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  1. It would be very interesting to know if some of the reported sightings from a certain area could be of the same creature.
  2. ^^ I looked up a wind chill chart which had the temp's and wind speed in increments of 5. I don't know for sure but I would think there would be some wind blowing in later December in No. Dakota but to be on the conservative side: Wind speed of 5mph, 35 degrees feels like 31, 30 deg. feels like 25. Wind speed of 10mph, 35 deg. feels like 27, 30 deg. feels like 21. Wind speed of 20mph, 35 deg. feels like 24, 30 deg. feels like 17. Aren't the prairies known for the wind blowing a lot?
  3. Noresman, to me those kind of temperatures, plus that far of a distance would rule out a human.
  4. How cold does it get around Christmas in North Dakota? When you imagine how long it would take to walk 7 miles in the snow, I can't imagine any human walking that distance in below freezing temperatures. This thought occurred to me: If the trackway was made by a human, after making a 7 mile trackway, wouldn't the person then have had to walk another 7 miles back to their starting point, presumably their vehicle to go home?
  5. Redbone, I tip my hat to you; you've put in a lot of work. When looking at the look at the southern states on the Google map, notice how sparse Mississippi is compared to the states all around it.
  6. I saw Dr. Ferenbach on a Bigfoot TV show years ago where he talked about his study of about 700 supposed Bigfoot tracks. It was exactly as you said; the graph he showed of the track sizes formed a bell curve which he said indicated the tracks were from a real, living species.
  7. An obvious question is: If the creature does not exist because we have no body, then what is making all these tracks that have been discovered? Tracks that can't be simply brushed aside as human made. Especially these long trackways; I feel the more fake tracks someone tries to make in some particular spot, the greater the odds they will give themselves away. And if the creature does not exist, what are these thousands of people that have reported seeing something hair covered (with the hair color varying among the reports), the head having somewhat of a crest on the top in some reports, walked on two legs and had arms unusually long, of upper body width much wider than normal human size; what are they seeing if it's not a Sasquatch and they're not all lying. Norseman, you mentioned ".. I'm sure there are very good remote areas where humans just don't venture into often." I know I've mentioned this a few times before but the Mt. Baldy, MT track report posted by DWA in the "5 Most Compelling Pieces of Evidence" thread are an excellent example of this. The trackway was 15 miles from the nearest road in a very remote area and if those weren't real Sasquatch tracks, I'll eat my shirt for lunch tomorrow.
  8. Mike, under the "reports may be due to" part, could you elaborate more on number 3? You have some good points worth further discussion; such as "fraud" reports, patterns, plus others.
  9. I tend to think the same, (not that my opinion means anything). Sasquatch has been described many times as having unusually long arms and numerous times as having a sagittal crest on the head, or the beginning of one that people have noticed. Aren't these prominent ape like features, rather than bear type features?
  10. I listened again to the interview of Johnny French and early on the interviewer does say "Pegasus" pretty clearly. Although after listening again to Mr. French, he does say "Pecos". My guess would be the interviewer is correct with "Pegasus" and maybe Mr. French just wasn't remembering the group's name completely correct. During the interview Mr. French seemed pretty reluctant to say a whole lot.
  11. I could be wrong but it sounded to me like Mr. French was saying "Pecos" group. I tried listening close a couple of times and watched his lips and it seemed like he said 'Pecos". I could be wrong though.
  12. hiflier, thanks for posting this; the story is a strange one. Did the government consider Bigfoot a threat to national security? I watched the interview with Johnny French and one thing I wish the interviwer would have asked him was what was different about the creature Mr. French himself saw. And also what was different about the original video compared to the reurned video. I realize Mr. French was only 14 at the time but apparently he remembered enough to know there were obvious differences.
  13. If there was anything about the figure that looked realistic, I must have missed it. At the 36 second mark, when the person turns toward the camera, notice that bright, whitish color that shows on the face/forehead? It makes you wonder what they paid for the suit.
  14. I would think RP looked at track casts as supporting evidence that they filmed a real Sasquatch. Roger and Bob G. could see that they themselves left little impression on the ground around the figure's tracks while the tracks left by the figure were much, much deeper. I think I've read the tracks were from 1 & 1/4 in. to 1& 1/2 inches in depth. One way to look at the casts; if the tracks were faked, would RP still cast them? I highly doubt Roger and Bob G. had the in depth knowledge of the characteristics of a Sasquatch footprint. If Roger was making a hoax film, he could just as easily have gone to a location where the ground wouldn't show any tracks. That way he wouldn't have any casts that could potentially undermine the film. To summarize; the casts were supporting evidence.
  15. Good question. If they want people to believe what they say they witnessed, they should have sent them in. Surely they could have been posted with the report even if it was later on. A picture of the elk showing all of it's wounds would have helped too.