream on the South and a high, forested ridge to the North. I could see these reflectors from nearly half a mile away as I came down the slope toward the sign. They caught my attention because of their unusual brightness and, being an engineer, I was interested in the obviously new material being used that was so brightly reflective. There was no one behind me, but there was another car ahead of me, slowing down as it approached the sign, and from its lights I could see that there was a silhouette positioned behind the sign and realized that some rural folks had put up an elaborate practical joke. I could see that the two reflectors were "eyes" within the outline of a "head", that there were fingers from the silhouette's right hand grasping the left side of the sign a couple of feet below its head, fingers from its left hand grasping the top of the sign near its middle, and two legs below the sign, the silhouette's right leg slightly bent and alingned with the sign's left post, and the silhouette's left leg bent and positioned to the right as if braced against the slope. For all the world it looked like the silhouette of an eight and a half foot tall Bigfoot positioned as if hiding behind the sign, peering out and waiting for the right moment to dash across the road. I was chuckling and admiring the people who had crafted the joke when I realized that the guy ahead of me was slowing to a near stop as he came adjacent to the sign and I shifted my attention to him, preparing to change lanes to avoid him. Suddenly, as he was passing the sign, he swerved into and out of the left lane as if startled, putting me in reaction mode and I slowed down; then he accelerated rapidly enough that I didn't have to stop to avoid running into him. I shifted my attention back to the sign just in time to look at it as I passed. It wasn't a two-dimensional silhouette as I had assumed. It was three-dimensional and massive. And it turned its head to follow me with its eyes as I passed it.
  6. Welcome. Your expertise and experience are valued. I'm sure some will want to explore both the facts and assumptions underlying commonly accepted scientific positions in your field. With regard to bigfoot, I favor the hypothesis that they are near human and can interbreed with humans (based on Native American and other accounts) but, most importantly, from direct observation of their behavior and apparent intelligence. I expect that a Bigfoot skeleton may not be immediately distinguishable from an unusual human skeleton at first glance by someone who might not consider the possible existence of Bigfoot. Using the assumption that they are near human as a starting point, I would wonder what characteristics they might have retained/developed as the megafauna representative of our family tree. What bio mechanical adaptations would be required and which would be advantageous for a species that eschewed technology in favor of physical capabilities. I also have an interest in evidence of a large race of Native Americans in the past. My father was a geologist in Northern Nevada and in the 60's and 70's I had the opportunity to view several times naturally mummified remains of seven and eight foot tall Si-Teh-Cah skeletons recovered from various caves in Nevada, along with associated and distinctive stone, wood, and textile artifacts. The Bureau of Land Management has since taken possession of them. These people were still using the atlatl in a period when the bow had long been in use, presumably because available materials for bow construction could not withstand the stresses required of a proportionally large bow, and because the longer moment arm provided their longer arms gave them more power and distance with this weapon. I'm looking forward to your posts.
  7. I also think it probable that Bigfoot is already part of the known fossil record. My money is on the larger Heidelbergensis specimens. Wouldn't surprise me if there is a Bigfoot skeleton in the archives of a museum or university somewhere also.
  8. Interesting thread. I hope, in a couple of years, to make a meaningful investment. To what end, though, I probably won't decide until then. Heck, by then it may be moot.
  9. Nobody's opinion should be censored. It's our own choice whether or not to read/listen. That's the best measure of whether or not someone's opinion matters. I skip over ninety percent of his posts, along with those that seem to be solely directed at him. The arguments surrounding him don't interest me. Seems to me, though, that he stimulates more discussion instead of suppressing it. From the outside I see one guy backed into a corner and surrounded (and maybe he deserves it, can't say), and another guy trying to control who comes through the door (that's what bugs me). Dunno, maybe I'm part of the problem too.
  10. I'm not taking sides between hiflier and anyone else and, honestly, I almost never read any of DWA's posts (sorry guy). I couldn't even tell you what argument he is losing because I don't read most of the threads anymore. I simply object to hiflier's behavior when he starts lording it over other members. Recall his comments about weeding certain people/perspectives out of the forum. I know for a fact that some of the longstanding members refrain from posting simply because they don't care to interact with him. I, myself, would rather dialogue with an objective skeptic than a self-important proponent who runs from thread to thread like a Bantam rooster in a barnyard trying to control and direct something larger than himself. To paint the contrast, fewer people post now than before hiflier jumped in. So far as I can tell, DWA hasn't tried to weed out the forum or discourage anyone else from posting. I'd just like to see hiflier play nicer with others.
  11. He's not the one judging what does or does not "advance" the forum. Or what is allowed or disallowed, though it otherwise falls within forum guidelines.
  12. There you go again, hiflier, making yourself out to be forum boss. Gets old.
  13. There's no one-stop shop. The first thing a sincere scientific effort will have to do is identify sources of information and of evidence. The second is to identify any biases associated with each source. For example, does any group that collects reports discard those that do not agree with its own perception, such as those revealing Bigfoot aggression. Also, the influence of anticipated profit on the source has to be considered as a bias. Expectation of profit by a group may also determine which reports they put forward and which they do not. Third, the likelihood of hoaxed and mistaken information needs to be determined. The sincere investigation will need to develop an objective protocol to evaluate each source and each item. Fourth, the statistical consistency of the information collected needs to be evaluated and cross-referenced. The goal is to separate the baby from the bath water. I'll also point out that the one hoax that has most damaged sincere scientific investigation of Bigfoot was not Bigfoot related. It was Piltdown Man. This had a dramatic impact on the scientific community.
  14. This is really a question for those who haven't come face to face with one. If you have, then you understand that, for whatever reason they haven't been disclosed, it's not a matter of nonexistence.
  15. Everbody's opinion matters. Even hiflier's. But we each need to give everyone else enough room to express their own opinions. Something hiflier isn't very good about. If one is going to specialize in criticism, then you'd think they could handle a critical comment without outrage.