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Do You Have A Favorite Sighting?

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Guest Yeti

Vafooter, NCBI was our group..That report was from my partner and that's when we started the group..

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I really enjoyed that site and was disappointed when it went down. Hope you do not mind me posting the sighting. Like I said, one of my favorites! Just something about a BF tearing through the basement and coming up the stairs and trying to get into the living areas. Maybe because my house is set up very similar to that one, except we do not have irate BF running around the area for the most part. ;)

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Guest Yeti

Hey bro.. I definately don't mind..LOL Yeah, our group was a part of MSN groups.. MSN closed all their groups including ours AND THEN,I moved and got another job and my partner got a long distant trucking job and all of this happen around the same time so we decided to put the group on the back burner for now.. B)

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BFF Donor

These from Georgia military base vicinities:




If you don't get the "feel" for these there is no hope for you. :lol:

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BFF Donor

Oops, SC/GA military vicinities rather.

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Yes, caught that too, biped. I was born in Fort Jackson in 65' so it was interesting to see a sighting there in 64'. Then of course you have the famous 10 ft. tall Bigfoot sighting from Georgia with that great drawing. I guess that proves they are not out to kill us, because if he/it could have he would of.

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Here is one of my favorites and some day, I would like to check this area out. The witness did go back and another report was made, but I do not have that link just yet. I have looked at the area online and a conservatory now owns the land or at least the access to the specific spot described in the report. It is a bit unfortunate that I was never aware that bf may be something other than a myth as in the early 1980,s, a friend and I came across some a bunch of older and abandoned houses in the middle of nowhere. We found at least 5 houses, barns, farm equipment, and a few foundations from buildings used to raise chickens. I wish that we would have taken the time to check them out and a few hears after we came across them, the land was sold to a hunting group. It was quite bizarre finding this ranch in such an out of the way location and it seemed just abandoned.


If any of you know more about this report, I would love to hear it. UPs

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The Cowman of Copalis Beach is the scariest written account... :unsure:

But the 911 recording... holy moly... I feel faint whenever I listen to that one! It's perfect for getting in a spooky mood on Halloween night! :blink:

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A few more of my favorites:



DATE: Late Summer, early Fall 1969

LOCATION: Garrison, Texas, Nacogdoches County

TERRAIN: Family farm, forest surrounding farm.

OBSERVED: There are several chains of events in this report. During the time of these events I was 5 years old, but have talked with my Mother, Brothers, and Sister on several occasions about the eventsthat happened, and everytime I talked to them, they were amazed at how much I seemed to remember about everything that happened back then, with me being so young.

I remember it all very well, as it is burned into my memory, and I have fought nightmares most of my life due to these events.

My Father worked out of town and was gone for months at a time, so it was my Mother, two Brothers, and Sister as well as myself, and the Dogs. The first thing that happened, was my Aunt and Cousin had cameover to visit and spend the night. My Mother had asked them to come over, due to the fact, that something had been hanging around the house, she was not sure what it was, but she was scared, and thinking it was a prowler, she wanted somebody else there, with us. My Aunt, said shewasn't scared, and came over ready to confront the prowler if he showed up.

It was a Friday night, and was around 9:45-10:00pm. when all heard a noise out in the barn. It was a sound of something rummageing around in there. Well my Mother and my Aunt lead the way, both of themcarrying their pistols that my Dad and Uncle had bought them for protection while they were away working. We followed them at a slight distance, it was my Cousin, my Sister, and middle Brother as well asmyself. My oldest Brother had spent the night with a friend that night.We were a good 50 foot behind my Mom and Aunt, and was joking around and stuff.

Just as my Mom, and Aunt got close to the entrance of the barn, and started to round the corner to go inside with their flashlights,they all of a sudden screamed and turned and out ran all of us kids backto the house, screaming at us to "Hurry, Run" the whole way back to the house.

We all were curious as to what had scared them, so we asked them what they had seen. All they would tell us, is that as they turned the corner to enter the barn, something let out one of the most "Demonic,Evil Growls" that they had ever heard in their whole life. It was enough to let them know it didn't want to be messed with. We all laughed at them and started to go look for ourselves. But the threats of getting our hides tanned if we did, convinced us, that something musthave really been wrong out there.

Up until then, we actually thought, that they were messing with us, and trying to scare us. So we stayed back at the house.

