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I had the same concern no matter what put it there since one could make several interpretations of the intent behind it.       Many log trucks have seen me parked there.   I try to avoid any obvious connection to BF when I am in the field, as I know how some loggers can be hostile to bigfooters.      Those that have something like a BFRO or gone squatching sticker on their vehicle are asking for trouble.   It is bad enough in Western Washington just worrying about vehicle break ins to steal stuff when you are parked at a trail head.    Incidentally that location was one where I was sitting watching a military helicopter, land,  then fly off to the SE and come back about every 20 minutes.   I watched it for over an hour and a half, and then it seemed to notice me, and head right towards me.   When I jumped in the truck and drove off,  it continued the shuttle trips to the SE.    

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