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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. Saskeptic, (or any professors out there) if you are reading this thread, you might have access to the following article. Body mass in comparative primatology Richard J. Smith and William L. Jungers Its a 1996 article with better information on primate size. Captive Gorilla's might be a tad, um, chubby compared to their wild brethren, but I don't have direct access.
  2. Just for comparisons sake, animals tend to scale to the cube of their dimensions, so a person twice as tall will usually weigh (or mass if measuring in kg) 8 times as much, (This assumes the proportions stay the same, in reality its not quite true, but still good for a approximation.) So if the Patty figure was built like a human, (Say a typical human is 6 feet or 182.88 cm tall, and 180lb/81.64 kg) a 887kg normally proportioned human would be about 13.288 feet tall/405.03 cm.) Basically since 887kg is 10.86378 times as much as a typical human, 2.214762^3=10.86378, so 2.214762 times 6ft/182cm = 13.288 feet/405.03cm. Now if Patty were built like a gorilla things would be different. "Average" height and weight for gorillas vary quite a bit, (plus they have a lot of undigested plant food in the gut), most of the records are concerning extremely large specimens. But a height of 5'7"/170.18cm and a weight of 330lbs(150kg mass) would suggest a 887kg Gorilla would be about 10.0965ft, or 307.74cm tall. For perspective, King Kong in the Island scenes in the original 1933 movie was 18ft tall, (They made him bigger for the NY scenes.) He would have weighed about 17 tons.