I know for a fact, that my Mother is a strong woman, who was raised in the backwoods of Oklahoma, and is not scared of just anything, much less a sound. So it had to be something she had never heard before, as it sent fear thru her.

We all spent the night talking about "What it might have been, lurking out in the barn".

The next night we heard something in the barn again, but didn't get to check it out, since the previous nights events had left my Mother and Aunt thinking that some sort of Devil or Evil beast was out there. So Sunday, my Mom had my middle Brother take our two German Police Dogs, and tie them up in the barn. Their chains would only let them get to about 5 foot shy of the center pathway thru the barn. They were bothtied on the same side of the barn. Which left open the middle and the other side of the barn. She was sure that if that "Thing" came back that the dogs would take care of it, or keep it out of our barn. Nobody had realized up till this point, that the Dogs ran loose on the place, andhad not messed with whatever it was so far.

Sunday Night passed without anything being heard. So Monday morning, at approximately, 8:30, I followed my Mom to the barn to check on the dogs.She went in just before me, and came running back crying. She told me "Not to go in there"! I dodged to the right and ran past her.

In the barn, laying just off the side of the middle of the barn, was my calf. It was a young Dairy calf, that was like a pet Dog to me. I could whistle and this calf would come running up to me to be petted just like a Dog would. At first, I thought that the Dogs had killed it. But after examining it,and re-thinking it over and over in my head a million times or more, since then. I am sure it could NOT have been the Dogs. Evidence to suggest that they did not do it, was their chains stopped them a good5-6 foot from where the calf lay dead. And two is that the calf had his stomach ripped open and the insides were pulled out about only 2 foot orso, facing completely away from the Dogs. If it was the Dogs, the insides would have been stretched towards them and not away from them, as well as the stomach wound the Calf sustained. Point number three is that the Dogs ran loose and had never attacked any Calves, or Cattle before. So why did they all of a sudden start then?

We had Chickens on the other side of the barn, but I can't remember if anything ever got into their pens or not.

What I think happened, is that whatever had been coming into the barn, had came back, and the Dogs had to have just cowered in the corner while it killed my Calf, and feasted on whatever it wanted from the poor animal.

I repeat, there was no barking, or crashing around in the barn that night.

Now the last thing that happened during that time. It was a good week or so later, I had gotten up to go to the bathroom late one night, and wehad the windows open to keep it cool in the house, as we didn't have any air conditioning back then. As I re-entered the room, I heard somethingscratch on the window screen. I looked up and saw in the glow of the moonlight, some sort of demonic, apelike looking face, just staring at me.It seemed to be grinning at me and it had its hand up and was like it wasbeckoning me with it's finger to come closer.

Well I freaked out totally and woke up the whole house. My middle Brother who was 12 years old at the time woke up and saw it turn to run from the window. I screamed so loud I probably woke up the whole county.

It wasn't until around 1983, and I was talking to my oldest Brother about the whole lot of things that happened back then, and about the creature in the window. He was 15 years old back at that time in 1969.He informed me, that he had seen the same thing, and it acted the same way, on 3 seperate occasions, somewhere around the same time. He said that it would motion for him to come to the window as well,and he would pull the covers over his head and just shiver until he wentback to sleep.

Our house was off the ground built on blocks, and had about 3 foot of clearance under it, so where the things head came up on the window would put it around the 7 foot tall mark maybe a little taller.

When talking to my family about this, they reminded me of some local lore that was going around back then. It was about some sort of"Wildman" that was supposed to have been seen about 5 miles down the road from our house, wandering the woods. It was supposed to be really tall, actually it was classified as "Really BIG" and covered with darkcolored hair. Several of the local people had seen this thing, and there was several tales about it, in the community as to who seen it, and whatit was doing and such.

My Brother made the suggestion that maybe that is what had terrorized our homestead back then.

I am not sure as to what it was exactly, but all the pieces seemed to fit with whatever that "Wildman" thing was and what happened to our family back then.

We moved out the following month, due to the events of the Creature and it terrorizing our home. My Mother had phoned my Father where he worked, and told him that "She wasn't going to live in a house intotal fear, of some sort of creature, wandering around there at all hours of the night"!

Description of creature: Tall and Demonic, Apelike looking face. Seemed to be grinning at me.

