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    I spoke with Thomas Steenburg yesterday, to enquire how Bill Miller was doing, and heard that he had phoned Thomas to arrange closing his tour business for the winter, so he obviously has the breathing tube removed, and is alert enough to be concerned with his future, so that's a good sign. I have no details on the problems that put him in the hospital, but he seems to be on the way to a recovery. Thank you all for your concern and prayers.
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    I have three {3} of Rene Dahindan's Sasquatch brochures left. After these are gone, they are only in personal collections. And, these brochures, which are "Mad Magazine" humorous, rarely show for auction. I traded some things to Larry Lund, the owner of of Rene's last box, for the ones I have, maybe 10 years ago. So, if you donate $100 to the forum's fund raising, you will get a copy. Please note, I have attached these brochures to a copy of my book "The Oregon Bigfoot Highway" on an auction house for about $25 plus shipping. So, I guess I'll include a copy of the book But again, when this last one is gone, it is gone. Next, I will cancel the auction. And, if sold, I will keep the last two copies for my purposes. Joe here Oh, forgot: I'll add a signed copy of Dr. R. Jones book, Tracking the Stoneman, West Virginia's BF. Let's meet our goal. This is a great site, let's keep it that way. { In memory of Bobbie Short and her site, "Bigfoot Encounters."} Long live Dear Bobbie in the here after.
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    Want to see what I've accomplished sitting in my armchair? I long for your approval so that I can go back to being critical of others. Here is the result of YEARS of effort, classifying encounters into the SSR database. Notice that big open spot in Oregon? As of today there are 7190 classified reports in our database, and most (outside of Washington) were entered by me. Along with that, I've been putting John Green reports on this site since they no longer had a public web location. I did this while adding them to SSR. Feel free to read through the 1000 plus John Green reports that I've placed here, while sitting in my armchair. (Follow this link to see them all) Of course sometimes I need a break from all that time in the armchair, providing nothing, so I get out from time to time. Here is one of my encounters - 2018 Here is another: Oh, and then there is all that audio I've collected. Now if it's ok with you, I can get back to pointing out some of the problems I see with this tv program. I have already admitted its not all bad. I actually like Dr. Mayor and Russell Acord. Those are the kind of people I'd like to hang in the woods with. I'd just prefer to do it without fake drama and lies about how far they have to walk. Edit to add: If they need help trying to figure out how tall the eyes were, I made tool for that.
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    Norse - that is a sweet setup. Just got back this week from the BWCA in northern MN. Fishing was spectacular for the first two day. Between my buddy and I we caught 80+ fish. Last 2 days were slow, 15-20 mph wind with gusts up to 30 out of the SE which really fouls up fishing from a canoe. Saw a family of otters one day. Highlight of the trip was actually seeing what I believe was a wolf. From about 100 yards, it came out of the woods to drink from the lake at dusk. Soon as it saw us it ran back into the woods. Looked too big and dark colored for a coyote. Wasn’t able to snap a pic. I’ve heard them howling many times but first I’ve actually laid eyes on one.
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    Headed out to the Deep Creek Mountains along the border between UT and NV. Some 12,000' peaks there, it's a remote range with little human presence. Access via the Pony Express trail, a long dusty washboarded affair. With wild horses: And squatchless salt flats: Up into here: Set up camp with much needed shade. Possible cougar scat in the pinyons behind Rover but no sightings: Scrambled up the peak behind for a looksee, tired old mountain top: Cooked up some grub at dusk and went for a stroll down the "trail." Poorwills and nighthawks overhead, crickets and katydids providing soundtrack. Nothing anomalous throughout the night. Following day we made 1300' of bushwhacked gain up through pinyon/sagebrush and 2 steps up, 1 back rottenrock scree to the various peaks S of camp. Saw jackrabbits and a golden eagle who met us at the summit, outside of indeterminate tracks, no other wildlife. Camp down there somewhere: Intended peak but after 1300' up at 8200' we retreated: Down through a slide/tumble scrapefest that often looked like this: Beautiful area with a little water flowing downstream but maybe still too dry...idk
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    I admit I, Wolfjewel, am an armchair Bigfooter. One good thing an armchair philosopher can do, imho, is keep encouraging folks to 👍listen with care to all sides 👍avoid labels 👍state your opinion or experience without fear of putdowns. When people use labels that pit “us against them,” that’s the surest way to guarantee both sides will learn nothing from each other. As a BFF member since 2016, I’ve read plenty of mud-slinging posts in the past. Happily, the public part of the Forum recently got cleaned up (yay!) and violators of the decency code banned. (You can get around that in the Premium section which I’ve just joined, lol.) In 2020 I’d like to invite all new members who wish to share a sighting or experience, to post as soon as possible. Since newbies can’t start a topic but only reply, I’ll ask frequently for their input to my query. Hopefully moderators will judge their sharings worthy. I’m so psyched to hear new voices!
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    No wonder I was getting cabin fever, it's been 2 months since I last got out! Between bad weather and "honey-do"s I missed 7 weekends, but today was the last day of deer season, so I had no trouble persuading my youngest boy (Oh no!, my baby just turned 49 five days ago!!) to come along for a trip to the mountains. We left home pre-dawn, and were starting up the East Harrison FSR shortly after sunrise. The day was forecast to be decent, not great, but not raining. We encountered some fog for the first hour along the lakeside, but the rest of the day alternated between overcast and sunny breaks. As I usually do, I tried each of the feeder creek valleys along the lake, but found a couple of my favorites gated due to logging activity, and 2 that had been closed earlier in the year now open to travel, so explored those as far towards their headwaters as the roads would allow, and hiked a couple of branches off those that were too overgrown to drive, one of which led to a small lake that I had only previously seen from the other side of that valley. Wildlife was scarce, except for hawks and eagles flying overhead, and a mulie doe that showed up just at dusk as we were driving out. Her colour was so close to that of the muddy road, that I almost ran into her before spotting her in the dim light. There were deer tracks at several areas that we checked, but no bear or cat sign, and no Sasquatch evidence of any sort. We discovered that the winding mountainside road had taken it's toll since I was last there earlier this year. At Km 14, there were 2 crosses at the roadside, dated Nov 2nd, where 2 young men had apparently gone off the shoulder on the downhill side, which is a sheer 500m (1600') drop to the lakeshore. Just 11km further in, there was obvious evidence of a logging truck having slid off the downhill side, as the load of logs was still 50m down the slope, where several large trees had prevented it from plunging further down. You could see where the truck had been dragged back up the slope to the road, and a few small parts still littered the slope. That one may make the next season of "Highway Through Hell", as this is part of the region covered by the companies that feature on that show. It was certainly an interesting day in the mountains, with OK weather, great scenery, and some father/son bonding time, which is always a joy. Here's my usual slew of pics: Snowline along the mountainside: Big Silver Creek: Tragedy along the way The narrow main logging road My 6' tattooed "baby boy" The small lake we hiked in to
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    The old Sasquatch looking through windows routine. What about footprints by the window(s)? Muddy prints on porch by front door? Things to do: buy a set of LEGO's. Spread LEGO's on ground in area of windows. Cover with one layer of leaves. Wait and listen.
