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  1. I sure would have thought so as well.
  2. lol yeah it's one of the few perks of working for the man vs. being the man.
  3. That's correct OS, but each new sample brought to the table should bring new hope/opportunity . If not, science/interest is discouraged. Eventually there will be that piece of "tipping point" evidence that puts this theory into the limelight. It may be a body, or it may be nests that result in primate hair samples. If it truly exists, eventually there will be a marker that cannot be ignored.
  4. Personally because I only go out for a week at a time I'm on paid vacation time, without a an exception to the rules which can happen in my company I could get two weeks paid off. For a whole month I'd be doing 2 paid and 2 unpaid unless I asked for an exception to the rules. So yes, the loss of earnings could jump the numbers considerably.
  5. Easy Gig, we just got warned by some dude to attack the argument, not the person! Jk
  6. When I go in the woods for a week, I usually spend about 250 - 300 a week. That is just to camp and enjoy. No equipment to document or record other than an ipad or iphone. Most of that is beer money btw. I'm game !!! lol
  7. Every now and then a lot of us need the reminder that we should all act as adults. Being guilty of this myself, thanks for the reminder.
  8. Are you disparaging the work of NAWAC? You don't think they have as much time in the field looking as a science teacher alone doing it in his spare time? They were only there approximately 2 weeks, half a century later and we don't have even 2 weeks of field work yet?
  9. Maybe bigfoot is a true to life Wookie.
  10. Im just trying to grasp some of the words in your post lol
  11. It sure does. Belief or not, most fun loving people are down for a good ol' snipe hunt when camping.
  12. Very much so. I don't "hunt" BF but I camp as often as I can and keep alert. I'm having a great time every time I'm blanked on an outing.
  13. Failing really badly? That's kind of a joke when compared to the proponents camp. We have yet to provide any rock solid evidence to date and ZERO PROOF. We have 50 years since the PGF and a pile of reports, AWESOME!!! With my belief in BF, obviously I believe this is a proverbial "race" that can be won, yet currently, skeptics are running 5 feet in front of us, backwards, with a grin.
  14. ^^ I've read that report and watched that very news clip. Sounded good to me, threw it on the PILE of evidence. That's right kiddos every single dingle wingle bit of it, UNDENIABLE. SCIEEEEENCE!!!!