Other Notes: One other thing I feel may have some relevance here, is we had a Horse that we had for a couple of years. We had bought it off a good friend, whom had several Horses, and we used to go ride this same Horse at his house. The Horse was so gentle, and good with us kids, that my Dad bought him for us. Shortly before these events started, (or when they came to our attention anyway) and completely afterwards, the Horse seemed to go completely crazy. It was a gentle horse, at first, but it got to acting so crazy, nobody could ride it, and catching it became a royal pain. I have often wondered if this thing had also terrorized our Horse as well, especially since it seemed to just go completely crazy around the same time. We ended up selling the Horse after we left there, as that Horse was not the same as he once was.



DATE:May 1971

TIME: Daytime

LOCATION:Oklahoma, McCurtain County, Broken Bow Reservoir, out of the Beaver Bend Reservoir area.

TERRAIN:Wooded, Mountains

OBSERVED: In May of 1971, while on a fishing/camping trip to Broken Bow Res., north of Broken Bow, Ok., I , and my friend A.C.(Name with held by request) encountered what I now believe was a Sasquatch/Bigfoot. At this time in my life I was only 18 years old, and neither A.C. nor myself had ever heard of such a creature.

We were being rewarded by my father for our 12 years of hard work getting through high school. A.C. had (along with most of my other friends) enlisted in the Armed Forces. I had bigger plans as I had been awarded a scholarship to attend college.

We arrived at our campsite around midday and began setting up our camp. My father, Hugh Holley and a cousin of ours; Earl Varley set a tent up near the beach. A.C., my brother-in-law Carl (Sonny) Walston, and I set our tent up approximately 50 yards from the rocky beach. A variety of trees surrounded our tent. The brush was thick. (The reader should be made aware this was before there were any "established" camp sites on the Broken Bow Res. Everything was primitive).

Following a light lunch of cheese and crackers, the four of us started out onto the lake in two separate boats to fish and set lines out. My father and Earl were in one boat. They would be setting out "trot lines". Sonny, A.C. and myself were in another boat. Our intention was to catch some Crappie or Channel Catfish for the evening meal with our poles.

As the day wore on, and as we were not catching anything with our poles, sonny suggested we call it a day and return to camp. We arrived ahead of Dad and Earl, so we decided to get things set up for the evening meal. A.C. had never camped or fished in the 18 years I'd known him. So, he wanted to have a camp fire. (Now I don't ever go camping unless I have a camp fire. It doesn't have to be big, just cheerful and small) We gathered fire wood, and A.C. reflected that he thought there should be birds chirping, and squirrels running through the trees. I didn't think anything about it, until that night after it got dark.

Dad and Earl had left camp shortly before dark to run their lines. Sonny had gotten sick during the evening meal and had retired to our tent to sleep. A.C. and I had gotten close to the fire and had started congratulating each other for having survived 12 years of the Clarksville, Texas, school system. We opened a couple cans of Coors beer and began toasting each other, and our futures together. We sat close to the fire and A.C.. remarked, "Dave, it sure is quiet." I stopped talking long enough to listen to the sounds of the night; but there were none. No crickets, no owls, no frogs, nothing. It was strange. I'd been on enough trips with my Dad, Earl, Sonny and my uncle and cousins to know that you always heard sounds. Especially on or near a lake surrounded by trees.

I think I told A.C. it was strange, but not to worry about it. I got us another beer and as we sat around the fire, I began to get an uncomfortable feeling. The hair on the back of my neck began to stand up, I began to wipe my eyes which had begun to tear. I turned to A.C. and asked him if he had the feeling we were being "watched". He nodded his head yes, and we began to listen. Just beyond the tree line, we could hear something large moving around our campsite. We began to get worried about Sonny. He was asleep in our tent, and whatever was circling our camp was also just behind our tent.

We began to walk around the fire, putting the fire behind us. We both just figured with the campfire flames in front of us, we wouldn't be able to see whoever (and we did think it was a whoever) was trying to scare us. We soon heard my Dads boat coming back towards the beach, and so gathered up a couple of weak flashlights and went down to the beach to meet them. (Maybe not the bravest thing to do, but perhaps it was the smartest).