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    I thought I would share a few photos from some of my forays since my relocation, I have done a good deal of exploring the more wild regions of Eastern WA , Northern ID and even Western MT. Since moving I have spent a great deal of time exploring eastern WA, Northern ID and sections of Western Montana, these areas are remote, thick and dangerous. The forest is very diverse and is composed of a wide variety of coniferous trees that range in age, I was very surprised at the density of trees I find over a century old in the valleys, lungwort lichen is very common as well as old mans beard. The lower canopy is thick with blueberry, thimble berry, raspberry, strawberry and even salmon berry along the creeks. The valleys and waterways are coated in moss, fungi and ground lichens as the soil does in fact demonstrate moisture retention. This habitat is just beyond great, prints of animals register very well as the moss is not as dense or springy so tracking is just perfect here, many of the creeks actually have soil or sandbars also. This area has all of the primary species we know of in WA state but also all of the creatures we encounter in the Canadian boreal forest, this area is regarded a unique hybrid environment of temperate rain-forest and northern boreal forest. The species list for large mammals includes cougar, bobcat, lynx, grey wolves, coyote, red fox, forest caribou, black tailed deer, white tailed deer, moose, elk, mountain goat, rocky mountain sheep, black bear, grizzly bear and Sasquatch.
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    Not all hunters are incompetent, but I would venture to guess that most are, and the percentage of incompetent hunters has increased with social urbanization. Moreover, hunters aren't hunting for sasquatches, and they are fairly well versed with hunting laws and regs, which literally didn't exist a century ago. While hunters seem quite able to kill bears and moose in Alaska, you might be surprised to learn that the overall success rate in Alaska for moose is @ 20%, and that is for nearly 100,000 hunters hunting 200,000 moose, the success rate in most game management units is much lower (under 10% is common), and the success rate for bears (especially brown or grizzly bears) is significantly lower than that. I believe they are extremely rare. For example, there are only an estimated 45,000 brown/grizzly bears in all of North America, Canada and Alaska included. Of these, 75% of them are in Alaska, and of the Alaskan bears, the vast majority are concentrated in Game Management Units 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9. If there are only an estimated 5,000 sasquatches on the continent, that's less than 10% of the grizzly population, and also extremely localized in remote habitat featuring great cover and concealment. Conversely, there are human habitations and structures literally everywhere, including in the middle of classified wilderness lands and parks. Many are often uninhabited, which encourages wild animals of all kinds to become emboldened to hang out in the area only to bevome invaded when the humans show up. This is a common theme with all kinds of animals. No doubt about it. As an example, I'm an experienced, accomplished, and frequent Alaskan big game hunter, I'm a strong believer in the existence of sasquatches, and not only do I not hunt for them, I have come to the reasoned conclusion that the only way I would shoot one is in self defense. Of all the people on this forum, there are just a few who regularly state that they are pro kill and they regularly go out looking for sasquatches. I believe so, especially in the 1970's. Has NAWAC professed a pro kill position and mounted hunting expeditions to that end? Probably, along with a lack of experience, know how, time, access, and sasquatches to shoot. Good question. Everybody on this forum who is pro kill has proposed a number of scenarios. I'm confident that quite a few factors are important: * Fresh reports in the area would be ideal * A history of sightings in that area are important * Funding, which isn't cheap; even a relatively local week long caribou hunt for me will cost a few hundred dollars just in fuel, communications subscriptions, spare parts, etc. That doesn't include food (I eat anyway at home) or license and tag (a sasquatch hunt might require some sort of license and tag, however, to legally justify the carry of firearms in the woods, depending on the politics of the area, but in Alaska, I already have a lifetime license), and I'm already all geared up * The proper tactic is critical; baiting? Calling? Spot and stalk? Stalking upwind along a noisy creek like Patterson & Gimlin? * Spending plenty of time on location........like weeks * Complete access to the area, both legally and tactically * A good plan for carcass preservation and extraction, including out of the woods as well as to a final destination, which would include a plan for interstate/international smuggling, all of which is illegal on the federal/international level (CITES) * A good legal defense plan and funding in the possible event of criminal prosecution
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    Spent two days on the black river catching Apache trout. Apache Sitgreaves NF. Bighorn came off ridge and grazed right through camp this morn. Currently in Alpine Az, staying at RV park, getting showers and ice and catching up on emails and texts. Update on Smittybuilt RTT. I love the ease and simplicity of taking it down and putting it up. Stayed dry in pouring rain and hail. Don’t worry about lumpy ground or tree roots like with traditional tents. My only complaint is the platform is made out of some white material that bows a bit. We tried to keep sleeping bags in tent when it folded up. The hinge didn’t like that. And will try to pop out of its track. Would prefer if the deck was more rigid and deeper so the bedding could stay in the tent, dry and ready for bed time. It’s well worth 1200 bucks I think. A cabelas alaknak costs similar. And is just fabric and a pole set.It also doesn’t come with a rain fly and you would get wet in bad weather. My son likes the light bar and charging station that came with it. Hang a IPad off the ridge pole and we are watching westerns when the sun goes down and charging phones. These look like rainbow to me. They stock the river every friday.
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    Apache Sitgreaves NF Elk bugled all last night. We stayed right above John Wayne’s old ranch the 26 Bar ranch. Its kinda yellowstone like. Flatish with big meadows. Checking out the Gila NF right now to the east. It seems lower with more juniper.
