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  1. What struck me about the story is I look for statements that sound off . For example it first sounds like the person is a gun owner , a hunter and has basic knowledge firearms in one sentence . Then he sounds like a Typical news reporter who has no knowledge of firearms making statements about a shooting.
  2. And when it happens most are shocked , scared or start to doubt their eyes in what they just saw . That would be a common reaction from most people. That's why it's mostly eye witness testimony . My friend said he froze and he was actively looking for what was causing the things near his home.
  3. Yup It would take a few people but everyone would have their position or job .
  4. Some where in around 700 million acres of forest?. That's a lot of dense brush and forest to cover.
  5. Yea, I have been to the cape and it is very populated as is most of eastern mass. NE CT is also very populated yet reports persist. CT is populated in the cities but we have a lot of forest also. Just down the road from me is 30,000 acre forest and that's just one of many in CT
  6. Never mind proving it to anyone. I would be happy if I could just see one and if I was able to capture it on video at the same time all the better .
  7. Do you have evidence that studies and research papers were not presented for peer reviews ? In order for this to happen both parties have to be willing. Most scientists in wild life biology either don't believe in bigfoot so they dismiss any type of research presented . Or they might have a leaning that it could be possible but keep it to themselves . You don't find that the case?
  8. roger that
  9. So after a time of inactivity by a member the user name changes to guest ? Do you have to post to stay active or can you just stay logged in and just read ?
  10. I know some members say they have seen one , I never have. The reference I can use if I would be scared is a person I know that I believe has seen one very close up at night . He hit it's face with the beam of a flashlight . He told me he had never felt that kind of fear before . It didn't chase him or advance on him but he said the encounter changed him for ever.
  11. I responded to a specific situation and post of being in the clear not a charge or a surprise very close range encounter . I'm not a big fan of lever actions even though I have one. I have a Marlin guide gun .450 ported 18" barrel . I think it's slow and difficult for fast follow up shot. Semis have come a long way in reliability . I've run 100's and 100's of rounds through my AR10's in range sessions with no jams . rain ,snow no issues . If they were to get dirty due to being dropped in mud or sand . They are easy to field strip and clean ,even the trigger group in a pinch can be cleaned by squirting a water bottle into the trigger group since it's all exposed when field striped . , lever actions really can't be field striped without tools and time . . AR platforms are drop mag, pull charging handle , insert new mag and hit bolt release . Few seconds at most. to clear most jams due to mag issues or stove pipe etc.. My self personally I like shoot mostly bolt actions now . Gotcha
  12. There's nothing on this earth that could survive 20 rounds of an AR10
  13. To not enjoy the outdoors? Na I don't think that could happen to me . I love walking in the woods with my dogs. Now if I feel a little more creeped out on a lonely lake at night in the middle of the woods ..yea maybe but I'm using a thermal monocular recorder so everything looks creepy through that.