Dad and Earl told us we really needed to have been in bed, and that we should turn in for the night if we were going to fish the next day. we looked at each other, and then looked back towards our tent. Believe me, the night had suddenly become much darker...much more menacing. As we began our long walk towards the tent, Dad said, "You boys be sure to put out the fire." Yeah...go ahead and laugh. When the fire was put out, and we had to walk to the tent, the night was even darker.

Somehow, we fell asleep. Maybe it was because we didn't hear anything or anyone walking around the tent after we turned in; but we slept. The next morning, Sonny woke us up and told us he didn't appreciate A.C. and I walking around the tent the night before breathing hard and "growling". A.C. and I just looked at each other and tried to tell him we hadn't been guilty of trying to frighten him. (After all...my brother-in-law had been in Viet Nam and had been awarded a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and a Silver Star. Sonny wouldn't scare easy).

Nothing happened that day, or that night. Everything changed, however, on Sunday, May 16,1971 .A.C. and myself had decided to climb to the top of one of the islands in the middle of the Res. We had spotted the island we wanted to "conquer" the day before. We told my Dad, Earl, and Sonny we would meet them back at camp. They were going to take their lines up.

I was running the outboard motor. Everything was fine. We moved across the water and circled one island and then we saw our island in front of us. I eased off the gas, turned the motor off and we slip effortlessly to a stop on the islands rocky beach. A.C. pulled the boat up farther onto the beach, secured the boat and I climbed out. We noticed a rather large game trail a short distance away from us, and we decided we'd use it to make our way to the top of the island. As we walked up the trail it began to get steeper and harder to climb without grabbing a sapping, or a bush along the way. We persevered, however, and gained the top of the island.

We were amazed with what we saw. A clearing of about 50-60 yards wide had been packed down. There was no tall grass. The grass had not been grazed by deer, wild cattle, etc. No, it had been flattened by something, or someone who was very heavy. Near the edges of the clearing were several trees; all around us which had been snapped off approximately 9-10 feet . The tops of these trees (mostly Pine saplings) hung down lifeless towards the ground. I commented to A.C. that a skunk must be near because the wind was bringing its scent towards us, and it was sure stout.

We had brought a small Confederate flag with us, and I put it in the break of one of the broken saplings. We agreed we should do our class yell. "WE RAISE HELL...WE HAVE FUN...WE'RE THE CLASS OF '71!" We left the flag and began our trip back down the hill.

At some point, we became aware we weren't alone. Just beyond our vision we could hear something, or someone walking. When we walked, it walked. When we stopped, it stopped. The worse smell odor either of us had ever smelled was nearly overpowering.

A.C. said he caught the glimpse of someone watching us as we stopped for a rest, but he couldn't make any features out. Suddenly we heard it moving towards us. The stench was bad! We began to run, and I realized we were not on the game trail. We panicked! After 28 years I'm not ashamed to say I was scared. We found ourselves standing on the edge of a drop off of about ten feet from the forest floor, and whatever was pursuing us was coming closer. I screamed to A.C. to jump! We landed on our feet and tried to catch our breath. That strange sensation washed over me, and I became very still and very quiet. The forest was still. Not even a breeze. Then we heard it. A grunting/growl, heavy breathing. We both turned our heads upwards and looked into the face of what I at first thought was a gorilla! "F#@kin'A!" shouted A.C. All I could do was say "Run!"

Run we did! We ran through thorn bushes. We crashed through trees and brush a sane man would have gone around, and all the time we could hear this "gorilla" crashing through the same brush and trees. Only it sounded like a freight train coming after us.

To this day I don't know how we made it to the beach, but we made it. However, our escort was still coming, and it didn't sound to pleased. Fortune smiled upon us in the fact we came out only yards away fro our boat. I raced for the boat, untied it and jumped in! I started the motor and shouted for AC. to come on. He was about to climb into the boat when he spied a triangular rock. Grabbing the rock he planted it in the middle of the game trail we had originally followed up the hillside. I was still screaming at him when he pushed the boat into the water and jumped into it.

As I put the boat in reverse and was moving away from the island, "IT" burst out of the brush and onto the beach. It made a scream I will never forget. (I have heard screams of a similar type on many of the BIGFOOT WEB SITES.)

What did this creature look like, I honestly can't say I looked at his/its feet, so I'm not going to be foolish enough to comment upon this point. However, as it entered the lake after us, swinging its long arms, splashing water, I had the impression it was about 8-9 feet tall. Heavily built, covered in redish-brown hair which covered its entire body except around the eyes, nose and mouth. I also had the impression its head was conical in shape, and I can't remember seeing much of a neck. I do know it was very aggressive.