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    I just got back from an exploratory trip to the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. I split my trip into 2 three day camping trips. First section of trip was not BF related, but the second portion was to explore an area that I have never visited (Mogollon Rim northeast of Payson). Based on the SSR Bigfoot reports map below, I targeted to explore the area around Bear Canyon Lake and Knoll Lake. I and a colleague spent one night near Bear Canyon Lake (first photo) and 2 nights near Knoll Lake (2nd photo). These lakes are man-made (both got dams) and are very popular for fishing. Saw lots of people camping in both places the first week of June. On the last day we swung by Woods Lake and it was a zoo of people. My guess is that these Forest Lakes are very popular for folks in Phoenix who are trying to avoid the summer heat and want to do some fishing. Protocol was to hike during the day on abandoned jeep trails and look for tracks or signs. We did limited off-trail hiking to explore some of the canyons. At night, we hiked 2-3 miles into some of these abandoned jeep trails – mainly to better listen to the wildlife and avoid noise from other campers. We heard owls, nighthawks, and other birds that I don’t have the knowledge to categorize. We did not hear any coyotes at night. We saw 2 white tail deer and the skeleton of an elk (probably left by hunters?). We also ran into a dead deer and saw the cougar that killed it (see story below). We saw plenty of deer and elk footprints and scat. We saw no bear or bear scat. We saw no BF footprints nor we heard any anomalous sounds (day or night) while we were there. My Thermal Imager paid for itself on this incident The first night near Bear Canyon Lake, we decided to walk down an abandoned jeep trail that headed north from the lake parking lot and followed Bear Canyon all the way north. This jeep trail is not shown on the topo map. See topo map below with the purple line showing approximately where the trail is. I wanted to explore it because it followed the canyon closely and I figured many animals will be going down to the canyon for water. Also, this trail passed by a power line and was close to quarry (common features of areas with BF presence). We hiked about 1.8-2.0 miles north and headed back around 9:30 PM. On the way back, at about 0.5 mile from lake parking lot (~10 PM), we both saw eye-shine to our right up the hill. (We were using regular white light flashlight and not following the BFRO rules of red-light in order to avoid tripping and falling). We clearly saw 2 eyes but they were not moving. I got my thermal imager out of the bag and set it on white hot with red hot for picking up above average thermal signature. We picked up two red hot signatures that were not moving – one medium size and one small. (The small one was a hot rock). I gave my thermal imager to my colleague and told him to scan the area while I was going to walk to the medium size target to see what it was. The target was about 30-40 ft away up the hill and I could not tell what it was with thermal or flashlight. When I got within 10 ft of it, I shined my flashlight and clearly saw a small dead deer (looked like a fawn). I told my friend that I was going to get closer to take a photo when he said there was a bigger red hot target above me that was moving. Then he said it was a cougar and to get the out of there quickly. The cougar was about 30-40 ft from me per my friend’s assessment. I quickly retreated and took back my thermal imager to see what he was seeing and indeed saw a large 4 legged creature moving sideways (not towards us). We quickly packed up our gear and left. That deer must have been killed recently because its signature was just as hot as the cougar. We did not hear any struggle of the deer (on the way north or south). Even when the cougar was moving, there was no noise. I believe that had we not had the thermal imager, I would have gotten closer to the dead deer and taken that picture and maybe the cougar would have protected its food. Lessons learned for me, when hiking at night: - Look for eye-shine (left and right of trail) as you are hiking - Keep your thermal imager ready to better detect wildlife When I camp solo, I usually do not hike at night and stay put at campsite. But in this case, my colleague and I wanted to explore at night. There are risks when hiking at night and we humans have the disadvantage.
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    Unwarranted criticism: So simple even a caveman can do it.
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    I went and talked to some of my neighbors... The neighbor almost directly across the road from me moved in not too long ago... Is one of the few rent houses on our road.. anyway they have two children around the ages 9 to 11.. their dog came up missing about a week and a half ago also.. Checked a few of the trail cameras yesterday and found two interesting images of a figure behind the playhouse.. I want to apologize for being a ass in more than one post..Ive been under alot of stress dealing with not only this but the doubts from people close to me, etc. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to offer their knowledge and expertise along the way, especially Joe, I can never thank you enough.. Although there really hasn't been an act of aggression.. the fact that no amount of cameras, gunshots, etc have deturd the "curiosity" of these things I made a difficult decision and took my wife and kids to Arkansas on Thursday to stay with her family until we move or find a solution I'm comfortable with.. activity still continues as recent as last night.. Sorry for the camera shot straight from the desktop screen but my internet has been acting up the last 3 days and didn't have time to do much else..https://imgur.com/gallery/Flhk463
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    It’s easy to look at sighting reports and pick em apart. And things like audio files in which a pack of coyotes is being described as Bigfoot vocalizations. But do any of us have any close family and friends claiming to have seen a Bigfoot with conviction? Unlike some of you? I’m not a knower. But I would like to share a few stories with you. With the standard disclaimer that physical evidence is needed. My father had a cabin up by mount Index, one night while walking back to his cabin in the dark. Something large and grey crossed the road in front of him. Now he openly admits that he had been drinking..... but not that much. He said that it could have been a mountain goat. But he had never seen a mountain goat that low before and along the river. Dad was a prolific hunter in his younger days. Had a friend who sold me my engraving shop. She swore while coming back to Kettle Falls along the Kettle river by the boulder creek road she had a Bigfoot cross the hwy 395 right in front of her. Her husband is a good guy, but definitely gave her quite a bit of flak for sharing that story. But she has never backed down. She was adamant being a local it wasn’t a known animal. My packing partner who is also a member of the BCHA claims to have heard a frightening sound while riding his horse. He never saw what made it. I had some examples of the Sierra sounds and he picked out the sound byte that starts out as growls, snarls and gibberish and then breaks out into whistling as the closest to what he heard. He said that his horse was having none of it. And it freaked him out. He lives in Ferry county and has Bears and Cougars in his yard. No joke. One of our own BCwitness who I have met twice with in BC while doing some jet boat repairs up there had his own sighting. I respect him to the utmost as a woodsman and his prowess in the woods. And BC is BC.... it’s a massive province with most of the population living in one city.... the rest is mountains, trees and glaciers. I think BC is likely the best last place on Earth for the search. I have spent a lot of time in the Kootenay region as they call it, a lot of country up there. Like Alaska big....and as remote. Getting guns up there is problematic tho. Of course my own snow track story you guys have heard a million times. Do any of you have any stories to share of your own or others? Does having someone close to you a witness sway your own beliefs? Discuss!
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    Starchunk has earned a one week vacation from the BFF for trolling. Please ignore his posts and continue...
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    Ive always been open to BF producing eye shine but the idea of actually projecting light out of its eyes I cannot buy. I typically just toss that on the same pile of BF traits such as using portals or other amazing feats that perpetuate the legend and myth that is BF. No offense to anyone but I can’t buy it.
