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  1. Having some fear is not only healthy, but also a smart thing to have in this hobby.
  2. If it's a tree structure that is supposed to be a shelter I don't put nothing into them being made by bigfoot for a couple reasons. One is in all these years I've not yet heard of any hair, scat, ect found in one. If a bigfoot ocuppied it there would all of that easily found even if vacated for a long time. I along with most everyone else here has built these ourselves at some point in our lives. I've also belonged to an Appalachian group on facebook and homestead groups and off grid groups, I can't count all the times I've seen grandma or dad post pictues of kids who had just built a shelter or small teepee, ect long camping in one of the many huge parks along the Appalachian trail, or way out in the boonies on their homestead property. Every time I'm like, bet I'll see this one again in a couple of years on some Bigfoot facebook page as a Bigfoot made shelter. Other type stick structures such as broken tree tops, X's, and bent tree's, ect I do believe Bigfoot makes them.
  3. It's a great idea to shoot as many rounds as possible with a new gun. I have several full size 1911's of different brands that I don't shoot due some are relics and some I just have as I like to collect old relic guns in good condition. That is why I chose Kimbers as my main ones. Both my full size upper end models have over a thousand rounds in them and one misfire between the two. My carry is a ultra carry Kimber 45 and I got around 800 rounds in it with only one jam. It was a cheaper ammo as all my active shooting guns I try all kinds of brands in them to see what happens. I have a favorite brand for my self defense rounds and practice rounds but I try numerous brands during the burn in period on them. Kimber has my pick for best tolerances in a 45 that I've personally tried. I've shot some brands I don't own so can't really say anything about those as several clips doesn't give me an opinion on them. Same goes for my rifles for burn in rounds. Shooting a lot of rounds with a new gun makes it a lot smoother and you really get to learn how the gun works. The only thing about a Kimber is you need the little pin, or a paper clip to take it down. Thing is with a 1911 is go very sparsely on the oil and never over lubricate one. I also have the crimson green laser grip on my ultra carry. I would suggest getting one with the green laser. On the subject of them jamming at the wrong time, this is why I sometimes carry two 1911's. The main reason is I'm only 5'6" and skinny, it balances the weight of the other one out. 1911's aren't exactly light.
  4. Was joking about the tripping part. That's a long running joke around the campfires. No one in our group is trigger happy and no one even talks about it. I feel if I ever would need a reason to pull one it would be in one of the way too many local Walmart parking lots, and not in the woods against a Bigfoot.
  5. Of course you're going to a visual and time to properly use it. If you're just walking down a trail, and Bigfoot grabs you from around a tree, or you surprise a cougar in close quarters you're crap out of luck no matter what type of gun you have. Gotta keep those guns clean and in order. I shoot mine quite often and keep them in perfect working order and shape. I do travel in groups when on Bigfoot stuff out in the woods. So I won't be the first one grabbed. I have developed a secret strategy unknown to the rest of my group, where I always put myself in the middle of the group. This way if something happens, I can either acquire time to have my gun ready, or trip the nearest person in front of me or behind me depending on which way we gotta run.
  6. Not unless I related our very first encounter with you in a private message. I know I told it to couple of people on here. Back in 88 we didn't even know what Bigfoot was only what was told on tv and the patterson film. It was never seen and pot shots were taken.
  7. I carry mine simply for rabid coons and rabid people I might encounter out in the woods or at the local grocery parking lot... If possible I would try for upper face shot, neck, ect shot with the 45 on a Bigfoot. I would like to carry a 50cal but since I'm only 5'6" and my 45 almost tips me over it's so heavy when wearing it. And anything much bigger than a 45 is going to put you at a disadvantage anyways. But lot of times when in the woods I also have my AR10, and it will drop what ever I shoot with it including Bigfoot. Hopefully if I ever have to shoot at one again I'll have my AR10 with me.
