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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. I wish they were online.. Cheers!
  2. Hah! Found these two board games online, and thought I'd post it for those not in the know. Has anyone played either of these before? Hope y'all enjoy Must Have Board Games For Any True Bigfoot Fan! Cheers!
  3. I see trees & foliage when I look at it. There could be more, but it turns into pareidolia at that point.. Cheers!
  4. A size comparison chart for those who are more visual like myself..
  5. DWA, Not saying the bigger ones can't/don't climb up in trees- just saying that the trees big enough to support an 800+/- pound squatch aren't around everywhere there are sightings. The juvenile squatches can climb up anything they want, but bigger ones would be more limited to trees that are larger in diameter, and can hold all that weight IMO. Especially if you have more than one climbing up the same tree at the same time. Also, adult silver backs in the wild rarely get over 500 pounds. I'm not exactly sure of how heavy larger adult sasquatches get, but from reports I'd be willing to guess that it's anywhere from 600-1,000 pounds (Huge). Cheers
  6. I agree with what Art said about the younger lighter ones using the trees more frequently than the full grown adults. Also, we have to keep in mind that it all depends on how big the trees are in the location of interest- if there are any trees at all that is. Great posts- thanks for sharing..
  7. I do believe it could very well be because of several of the theories already brought up by previous posters (people might be less likely to visit state & federal parks if the existence of bigfoot was scientifically proven, shows us the government is not in control & is vulnerable, etc..). Another one of the theories (as out there as it may seem) is that it would tell us more about our own human origins, and the possibility that we may be aliens to some degree ourselves. The link below is to a presentation (it's a little long, not the best quality, but well worth the watch- IMO) that Llyod Pie did several years ago, and several of the points he brings up are very interesting to say the least, and make you really rethink about what's really going on. http://youtu.be/pe6DN1OoxjE Cheers!
  8. Interesting read- he's the link.. http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phase_hunting.phtml
  9. Just like there are humans out there who've done some pretty horrific things- I'm sure some Sasquatches do these types of things as well. Not all of them are bad, but I do believe there are some bad bigfoot apples out there.. JMO
  10. Are we talking about "as the crow flies", or the true "by land/water" distance? It can be quite hilly where these so called squatches reside..
  11. No one knows if it's truly reflective, or glowing from within somehow, but if it were from with in- it could be something in the eyes that charges/absorbs light at any given time it comes near it. Kind of like these, and then stays light? for several hours after.?? Just a thought...
  12. All above posts ^^^ basically sum up why I believe they exist. What drives me up the wall sometimes is when you have all this evidence and encounters, but most people still write it off. It's almost as though they don't want them to exist because of the fear it would bring them. Well, whether or not they believe- I think they'll all be in for a big hairy surprise in the future..
  13. I agreed with everything you said about assaulting another with no regard, but we differ on the whole bear dominates the sasquatch thing. Good post though..
  14. Squatch likes what Bobo likes- that's a fact. Last time I saw Bobo hiking with kids, I don't remember the scene where he's eating one of them... : P
  15. I'd have to go with D). All of the above. (menacing shadow, calculating predator, and playful Sasquatch). If we as humans have so many different moods, personalities, etc. why wouldn't it be possible, even probable for these very closely related beings to have fairly similar characteristics. (One day I'm stalking somebody walking home from school, next I'm flushing out a group of deer so my siblings can pounce on the unsuspecting singled out one, and finally I'm playing googly eyes with a 3 year old girl through her window). Ahhh.. The life of a Squatch...