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    I'm your Huckleberry... The first howl, and maybe two that follow are very squatchy. I think everything after is coyotes and dogs. I filtered out the high frequency noise, deleting everything above 2kHz. I amplified the middle frequency range about 36db so you can hear it. For good measure I boosted just the initial howl by another 5 db. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good considering I only worked on it for a few minutes. Adobe Audition is an awesome tool... An mp3 file is attached... OK Howl filtered and amplified.mp3
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    Messing around with outdoor hardware and peeking are commonly reported when BFs come around homes. It's thought to be curiosity rather than aggression. Hopefully, he'll be smart and not resort to violence. Here's a list I found elsewhere. Light ’em Up Put up lots of lights up high –over 15 feet high, if you can manage–around the yard for night time. Put a wire cage around the bulbs because they will throw rocks or yank them off the wall. Even Christmas lights are useful. Strobes are good, too. Shine lights out from inside the house. All lights must be able to be switched on from inside the house. Motion detector lights can be defeated, so don’t use those. Bigfoot are too smart for that. Zillion watt flashlights and spotlights. They hate that. I hear they dislike green and blue lasers, available cheaply on the internet. Lock doors both when out of the house and when you are in the house. Lock up tight at night, close windows. Small, inexpensive motion activated and very shrill alarms which firmly attach to windows and doors can be bought for around $5. They work surprisingly well. Bigfoot know and avoid cameras. Put up game cameras. Yes, they can avoid them, but it’s the deterrent factor you are after, not pictures. Ask the local PD or sheriff to do extra patrols to make sure you are safe from what might be a crazy drifter or a prisoner on the lam. Air horn, flash-bangs, fireworks, loud noise. Got a cannon? LOUD. Do not ever feed them or put food outside or throw leftovers outside in the woods. No trees or plants that produce food. Unintended consequences are a bitch. No deer feeders in the area. Bird feeders either. Store animal food inside. Discourage deer from hanging around. When you see one, use the air horn. Also other small animals, which bigfoot also eat. Do a little target practice around the property, using safety sense. Be armed and let them see that. HOWEVER, DO NOT SHOOT AT THEM except in an extreme life or death situation, because they will escalate their activity and threat level. Empty outdoor freezers or refrigerators. Cut down all weeds, brush, and trees around the house. Shade is nice, but quiet is nicer. Drain swimming pools. Lock up livestock at night, from chickens to bulls. Put big dogs in barn. Do not chain them up. Install powerful speakers outside high up, and, when you know they are nearby, start yelling through them. Etc.
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    The second trip was this weekend, Sep. 21/22, a little further afield, to the Placer Mt area, east of Manning Park and south of Hwy 3. My friend Murphy had arrived Friday, but I wasn't able to get away till early Sat morning, so I arrived at the campsite on the banks of Copper Creek at 9 AM. It was a beautiful sunny day in the high country, and we spent most of the day exploring a few of the 100+ km of logging roads and fire trails in the mountain valleys, hiking several of the more overgrown ones. This was not just a research trip, as hunting season is now open, so we both had tags for deer and bear, and shotguns for game birds. We returned to camp for lunch at about 2PM, and I had a very interesting chat with a young man at the campsite. It started with my admiring his very large dog, a Great Dane/Ridgeback cross. The dog seemed to like me, after I gently put my hand out for him to sniff, and he soon was leaning against my leg for ear scratching and neck rubbing, which I happily provided while talking to his owner. During our chat about the areas roads and trails, Mike noticed my sasquatch pin on my outdoor vest, and broached the subject of sightings. After I told him of my sighting 40 years ago, he confided to me that he had seen one in 2007, along with another witness. His sighting turned out to have been in an area that I know well, near Harrison Lake, and near several other sighting reports that I'm familiar with. After lunch, Murphy and I went for another hike on a seldom travelled branch of one of the roads about 10 km from our camp. There we came across abundant game sign, both tracks and droppings, and bagged a couple of grouse. In one of my photos, you'll see a boot print , deer track, coyote track, and 2 bear prints, all in one small area of about 30"x30". We saw no evidence of Sasquatch activity at all. We shared a pleasant evening at the campfire, along with adult beverages, and got a good nights rest in the camper, but awoke at 7AM to rain, and called it done, packed up, and drove home. Another shot of the game tracks:
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    Just got back from seven day Alaska cruise with my wife. I haven't been very active the past few years due to health issues. Doing better now dropped 50 lbs getting out walking and plan to get out there and do more time in the forests. We saw dozens of hump back whales some Orcas, porpoises, sea otters, seals but no bears. Lots of salmon in Sitka AK.
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    I think this is most likely correct. Something so close to us that the DNA tests used for species identification mistakes it for us, contamination or slightly degraded. That points to something much much closer than chimp. There are, however, some anomalies of behavior / apparent ability which should not be ignored. There is something to the picture we don't understand yet. MIB
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    Yesterday we did a 30 mile run over Bolum pass. Roughest USFS road I have ever seen. Much of the road up top was just jagged boulders. The Chev on 35’s was too low in spots and scraped. Weird but pretty rock down here. Some gray like home but a lot of red. And some of it erodes like blocks. Which gives the road a step like appearance. Saw a red fox and mule deer. Lots of aspen trees. Lots of grass. Lots of old mines. Wyatt fished in a small lake. But it was full of what he called salamanders? No idea. Saw a Ford with MO plates on the Durango side. Plate said FOOTN!
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    First night Alpine Wy. Second night Ouray Co.
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    Norseman, great shots of the Kaslo/Gerrard area. I hunted up there for 5 or 6 seasons, a couple of decades ago, with lots of success. Kiwakwe, I like your area a lot, too, though it does look a bit dry out there. I got out for about 5 hours this afternoon, 'cause I just HAD to try out the new lift kit in the Outlander. I chose a quiet valley about an hour from my home, and wasn't disappointed in the improvement to the ground clearance of the vehicle, or the peace and quiet of the spot I chose to explore. It's a steep creek valley South of the Fraser River, extending back towards the US border. Because the road access is not marked, and fairly well hidden from view of the main highway, it sees almost no traffic, with no lakes or camp areas to attract weekend warriors. I saw no one at all in the whole time I was up there. I did see a couple of grouse, some deer tracks, and a fairly big bear scat, but no other wildlife at all.
