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      T shirt fund drive   07/17/2018

      norseman has designed a t shirt and started a fund drive on custom ink. He is going to split the proceeds between the BFF and Project Grendel.  "We all owe this website a tremendous debt of gratitude. Our community and history would not exist without it. As far as the Project Grendel proceeds, I would like to see it go towards the purchase of a thermal scope."
      -norseman     https://www.customink.com/fundraising/sasquatch-hunter

WA State - Mount Rainier Tree Peaker

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Just found this topic.  Very interesting pic, BobbyO, thank-you.  For the record, that looks nothing like the WVA image posted above to me: different fur color, different head and body shapes too.  Although at lower resolution, the Mount Rainier Tree Peeker image is better, imo.  :thumbsup:


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