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  1. You are correct Coffee. Our next door neighbors are Youtubers. In fact they quit their jobs to just do the youtube thing. I have heard they bring in somewhere over 5k per week. In fact they are building a new 5000 sqft home on 5 acres of land. One of their sponsors even gave them all the wiring and electronics for their new home I am definitely doing something wrong.
  2. to me it looks like there is something in the picture. nothing Bf related. but it kinda looks like the a canine animal (leg(s) and tail as it is running through the frame). In the first picture you can see the brownish coloration that is not in the 2nd photo. I get the time is slightly different and the shadows would be different, but this appears brown/tan/grey not dark like a shadow would probably be and it appears in front of the trees behind it.
  3. I lived in Columbus, OH about 8 miles from the 2 sightings during that timeframe. Both sightings are very close to the Olentangy River. A fairly wide river 50-80 feet but in general shallow at only 2-3 feet mostly. I used to wade the stream and fish it. The bottom /southern sighting is at Atrim Lake. This is a park just East of a highway 315. There is a walking/bike trail that goes all around the lake and quite a few miles North and South of the park all the way into OSU campus area which the Olentangy River also runs through and continues through downtown Columbus. The River runs just East of the lake. The Northern sighting is also near the same river. 315 turns into Old Olentangy Rd and is an awesome drive which follows along the river for many miles is tree lined with nice houses in the area. To the West maybe 5 miles from the Olentangy River is a major waterway the mighty Sciota River. This is a very wide deeper river. I would say IF the sighting are real, then the Sas was probably traveling from the North and using the river as a travel cooridor to go South but probably did not continue through downtown and probably would have turned around. There is definitely ample cover on both sides of the river until you basically reach campus. There are a few of parks north of campus till you get to Old Olentangy Rd area and I know quite a bit of wildlife (deer, raccoons, possums, rabbits, etc) as I have seen them many times while fishing or mountain biking the trails.
  4. “Change is essential for survival. All life forms must adapt to their fluctuating circumstances. All form of life result from the process of variation, mutation, competition, and inheritance. The universe is in a constant state of chaos. We each have chaos implanted into our bones. Nature wires all of us for change.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls
  5. Has anyone taken the time or tried to plot their tree manipulations/structures findings on a map?
  6. little about the plant.
  7. how about protecting a food source, water source, bedding area, or little ones nearby.
  8. Maybe someone could send some pictures of possible BF tree breaksto the botanist forum for their opinions on actual samples. Seems just asking what could cause twisting breaks is rather broad. The cut limb with the beetle larva in it shows no scale so how do we not know it is just a 1/4 branch?
  9. We had a close call with something. We were driving towards Macinaw bridge in the UP around 10PM. It was extremely dark and my wife was driving. I was to be watching for deer which I was on my side of the road thinking she could handle her side. Something ran directly in front of us from her side. She slammed on the brakes and I turned my head left. I was able to see something black and sleek just miss the front right corner of our car as we skidded. I caught a glimpse of the tail which was fairly long so it was not a bear. It could have been a black dog but it appeared catlike from the brief glimpse I saw. We did not stop and she was shaken so up the road about a mile or so I took over driving. When we got to the bridge 6-7 miles up the road and we asked the bridge teller and they mentioned there have been quite a few black cat sightings lately.
  10. is there a hypothesis or correlations why they are using the roads? Looking for roadkill? Easy travel path? Hitchhiking?
  11. what about if you pack in a "dummy". 5 real people come into the area, 4 leave but take out the dummy (maybe on a stretcher as if injured) as the "5th person". the real 5th person stays behind in the tent or blind and waits. Then repeat in the opposite order, 4 people return with the dummy, pack up the dummy and leave with the real 5th person.
  12. I say bag it, tag it, and get it identified. Check the state regs to see if it is legal to hunt them. Stay out of California, and Washington as the rules against shooting them. Go to Texas or Mississippi as it seems it is legal there.
  13. I always liked the Destination Truth series because it dealt with all types of monsters but similar to finding BF. But the Monsterquest was another good series that I enjoyed also. Montain monsters and the alaska series are too over the top and way to staged. Killing Bigfoot is better than these 2 but just barely. I really like Cryptid: the swamp beast. That one kept me coming back for more and I even made sure I recorded it so I could watch it.
  14. I for one would like to see this thread back on topic instead of the bickering back and forth
  15. 1. Do not try this alone. I would suggest 3-4 other people. They can stay back and be called in with cell phone or walkie talkies for support to assist getting it out. 2. I suggest just killing it. A dead bigfoot will be much easier to handle than a live one. We really do not know the strength of these better safe than sorry. 3. You did not say if you could get a vehicle/truck to the location. if not what about quad runners? have a small trailer with a wench attached to it to pull it onto the trailer then quad it out. 4. Do you know if this is a lone Bigfoot? It may have family members nearby. Another reason for the support. 5. Take pics and video as others have described make copies and share with buddies for safekeeping. 6. Police do not have a way to deal with this...they would probably call in DNR. This could risk getting the creature confiscated. 7. Freeze it to preserve it. 8. Call an attorney 9. Contact BF researcher that is trust worthy. !0. Share video here! 11. Share to rest of world