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    When I had my first round of stuff happen in 2012, my new neighbor told me her story. She's one of those hard-core environmentalists who have on occasion handcuffed themselves to trees and blocked forest roads to stop logging. She said they were way out in the mountains, camped out, planning their activities. They had a basecamp, tents, tables etc. One night they packed stuff up for the coolers after dinner, but forgot to put them actually away. They felt like they were under constant observation, but attributed the feelings to nerves. That night something ate the food left in the Tupperware, but the lids were back on. Everyone swore it wasn't them the next day. Then they started finding prints. Eventually they began leaving treats for their Bigfoot visitors. Well, until they were all arrested and the camp demolished. When my truck broke down on Memorial Day, I forgot that I was still wearing my knife when the to truck showed up. I removed it and unloaded some gear from my truck. When the driver curiously asked what I was doing in the woods, I just flat out told him that I was bigfooting. His trainee gasped and started yelling at him to tell me his story. Turns out he had his own sighting nearby, same area that we were at. He was on a call to rescue someone, and pulled over to do something (can't remember, maybe to pee?) And when he got back into the rig, 50 feet ahead of him a 9-foot tall, totally ripped male bigfoot crossed the road, looked ight at him, and walked into the bush. The two truck driver said that the Bigfoot knew he was there, and deliberately did it, like it was a test of nerves. He said it was taller than his truck, he would have been eye to eye. You just never know who has had experiences!
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    About 1977, I was camping near a small lake in a deep mountain valley on the N side of the Fraser River with my 2 sons, who were 13 and 7 at the time. While the youngest boy and I were off-loading gear from the back of my '72 Suburban, the older boy, Steven, was goofing off, not helping. As I was about to call him over to give a hand, he started calling "Dad! Dad! look at this!". I ignored him the first couple of calls, then stepped around the truck the 3rd time he called. He was pointing up the clearcut hillside on the opposite side of the logging road from our campsite. Following his pointing finger, I saw a large patch of black just disappearing into the timberline at the top of the cutblock. I said, "Wow, you just saw a black bear, now come and help us". He insisted that it wasn't a bear that he saw, but a huge, hairy black figure walking on 2 legs. I pressed him pretty hard about the description, and he remained adamant that it walked like us, not like a circus bear on its hind legs. It was in that same valley, a year later, that I had my own sighting, about 10 km (6 mi) from that campsite. The following spring, I found a trackway, in the wet spring snow, on the same side of the valley, crossing a saddle over the mountain to the next valley eastward. This time, I contacted John Green, who lived about 30 km from there, and took him to the trackway the next day. That trackway find, and my telling of my son's sighting, are both in his database. My research partners, Magniaesir, Steenburg, Alohacop, and BigfootHunter, all have either firsthand encounters, or stories from family and friends, that brought them into this field, and brought us all together to continue to search for tangible proof of Sasquatch.
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    I apologize for my tardy response Hiflier. I have been thinking about how I might answer your questions (and whether or not I could). 1st a disclaimer: I was educated as a paleobiologist. I have studied fossil invertebrate populations with regard to their specific variations (variations within a species due to ontogeny - that is growth from infant to adolescent to adult), parasitism by competing organisms, and evolutionary considerations as they impact our understanding of the genus, family, and order classifications in a particular class of invertebrates. I have taken graduate level courses in genetics and evolution (but a long time ago - invertebrate zoology was one of my two minor subjects), BUT I AM NOT A GENETICIST! So take what I might say with some healthy skepticism - and I welcome discussion from real geneticists (and I am guessing from your questions that you already know most, if not all, of what I am going to say). Some good news: With regard to DNA, hair is amazingly stable in a variety of environments that would be considered risky in other respects. That is mainly due to the presence of cuticle, the outermost hard layer of a three-layered hair shaft (inner medulla, medial cortex, outer cuticle). The cuticle protects the medulla, and the medulla contains a lot of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Some bad news: Nuclear DNA (nDNA or nuDNA) is lost in the process of cornification - in which protein cells become hair. Although many people think that a follicle needs to be attached to a hair shaft for extraction of nDNA, nDNA has occasionally been extracted from the medulla of a hair shaft - sometimes months or even years after the hair has been pulled/shed from a human body - I guess this should be included under the "good news". In most cases the best that one can expect from hair in terms of DNA is mtDNA. mtDNA is not pertinent for ID'ing individuals, but works for ID'ing species (if that species' genome is included in an existing gene bank - and it should be useful as a match for higher classifications as well, such as genus, subfamily, and family). According to at least two hair experts, Sasquatch hair commonly lacks a medulla, and, when present, the Sasquatch medulla is discontinuous and not prominent. A number of mtDNA studies of purported Sasquatch hair have suggested Homo sapiens, and the natural conclusion is human contamination. There are a variety of methods for decontaminating DNA samples, and actually hair, again because of the protective cuticle, is especially prone to successful decontamination. As I have said in other threads, there exist in all know human DNA (ALL HUMAN DNA) genetic markers that are unique to Homo sapiens, so any DNA researcher looking to verify human contamination or to suggest the existence of other than human DNA, must look for one, or a few, of those markers, else he/she is falling short of performing adequate study (trying to be kind here to past researchers - I would rather say #*&@&%$*!). I think study of suspected Sasquatch hair is worth study, without regard to external environmental challenges and without regard to time in environment. I am not like the body of posters on this site (mainly inductive reasoners - some brilliant, some notsomuch) that can run through a myriad of explanations and possibilities addressing a single data point. I am admittedly not brilliant - I am a plodder. I try to gather a lot of data and methodically work through that data to try to understand it (that's a tough thing in this Sasquatch world containing a fair bit of purely anecdotal data). If I were confronted with testing old hair for DNA or making the determination no to do so because conclusive results might be unlikely, I would say do the analysis - one never knows what might turn up (my experience has been the more one learns, the more one realizes there is more to learn). I had planned to address your questions more directly, but I am running out of gas. The subject does interest me, however, and I look forward to more communication with you.
