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Blobsquatch And Sightings Reconstructions

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I have my own blobsquatch experience posted below:




(please zoom around a bit)


The link is the full image of my avatar, and the target blobsquatch is slightly below center and slightly to the right of center.  


This happened to be in an area where some time ago someone did have a legitimate sighting, so I gave it credence.  I did not see this until a few days later from home.  It was taken in Iowa.


Though I see broad shoulders, and it almost looks like fur, and the face is not classic as it almost has a muzzle on him, I did think it might be something.  After closer inspection I discovered it was just a large fallen tree that fell away from the viewer and we are looking mostly at the base of the tree.


As I am fairly new to this, this was a good lesson for me to be more skeptical.


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