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      T shirt fund drive   07/17/2018

      norseman has designed a t shirt and started a fund drive on custom ink. He is going to split the proceeds between the BFF and Project Grendel.  "We all owe this website a tremendous debt of gratitude. Our community and history would not exist without it. As far as the Project Grendel proceeds, I would like to see it go towards the purchase of a thermal scope."
      -norseman     https://www.customink.com/fundraising/sasquatch-hunter

Camo - who uses it and which pattern?

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That is certainly your decision to make. There are, however, folks who may be just getting into the outdoors and unfamiliar with hunting, firearms, etc., and my warning was directed primarily at them. Personally, I have always made it a policy to avoid open hunting areas during big game season, which is of limited duration in Montana, and generally not conducive weather wise to sitting motionless for extended periods. There is no getting away from dipsticks with deadly weapons, whether firearms, motor vehicles or any other potentially lethal device. All too often they harm others rather than themselves, or manage to take another with them on the final journey.


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