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    First, there's only one film reel confirmed, a second one widely rumored but not confirmed, and no evidence of a third reel. Lab technicians do examine film after they process it, but they are looking for three things: 1. Scratches on the film, because if there are scratches, the customer will likely blame the labs equipment for the scratch, when it can be from the camera. So the lab technician checks to protect the lab from a complaint. 2. The lab technician looks for any footage that is sexually explicit, because back in 1967, there were still many obscenity laws and a lab could be held criminally liable for processing such. 3. The lab looks for film that may be noticeably out of focus or over-under exposed, or other flaws in the camerawork so they can advise the customer. I had Spectra labs process some 16mm footage used in PGF research in 2008, and the camera used had a weak hinge on the pressure plate, so the film partially pulled down during the exposure, causing pulldown motion blur. Spectra labs called us as soon as they saw that, to let us know, so we'd have time to re-shoot if possible. Aside from those three situations, they are not really looking at the content of the pictures, and the PGF (when glancing at the footage itself, not projected), just looks like some footage in a forest. Nothing to arouse suspicion or inspire a closer look.
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    @JanineRSP OK- I'll bite. I encountered two BF back in 1990 at night near Telluride CO on what is known as the Dallas Divide. I had each one of them in my brights of my truck at very close range- about 8 to 10 feet. I had a camera and might have been able to take a photo, but the idea of putting my camera outside the truck so as to avoid windshield glare when the flash went off was a bit daunting. They were really big; both were seated and I got a good idea of how larger they were because to get past them I had to drive around them- they were literally seated in my lane on the hiway.
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    You are correct. They did not seek out bigfoot who simply showed up. These mostly rural people probably did not even lock their doors until they became aware of BF on their property. Drapes closed, locked doors, makes them feel like they are under house arrest or seige in their own house. Then they finally see what is prowling around the property and it is giant and frightening and they fear for their life like a hostage would. Then over time when they are not killed, they begin to feel grateful they have not been harmed. They begin to appreciate and even get protective of their uninvited prowlers. Some make the mistake of beginning or continuing feeding the BF. That creates trouble if interrupted. The parallels are very strong.
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    I went to Arkansas yesterday and picked up the family for the weekend..It's going to be a nice day here in Antlers today..the kids will be outside playing I'm sure. We are building a fire tonight and doing the hotdogs and marshmallow thing... I'm completely fed up with my family not being home, I have my new semi auto tactical shotgun, and put a tac light and red dot on it day before yesterday..I'm using Black Magic Magnum slugs, and a FLIR, etc...No more warning shots..if there this persistent still after cameras, lights, shot at, etc...there not my forest brothers and I'm so fed up I'll shoot the sob tonight , throw a strap around his Bigfoot and drag his ass down the hwy, doin asphalt ballet, to the Gas station casino and play slots till the cops arrive. We are going to build the fire near the storm shelter. it has a heavy duty steel door and if there's any kind of confrontation I've already instructed my boys to head for the storm shelter... I know this might be controversial some but taking pictures just isn't getting it done...
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    I have experienced the metal type sounds during an event, I have heard what sounds like steel poles being pulled over concrete, I have heard what sounded like a tin car door slamming ( jeep, geo ) in an area with ZERO cars around and I have heard what sounds like a tin can being thrown at a tree. I will share a fascinating story ( it is long but related to the metal sounds ) I was told by a partner/friend who remains in western WA at this time. I have spoke with him and the other fellow who was present for the experience several times and each time I think about the event it is just blows my mind. Both of these men are intelligent, aware and knowledgeable on all subjects and I trust them and their interpretation of the events as accurate. I may be missing some details or have a small detail miss placed but I will recall to the best of my knowledge. I believe this took place in February of 2012 at a research site in Lewis county of Washington state, my friend Kirk and his friend Bill had decided to visit an area that has been long known for activity to stay the night and see what happened. They went up to an old pit still gravel site to try and escape the onset of weather ( this area has always had activity ), they setup camp and bundled up to fight the cold. This gravel pit is about 65 yards long by 40 yards wide and the camp is in the bottom at a depth of about 12 to 14 feet. The pit kind of eats into the side of a plateau, the road skirts up and around to the back of the pit and continues on. Bill brought his truck mounted camper and Kirk setup to cramp all of his 6 '1 frame in his little 03 chevy tracker for the night.They stayed up for a while around a fire and the wind was blowing hard with a heavy wind chill, the temp that night was around 24 degrees or so. They grew tired of fighting the cold wind and decided to call it a night, they put out the fire and crawled in for the night until around 2 am Kirk woke up to a loud knock. It was so loud it startled him awake, the wind had died down but he sort of blew it off as something breaking and started to drift back to sleep but suddenly heard another loud bang coming from up on the left side of ledge of the gravel pit just up slope. He laid there listening for a few minutes and suddenly began hearing what sounded like a tin soup can or coffee tin being tapped on, it was without cadence or timing, just moments of constant tapping. The sound was coming from the same location of the second knock, it would go on and then stop for a few moments then continue for 30 seconds then stop for a minute at a time. This went on for several minutes then stopped for another length of time, suddenly the sound started again but this time it had moved about 15 yards closer along the rim of the gravel pit. The sound then began moving down from the rim to the bottom in camp and started circling the car, at this time Kirk is VERY awake and rather concerned. He told me that the inside of the car had frosted on all the windows do to breathing and the cold temps so he could not see anything, this thing suddenly stopped banging on the can and began touching the car, and then began tapping on the car for just a few moments then it fell quiet for several minutes. What Kirk did not know is that this animal left from his car to go over and explore around Bill's camper, Bill told me he woke up to the camper getting shoved, he is a side sleeper and the rocking was so hard that it rolled him onto his face and he woke up freaked out as his camper was rocking, for a split second he thought the wind was insane but it became clear that this was not the case as the thing stopped and then went around to the other side of the camper. The shaking stopped and the creature left Bill's camper and had now returned to Kirk's car and it began to start tapping on the car and putting weight against the car and moving it. It started going to the back of the car where Kirk had a bag of camping equipment on top of his car ( tent bags, cables, rope, bags, lighter and instant logs ), started grabbing and moving the bag off the top of the car, the sound stopped and then he heard the zipper running back and forth at a high rate of speed for several seconds. It was quiet for about a minute then the thing began bumping and tapping the car once again and by this time Kirk was completely unnerved and could not take any more so he set of the car lights, the horn and started screaming and pounding on the car to scare it off. The thing took off crashing up the slope and over the ledge and dropped into a ravine where it let out a loud whoop and it was gone, seconds after that Bill jumped out of the camper in his long johns with his light mounted AR15 and began sweeping the area, Kirk by this time exited the car with his light and they both started looking around the camp to make sure it was not still around. The noted that the bag had been removed from the roof and set on the ground with about half of the contents removed neatly next to the bag, they went over to the camper as Bill was explaining to Kirk what he heard and they found that the thing had gotten into a tub behind the camper also and opened the contents for examination. Bill did not hear this happen and was not aware until he walked Kirk over to the camper. They stayed awake for several hours talking about the experience with one eye over each shoulder. This event was one of the most interesting experiences I have heard told in person, in my opinion this thing was using some kind of tin can to try and find out if people where present or awake before coming in and investigating/testing the cars. That takes a high degree of planning, and tactical execution.This creature knew that people could be a danger so it came up with a plan to test the situation in escalating steps, first the general area and then each car individually with the tapping and rocking.
