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  1. I think OS is referring to the fact that Disotell has not figured out that bigfoot is not just a normal animal--bigfoot has been created by aliens. This is OS's theory about bigfoot.
  2. Agreed. I just think that marker would have been a long time ago. Far too long to even be a real possibility.
  3. Agreed. However the credentialed proponents are doing nothing, peer review wise.
  4. I was talking about the fake trail cam prank by a university in Alberta, wasn't it? He described the audio as sounds "no other animal in North America makes." It was fun.
  5. You didn't do so well a couple of April Fools Day ago. Meldrum did not fare so well with snow walker, either. Just to name a couple...
  6. Shouldn't be that hard then, right? 1 out of thousands? Go ahead and do so, then.
  7. My mistake. Please continue.
  8. Wasn't there a famous report from NWT that ended up (no pun intended) being a moose behind?
  9. Because there is no such thing as a bigfoot?
  10. Of course. I know where you are going with this. I understand that many sciences must rely on observation and description. I get that. Biology, or zoology, insofar as classifying an 8 foot ape, of which there are reportedly thousands, does not qualify as one.
  11. Reviving old threads to add something unique or new is one thing, but to say the same exact thing in every single, bingle, dingle, zingle, I worship Bindernagle-ingle, thing in every one? That is a whole new level of obnoxious.
  12. What is the mainstream scientific community consensus on alien engineered bigfoots? You seem reluctant to explore your alien theory lately. You like to wade into threads wagging your finger about evidence and logic and science while ignoring the big "I think aliens created bigfoot" hat you're wearing.
  13. I give up For the sake of my sanity, and forum expediency, I have saved two of my responses in this thread. One deals with falsifiability, the other with how my opinion is only my opinion. I will likely just copy paste them going forward since they both cover my thoughts on this whole phenomenon in general. It's not that I think my thoughts are worthy of posterity, but I simply cannot keep typing the same thing over and over again. The energy required does not merit it.
  14. Half true. The reports are unfalsifiable simply because logic dictates such. Opinions, one way or the other, do not matter.
  15. Whoah, there. I have never said that my personal determination equates to reality. That would be wholly wrong on my part. I am not,obviously, omniscient. I personally believe the evidence points to a social construct. That is my opinion, and provisional conclusion. It is not, however, a pronouncement on reality, nor is it, immutable. I'd love for bigfoot to be real. I think watching the post discovery documentary that introduces bigfoot to the world would be the most fascinating event of my generation. I would love that. But my opinion is my opinion. If asked how I arrived at that opinion, I will continue to point to the lack of evidence. When my opinion is weakly confronted with a mountain of circumstantial, or anecdotal, evidence, I will continue to maintain my current position. But it is only my position. I believe it to be the correct position, given the current state of evidence, but please understand, I am not the arbiter of reality, obviously. If bigfoot is real, then obviously I am mistaken. I have no problem admitting that. Why would I? As much as I would love bigfoot to be real, I simply cannot supplant reality with fantasy. And at this point, I believe there is more evidence that bigfoot is fantasy than there is that bigfoot is real. A disappointing conclusion to be sure, but it's one in which I feel confident. I'd love to be proven wrong.