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  1. An idiot, or worse (but why go there, she said to herself, as sternly as she could). And that "unknow" thing just fell out of my mouth, but my subconscious stole it from Sasfooty: Yeah, I don't even know now why I thought that part of what I said was important to say. You made it pretty clear you already knew about all the exceptions. :-) And I actually agree with you a gazillion percent that being out there as much as possible is the surest way to get the contact we want (or, for some of us, the contact we don't want).
  2. "And boy I feel your pain. Ok, not, but boy I *see* it." I laughed, but I do think there are many paths to truth..... I do not have a lifelong interest in animals and the outdoors. I have had an interest in spiritual things for a long time now, though, and the BF are great teachers in that arena. But because of the BF, who pulled me out into the woods, I have a new awareness of what's out there in the natural world, and I want to be in that world more often now, regardless of who I meet there. I think what Mulder (the OP) said about liking debate was interesting. I have always thought that love of "debate" was just something the pretend skeptics (not the true ones) had to fall back on as a justification for their presence here. It seemed clear to me that a knower (like Mulder) would be here for very different reasons -- to push forward that day when they were "vindicated" (as Mulder said was a motivator for him, but was never an issue for me); to kind of boast about their new knowledge (which I'm sad to say probably WAS more of an issue for me); or just to share the information they now had (which was part of my motivation, in addition to ego). Debate for debate's sake didn't seem like a very worthy thing, to me. But the spiritual lessons that the BF teach (like the spiritual lessons that all beings and situations teach) maybe show that debate -- even about things that, to me, are not debatable (I cannot unknow what I know to please someone who doesn't know) -- is not so bad, after all. The main lesson the BF (and all beings/situations) are here to teach is really about the paradox I talked about recently in another thread (and always talk about): that we are at one and the same time sovereign, unique beings, and connected to all other beings. And we don't "connect" well. We feel we've connected only when we "win"; when we dominate. But no one person is ever supposed to dominate. We are only meant to talk to each other, which is a way (although only one of many) to express, to honor, that underlying connection we all have. So now, more than ever, I appreciate what drove Mulder to "debate" here and wish he -- or she? -- were still here to do it. I think he/she was right: "resolution" is not the point. Talking is. Connecting is. (And being respectful while doing it.)
  3. Me, too! Reading some of the old threads is fun.
  4. Wow, Far Archer. A tiger.... I can't even.... I can't fathom what that would feel like. How people do (and survive) such things is beyond amazing to me. But I'm not a guy, so I don't have any of the mental training boys get to start getting their heads around things like this. And yes, no hurry. I was just making a prediction, based on what I know of you from your postings, that that day will come. This is absolutely true. Knowledge is power. When you know that there's a possibility you'll encounter a Bigfoot in the woods, you can prepare a little, mentally. And when you know that there is no danger from them (which there isn't -- unless you go looking to harm one, and then the odds of you getting out unscathed drop a little -- but even then, not much) -- anyway, as I say, when you know that there's no danger from them, you can put your heart and mind in "greeting mode", in connection mode. This putting of your heart in connection mode will ground you and reassure them. And then your FTF will be much easier. But it will still be hard, I hear (and as Far Archer -- and others who are brave and good people -- can attest to). (I had my first full-body daylight sighting in October, but it was from 100+ yards away, so it was definitely not scary.) I have very experienced friends with very loving hearts and deep insight who all promised me that seeing one up close would shake me to my core (and told me not to get too upset about that; to kind of accept the experience and let it "pass", so to speak). Knowing how many people have been able to get past their own fears and forge strong bonds with our strong cousins has been hugely, incalculably valuable to me in my own adventures. Because of them -- because of that knowledge I got from them -- I have been able to set my intentions and discipline my own mind to expect nothing but good from them. And that's what I've gotten: Lovely experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. So it's all about intention and discipline. You just do your best to discipline your mind to not fly off into fear -- and, even better, open your heart to them -- and that makes great things (all things, really) possible.
  5. My guess is you won't feel that way at some point down the line. But fer shur, they're all those things you mention.
  6. I agree. A very knowing person. I'm really impressed with some of the entries here. Makes me feel good to see what some have said here.
