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  1. This creature has been around for a while. With all the sittings etc, there are many who still don't believe. So why is there a problem when a bunch of so called scientist don't believe. People tend to not believe ; because of the fear inside themselves and scientist if you can call them that are no different . The ground burrowers ARE alive and WELL.
  2. So some believe that sasquatch are evil. My guess is that the majority of them aren't, unless harm is done to them. My sitting happened about a half year after first experiencing complete fear while taking a short cut through the tree line, going to school. It was like walking on a path in the woods then near the end of the path you pass a invisible line and fear hit and the hair on the back of your neck would rise and fear enveloped the whole body. Coming back from school me and my brother would take the long way home as it was dark(winter time}. Spring break happened so we weren't going that way; until, me and my brother took my go-cart to a few hills near the beginning of the trail. It was starting to get darker out when my brother asked if I wanted to ride down the hills one more time before it got dark. I replied sure. We both looked up from the top of the 2nd hill and out of the trees this huge black creature takes 3 steps to cross the 4 lane road (approx. 34') It was about a half a block away. The same hair raising fear hit us. We got the hell out of there and never went back. I think the sasquatch was curious and wondered why we weren't using the trail anymore. We moved shortly after that and that was what got me interested in those grand creatures (ground burrowers). That's many years ago and since then I have heard and learned much about them.