A.C. and I agreed not to speak about what happened to our buddies. We were afraid of being branded as "Nuts". We never did speak of it.

It was about a year later while sitting in a doctors office I happened to run across a Readers Digest, which carried an article on a creature called Sasquatch, or more commonly known as Bigfoot.

It didn't take me long to figure this is what A.C. and I saw. Since that day...I've been a hunter of sorts. Forget deer. Forget big game. I search for Bigfoot.

Activities of Witness: Camping, exploring island

Description of Creature: 8-9 feet tall. Heavily built, covered in redish-brown hair which covered its entire body except around the eyes, nose and mouth. I also had the impression its head was conical in shape, and I can't remember seeing much of a neck. I do know it was very aggressive.




YEAR: 1977

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Latimer County



OBSERVED: In 1977 I went with my church Bethel Baptist on a retreat to Robbers Cave State Park. We had arrived on Friday evening and would be leaving on Sunday afternoon. Well, on Saturday I couldn't shake the feeling that we, the campers, were being watched. Later that afternoon a storm rolled in and it was going pretty strong by the time lights out came. The girls cabin was located at the far end of the camp ground and was in the shape of a horseshoe. I was sleeping on the top bunk bed on the right arm, if you were standing at the door, in the middle of the three bunk beds for that side. Everyone was really nervous because of the storm so it took a while for us girls to go to sleep.

Well, I couldn't go to sleep because I'm really sacred of storms so I was just laying in my sleeping bag when I heard the sound of the screen door to the cabin open. I thought I was hearing things until I heard it bang shut. I told myself it was one of the girls or maybe a counselor going to the bathroom, but then I smelled something foul. At that point I became very still, hardly breathing, and I could hear heavy shuffling foot steps walking around the cabin on the others side. Then the shuffling started coming my way and the smell increased. I became like a board. Then next thing I know I can feel something standing above and behind me and I hear this deep breathing and sort of a soft growl coming from above my head, which I couldn't understand because I was on the top bunk bed. I wanted to scream but I was too scared. I continued to listen and what ever it was walked to the window at the foot of the bunk bed and then returned to the head of the bed, standing behind me.

What happened next froze the blood in my veins. Something large, and furry, touched my face. It traced my face, and along the headgear I was wearing for my braces. The next thing I remember was waking up in the morning, on the floor beside the bunk bed, in my sleeping bag, with my pillow under my head. ! I have no idea how I got there and it really freaked me out. I thought I had had a really bad dream until the girl who had been sleeping in the bunk bed beside me, on the bottom, grabbed me the next morning and told me she had seen it. I asked her what she had seen and she said that it was a big black hairy creature standing behind me and she couldn't scream because she thought that if she did, it would kill me. She and I made a promise never to tell anyone about what happened, and I haven't until this day.

ALSO NOTICED: There was just the feeling that we were being watched all day Saturday.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were two witnesses. Myself and the girl that was on the bottom bunk bed to my right. She was also away because of the storm.

OTHER STORIES: No, I've never heard of any other incidents in this area.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment was very wooded around the cabin and hilly due to the surrounding mountains.




YEAR: 1998


DATE: 11/12/1998

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Liberty County

LOCATION DETAILS: North east part of Fort Stewart in a training area. Surrounded by Highway 119, 144 and I-95 This area is relatively swampy with thick vegeation in most parts. Occured on a dirt road. Would have to look at a map of Ft. Stewart to show close to exact area.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 144

OBSERVED: Let me set up the story with some information that is pertinent to the situation. I was in the Army stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia. My job at the time was as a gunner on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. My unit was in the field conducting a training exercise which was to last a few days. The Bradley fighting vehicle is an armored tracked vehicle that normally has a crew of three; (Vehicle Commander, Gunner and Driver).

One night around 2AM my vehicle was moving solo along a dirt road (we called them tank trails) in the northeast part of Fort Stewart. We were driving blacked out with no lights on. I was acting as gunner and had my head buried in the thermal sight system which is used to engage targets at night. The thermal sight distinguishes differences in heat signatures and formulates a picture in either white hot or black hot (depending on what you have selected) against a red background. The driver had the hatch closed and was using a night vision device to view the road.