  7. Great observations.
  8. Bravo, Yuchi1. And I am so sorry it's taken me a while to chime in. Sometimes the ugliness pops up with such force here that it knocks the wind out of me, and I can't speak. And then when I try to speak, I find the ugliness has triggered a matching ugliness in me. It took at least a day to find a better response. So now that I've recovered a little, I just want to say that I have loved hearing your story and learning about your journey. You have chosen a path that, clearly, few people here (or anywhere) are able to follow. (Most cave to the barking of those dogs you mentioned.) I am in awe of your strength and clarity, as I am of Far Archer's and Branco's. Thanks for shining the light for the rest of us.
  9. You have proof FA is LT? Evidence? Wow, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time; thanks for that, Incorrigible. I’ve blocked you, so I wouldn't have seen what you’d written if it hadn’t been for Yuchi1’s response – so thanks to Yuchi1, also!!!!! As far as I know, Far Archer thinks it would be okay to kill a Bigfoot, and I do not. Every post I write – excepting the occasional shout-out to someone -- is intended either to help someone turn their recurring encounters into a relationship, or to point out to the monster-lovers that Bigfoot is just a big Rorschach test, and that anyone who sees a “monster” in a Bigfoot is revealing to the world the monster inside THEM. Far Archer talks a lot about military matters and scientific things, neither of which I know anything about. So yeah, except for those things, we’re identical! Far Archer, I do want to say that I really admire your intelligence, your courage, and your integrity. Our hairy brethren love all those things, and if you become interested in engaging them as an equal who means them no harm, I have no doubt you’ll start to have experiences that way surpass the ones you’ve had so far, as amazing as those have been. And they have been amazing, and I’ve loved reading about them. (And if you’ve already started to go that route, my apologies; I don’t keep up with this forum in the way I used to.) And hello to Yuchi1. It’s always good to see you here!!!!! I always feel more encouraged and more hopeful when I see a new post from you. Oh, and same to DWA, JDL, and Branco!
  10. Congrats, LCB! How fun, to get still more confirmation that they're still there.
  11. Amen, DWA. That's the kind of attitude that gets traction. I truly hope you get those opportunities to learn more of what you want to learn (and with that mindset, you will).
  12. Looking forward to your audio, JKH! (If you post it, that is.) And that's a bummer about your recorder. Hope it comes back to life. Happy travels!
  13. Nice work, DWA! And good post, 7.62. That attitude bothers me, too. You don't have to worry about the "frauds", though. The people who want to cover up the existence of Bigfoot love, love, love for us to get distracted by the "frauds". Stand firm against those people and ignore any temptation to bad-mouth anybody, no matter how "bad" they may seem. That frenzy of finger-pointing and "fraud-hunting" only feeds into the agenda of those who want to obscure the truth. Those people WANT you to finger-point, so that you will help to create an atmosphere of fear and distrust, so that everyone will be afraid to speak -- including people who know the truth (or at least, a piece of it). If we want the truth, we have to learn to stop shouting people down. We don't need the Crusaders Against Fraud to "protect" us from harm. We need to do our own due diligence and our own research, and everything will be fine. And by "do our own research", I mean, trust our own instincts about what other people say. If you like someone, like them! If you don't like them, don't like them. And if you're still not sure, keep reading and watching until you ARE sure. Or, best of all, go out in the woods and find out for yourself.
  14. ioyza, your pictures are really fantastic, and your attitude about the BF is great. I bet you have some fun times ahead of you. And it will be interesting if you ever do get any more information about the structure with the zip ties, especially. The BF do have a sense of humor, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if one of them thought, "This'll get 'em but good..." The enormous number of zip ties could be a colossal tease, as in, "We KNOW you think we don't know how to acquire (and use) these....... But we certainly DO know how to use these, so it will be really funny -- to US -- if you say, 'Look at ALL those zip ties -- this certainly CANNOT have been made by a BF!'" But some hairless humans have a good sense of humor, too. And they could be making the exact same point. ("You think you know, but you don't.") Really looking forward to what you find out about this (if you are, in fact, able to find anything out). (The sad thing is that, if the creator of this thing IS a BF -- meaning, no human comes forward to claim authorship of it -- some "official" may decide that The People must be protected at all costs and make up a story about the origins of the structure; that is, make up a story about a hairless human "artist" being responsible for creating it.)