  8. Sweet gun. My favorite 45 maker so far. Have two full size Kimbers in my collection and my daily carry is my Kimber ultra carry 45acp... Not cheap but worth it.
  9. Wouldn't you think Bigfoot might have a more developed mental abilities going on than a regular known ape? I'm just asking because I don't humanize them but I do think they are more mentally developed than a regular ape.
  10. The guy who disappeared along with another person, started walking down the road by themselves. Which is clearly shown in the videos. Yes, there were some worried about them and spoke of it. The lady talking was scared. They weren't walking up and down a slightly steep hill in the middle of the night with no lights and even then, they wouldn't if they had lights they wouldn't because they are smart enough to not hurt themselves pulling some prank in the dark. As in the video, this was a camp out. During the course of the camp out, some nights were spent driving down some old roads in this state forest. The day time was spent hiking all day long in area we camped in. Also got in some gold panning and trout fishing. There was probably six or seven more videos made of the day time stuff. Thanks for the observation and assumptions though.
  11. You forgot the part where I said I don't care. I've been careful to keep my name out of this stuff for almost 30 years now. If I/we were going to prank, I'd be doing it for fame and fortune, but instead I keep in the background and do my craft. However some in this video likes their names out there. To each their own. I go as far as most of the time I won't even let my name be mentioned in our videos or on podcasts. That's the way I like it. But you're saying that an entire group of people were just putting on a prank show for what ever reason. None of us has made any money doing this. In fact we spend huge amounts of personal money doing this. If we were going to prank, we would have idiots running around in suits like everyone else. Instead we just put out what actually happens on a rare chance. Lot of our videos are boring as it's analysis work, and not encounters but when we do have an encounter we will post it the best we way we know how. Plainly and truthfully as it happened. Our group has a great reputation for analysis work, above all we would never ruin our reputation for some prank. So sorry for you that some people actually does research and has encounters on a rare night, but that's how it happens in the real world and not on some forum. And quit with the liar thing, I've already explained that to you.
  12. They can swim. Have a family member that watched one swimming and playing in a pond for over an hour. In the 70's when I was young kid, we always fished since we lived on the lake. My parents would take us to drive in movies every weekend back then. One weekend we also Creature from Black Lake. I loved those movies but the opening seen in Creature, when the arm comes up and drags that guy out of the flat bottom boat, I wouldn't go fishing for months after that. I'm a serious tournament bass angler here and to this day I'm always just looking in the water for that stuff lol. Just something always in the back of my mind that arm reaching up and grabbing that guy. But too many reports of them being seen swimming or just in the water to not assume they swim. Maybe like humans, some learn how to swim and some never learn how. I don't think they all know how to swim but some sure do.
  13. This is calling someone a liar, whether you used the word or not. And you did it again in your last post. Looks like you never read the rules of this forum. But seeing you can't even accept some help in your journey, and you really do need help, I see no point in even conversing with you anymore. You're one of the reasons this forum is dead in the water. Never once have you offered anything constructive, even as a skeptic. I find it funny that people even respond to you on this forum.. See ya later.............
  14. I expect no less from a person like yourself on a public forum. You must really be a pathetic person to non stop cry all day long on a forum trying to dispute everything every other member says. Maybe if you actually went out into the woods, and I'm not talking about your backyard like you are accustomed to, you might actually learn a few things that sitting all day on a forum being jealous is not going to teach you... I don't even know where you live, but if any where in the southeast, I'm going to publicly on this forum, invite you to one of our private camping trips. You might even have a good time, and I can assure you'll learn a few things to help you come out of your shell.... I don't care if people call me a liar on a public forum. It is a public forum where anyone can say what they want but in real life it doesn't work that way, I think you really need to experience a few things for yourself and then maybe you could become more reliable when you speak. No more banter about these videos, because even as a skeptic you've lost that credibility.
  15. You gotta watch the videos to know, but I'm guessing to a skeptic like you, absolutely nothing.