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    I don't think that is a correct analysis. Not for the person who has observed one. A person who has truly studied the evidence .. in detail .. will, without exception, conclude there is something going on worthy of further inquiry. It is circular logic, absolutely: a person who does not conclude that IS NOT, despite their possible claims to the contrary, sufficiently familiar with the evidence. The process of scientific discovery necessarily includes looking for things before we have proof they exist. Anything less requires all discoveries to be made by accident. MIB
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    Here is a set of illustrations which show Mark's property layout with labeled details to assist with demonstrating this encounter. Mark has indicated that since the installation of the 5 trail cameras with food bait, set on 12-07-2019, his dogs have moved their submissive/territory urination area from the yellow star in the illustration to an area by his children's playset. He has also indicated his "bravest" dog, a black lab who would enter the woods unlike his other dogs, has gone missing. Mark has searched the woods for his black lab without luck. I am heading down to see Mark. With his permission, we will remove the food bait, reposition the 5 trail cameras and install 10 additional cameras in a configuration which will route from his north shed, arch around his father's house and terminate at his south shed. Mark has installed an Arlo live camera system, with multiple cameras, throughout his home clearing. In the event this encounter is human-based, and assuming they may see these details being posted, we will be installing a number of additional trail and Arlo cameras throughout Mark's property and woods, but not indicating their locations on these illustrations. Again with Mark's permission, additional systems, with alternate technologies, will also be installed to record activity, extend barrier protection and offer breach notification. A SSR search and analysis by @gigantor indicated that many encounters in Mark's area has occured on "moonless" nights. The New Moon is on Christmas. I'm interested to hear if any of you have used this technique of overlapping coverage, either with trail or security cameras. I'm also interested in hearing your thoughts about the activity of Mark's dogs.
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    Make sure you have Google Earth installed and open the KML file below. I did a search with a 40 mile radius (approximate). There are 13 reports in OK. 23 if you include the area across the river in TX. SSRID Edit BFRO Class SSR Score Date State County Latitude Longitude Altitude Map Link Moon Phase Sighting Time Evidence Sighting Report 5187 A 5 07/01/1972 OK Pittsburg 34.762360 -95.749886 668.00 NED 5131 A 4 07/16/1977 OK Latimer 34.975534 -95.355756 874.00 NED 5147 A 5 04/01/1981 OK Latimer 34.940918 -95.328731 619.00 NED 6827 B 3 12/18/1990 OK Bryan 33.937994 -96.532832 649.00 NED 5326 A 5 06/01/1992 OK Atoka 34.404900 -96.137000 543.00 NED 5386 A 6 10/01/1995 OK Choctaw 33.999500 -95.689700 557.00 NED 6835 A 4 10/30/2002 OK Choctaw 34.001333 -95.388686 419.00 5354 A 5 10/12/2004 OK Atoka 34.254636 -96.213021 494.40 5748 A 4 10/12/2005 OK Atoka 34.256413 -96.212500 159.00 5108 A 5 07/16/2006 OK Atoka 34.266775 -96.230862 503.00 5138 A 3 07/18/2006 OK Atoka 34.266987 -96.272311 578.00 6817 A 5 03/20/2007 OK Atoka 34.288700 -96.214500 552.00 NED 5031 B 7 05/07/2016 OK Atoka 34.226822 -96.146387 495.00 Total Records Searched 7086 Records Matching Filters 13 If you click on the sighting marker on Google Earth, it'll display a link to the corresponding BFRO report. There is one with physical evidence from NAWAC, report 27218. Bigfoot-Forums-SSR.kml
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    Hello my name is Mark and I'm the fellow who recorded the video and is a subject to this thread. First off I can assure you this is not a hoax I do not need the attention and only posted on Reddit out of concern. After my first post on Reddit I was asked to give an update in a few days later I recorded what I was shadow that appeared to be on two feet approaching my house. so far all of my recordings you can just easily blow off, I've heard some whoops on some of my recordings and what sounded like wood knocks and strange behavior from my dogs. this was the first time for me that I had the proof that something was coming up to my house shortly after everything got quiet TVs were off all lights where off and we were going to bed. What started to concern me the most was that all of my kids at different times sometimes years apart have described him something that have seen..I myself the only thing that I've ever heard or seen with my own eyes was one night when all of my kids were there and they were up playing PlayStation about 2 a.m. in the morning I heard a very distinct melodic whistle type chatter that came from outside my bedroom wall in the direction of the woods that I have that camera pointed towards. My dog's immediately begin to howl because they obviously heard it too but they never would leave the front porch and then I heard the same sound repeat in the same style but it wasn't a direct repeat.. But back to the night of the video of The Shadow I was watching a live video feed from my phone because the dogs were acting weird and I saw what appeared to be a shadow on two feet approaching the corner of my house I immediately grabbed my gun in the two bumps that you here in the video or me going through my bathroom and out the other door Warn my wife that I was fixing to open up the front door and shoot off a couple of warning shots... Now I have three sleeping children at this time I have my disabled father next door.. it is approximately 11:30 p.m. and I do not want to be busting off shots out of my front door but I felt like I needed to try to scare this thing away. as soon as this happened I shut the front door I called nine-one-one told him I had an intruder in my yard you requested a deputy. for those who doubt I called the police I posted screenshots of me outside with the deputy from that were taken from the same camera that shot the video of The Shadow. The next morning I went to the sheriff's office to add to my report a link to the video on YouTube cuz I had since uploaded it so they would have access to it and had a conversation with a couple of the deputies up there. One deputy a deputy Branson follow me outside and said he wanted to talk to me outside for a minute. He said that he knew that they were out there that they get numerous reports this time of year and a lot of people approach him directly with pictures or footage for him to review because they do not want an official police report or people from their Church finding out or to have people contacting them or coming on their land. he gave me his personal number and told me if I had any more problems to contact him directly. I feel comfortable sharing his name and what he told me because he did not tell me to keep this just between ourselves he just didn't want to speak of it in front of the other deputies. I was surprised when he did contact me the next morning about 8 a.m. it was curious to how my night went if I had any more disturbances and I told him no that it was a very quiet night. there have been other things that happeed in between these other instances..I have chose not to put everything that has happened on the internet one thing it doesn't really add much to the story and I don't want people getting sidetracked on every little occurrence and stuff the main things I have i posted.. I've been very open about my location even share my location on Google Earth I have done my best to answer everybody's question somebody said they heard some some talkin and one of my videos and I'll let you know that that was me talk to my wife warned her that I was fixing to fire off some shots and she needed to be with the kids.. I assure you everything that I posted is the best of my memory and I tried just to State the facts and in no way am I looking for any kind of publicity.. if someone wishes to speak with me or has any questions all they need to do is p.m. me and I will share my cell phone number with him
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    Our former Director of the BFF is LEO in Georgia and two of our mods are also LEO. Our Steering Committee Chair Woman works for the Forest Service. @hiflier all they have to do is read the BFF to keep an eye on you.
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    I made an afternoon trip out to the location of the sighting from 2007, reported to me by Mike, which I mentioned in my post of Sep.22, on the previous page. He had said that the creature seen by himself and a companion that day in Oct of 2007 had crossed in front of their vehicle in daylight just at the Km 4 marker on the Harrison East FSR. It was seen to cross the road from the forested downhill side, and proceeded uphill through a recent clearcut, then cross the Slollicum FSR above the cut, and disappear into the old second growth timber above that road, a distance of about 250m (280yds). The Slollicum FSR had been gated for the last 3 years, but I was fortunate to find that the gate was now removed, as logging operations further uphill had been completed. This allowed access to that road, but with the challenge of newly cut drainage channels every few hundred meters, as the road was now considered "decommissioned" until needed for logging in the future. My newly lifted Outlander, with larger tires installed earlier this week, could just barely crawl through the trenches, and I did manage to scuff both the front and rear bumper skins in doing so. Oh well, it's 18 months old now, and over 80,000km, so not a new car to cry over a few scratches any more. I got a few shots of the sighting location, and a few of the fall colours for fun. Looking down the now 12 year old clearcut to HarrisonE FSR from Slollicum Rd The second growth timber above Slollicum FSR Parked on Slollicum Fall colours higher up the Slollicum road
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    Background Science needs a type specimen (a body) to recognize Bigfoot as an extant species. Government recognition of the species will lead to habitat protection and its long term survival. There are laws in place which could be used to prosecute the first person to obtain a type specimen. Hypothetical Scenario An ordinary citizen obtains a type specimen and presents it to government authorities for recognition. Sasquatch is then recognized but there is public outcry over the kill and existing laws are used to prosecute the citizen. A Legal Defense Fund is created to help pay for the expenses of defending the citizen.
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    Last night we stayed in Blanco canyon just south of Pagosa Springs.
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    Date & time - Sunday, August 18, 2019, 8am -1pm Location - southern Lane Couty, Oregon Weather- Spectacular, 85 degrees and sunshine What Happened- My friend C. and I went up the forest road where she found the statue hands and which is up the road from where I've found barefoot prints all winter. We didn't find anything squatchy, but we did find a dead bear carcass. It was skinned, the meat gone and the rest dumped. Gross. Then we continued on to a nearby lake where NorthWind and I found deep, big impressions in the beach sand/clay/gravel (with obvious hair striations) earlier this year, and found a teepee structure that we could not get to across the deep creek. The way down to it is through a broken forest, wicked summer blackberry brambles and as 5-foot jump. Neither of us wanted to do that, so i may return next week with my kayak and go to explore it that way. Then we went swimming at Wildwood Falls and meandered up Sharps Creek and watched a guy panning for gold near the Bohemia Mines area. Didn't find anything suspicious besides the teepee, but it was as great day outside in the woods! The new-to-me truck did well!
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    Madison, be very careful when investigating "nasty smells" in the wild. Bears and cougar often cover up a large kill, and get very irate if they find anyone getting too close to that nice ripe stash of food. The only time I've been attacked by a grizzly was under those circumstances, when I inadvertently got between him and his moose remains, which I had not smelled. Fortunately, the last shot of 3 from my 30-06 killed him, no more than 15' from me. Those few seconds of my life will surely remain the most intense I've ever had!
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    Back to the Book Cliffs, near the Reservation, escaping 100+ degrees by getting up to 9700 feet. Cool nights to low 50s. Only saw one Muley. Beginning to think there isn't enough water up there to keep a Sas happy. A very quiet night, not even insect sounds, sleeping in the Rover with rear door and windows open. Camp was perched with a panoramic view and again, spent time with binocs watching clearings in the forest below and walking along old trail and forest rd after dusk. Lots of open sagebrush out there too. Camp, facing S : Just below the sagebrush "rim" in font of the truck: Some of the acres sagebrush: Scanning the forest below: And to the N: On the way down:
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    Soaking in Ainsworth hotsprings this weekend. Took a drive today up through Kaslo to Trout lake BC. Hwy 31 turns to gravel. Saw a wolf cross in front of us about 200 yards away. Not sure what the pile of poo is. Kinda looks like Horse, but much too small. Kootenay Lake, Duncan Lake and Lardeau river looked full.
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    Thank you. I must admit to being dumbfounded that a purely technical and factual answer of laboratory procedures is somehow "disapproved". It reminds me of our dear departed court jester, Squatchy, who voted down a posting of mine that was pure fact and technical reference. Maybe some people are offended that i actually have some knowledge to contribute to the discussion. Oh well. I'll just continue to dwell in the land of facts, knowledge, and truth. Nice place to live. Bill
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    As of today, there are only 200 "unclassified" reports in the SSR database. Within a few months, I plan to have that number at ZERO. There were 858 on December 18th. That's 658 old reports done in 4 months, plus 15 brand new ones.There are 6640 "classified" reports completed. Here is how they break out:
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    They know your mind and they know your heart. "Worthiness" is why 99.99% of persons attempting an encounter will fail. ShadowBorn, it never occurred to me that 'ShadowBorn' could be an Indian name. I am 100% anglo, but if I had an indian name it would be " Slower traffic keep right".
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    gigantor, Here it is, really no comparison to the PGF sasquatch. Just another example of a man in a suit lookin' nothin' like the filmed sasquatch seen in the PGF. Even the few steps he takes wearin' the suit, he seems to have trouble with. Pat...
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