The vehicle commander was standing up out of the hatch looking through night vision monoculars. While moving along, if we encountered an intersection I would slew the turret either left or right (90 degrees) over the side of the vehicle to look down the road and clear it of any simulated enemy. At one particular intersection I did this maneuver, slewed the turret over the right side of the vehicle and looked down the trail.

It was clear and the vehicle made a right turn. After turning we drove approximately one hundred yards. The vegetation was extremely thick in this area due to being a swamp and about 10-12 feet high. As I was looking through the sight I observed something come out of the vegetation, approximately fifty yards in front of us, from the right side of the road and walk across the road to the left and re-enter the vegetation. The dirt road is approximately 15-20 feet wide.

This creature cleared the road in three steps at a normal stride. It didn't seemed bothered by us or in a rush. I don't recall it looking in our direction. Its head and torso were straight and it just walked on. Typically while looking through the thermal sight at a person you can distinguish clothing, hair, equipment they may be wearing, etc and be able to judge their height with the surroundings they are standing in. This creature appeared through the thermal sight to be one constant color from head to foot, have no clothes on and to be fairly tall, approximately 7-9 feet.

The first thought that came to my head was a bigfoot. At the time it all just seemed to make sense. From watching documentaries and reading books as a kid it all seemed to fit. Everything happened very quickly. I was shocked when I saw it and said nothing till after it went back into the woods. I announced to the vehicle commander over the internal comm system that something just walked across the road and it wasn't a man or an animal. He got spooked and told the driver to punch it. I wanted to stop and investigate but no one else was having that. We were never able to go back and now I could only vaguely point out a general area we were in.

ALSO NOTICED: No one else wanted to hang around to check out the area in which the creature crossed. Due to the vehicles noise nothing was heard.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only person out of three to observe the creature.

OTHER STORIES: After observing the creature, the next morning at breakfeast I took some heavy ribbing over seeing Bigfoot. A soldier came up to me and stated his father had been stationed at Ft Stewart during the 60's. This soldier was sincere in saying that his father had also observed what he thought was Bigfoot in the same part of the base as I had observed mine. He did not or I have forgotten and other details he provided.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 2AM. Totally dark with maybe a little bit of lunar illumination. Can't remember about clouds.

ENVIRONMENT: Swamp with thick vegetation on either side of dirt road. Vegetation in area was approximately 10-12 feet at its highest




YEAR: 1987


MONTH: September

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Long County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near the post boundry on 144. Cannot determine from map recon if it was in Tatnall or Liberty Counties.

NEAREST TOWN: Glennville

NEAREST ROAD: 144, SE near installion boundary. Large tank trail intersecting 144 in area.

OBSERVED: I was assigned to Fort Stewart with my platoon during an NTC train-up. The MP supervised road crossing of 144 (hard stand night road crossings at that time had to have MPs to manage the traffic) had been closed for the night leaving my platoon separated on the opposite side of the road from the Task Force and my company--we were told to stay put on the SE side of 144 until morning when we could cross without the MPs. Since we had been down range for many weeks, we maintained radio contact, formed a herringbone in a clearing, but otherwise went admin and I let everyone sleep. Most of the soldiers were turret lizards sleeping on top of their tracks. Almost all had the ramp down (Not very tactical but we were smoked). The weather was warm and sticky, typical for early Fall in SE Georgia. Sometime during the evening as I and my platoon sergeant sat underneath a tree talking, we heard a terrible scream from our front, about fifty yards away inside the treeline. I got up to walk toward the noise but my platoon sergeant stopped me. The scream sounded like a woman being harmed, but there was a wildness to it as well. At the time I assumed it was a panther (but have recently heard there is no extant recording a such a thing. That and I drive past Woman Hollering Creek outside of San Antonio from time to time and am reminded). There was nothing else. The funny thing was when the scream finished, all the previously quiet armored vehicle engines started and the soldiers raised the ramps, climbed inside and went back to sleep.


OTHER WITNESSES: My whole platoon. Bedding down for the evening.

OTHER STORIES: Only the activity on your site.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 2100 to 2200

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest in a swamp, pretty much the same as the whole Ft. Stewart vicinity




YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August


STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Conejos County


by Richard D. McCuistion, Sr., Chilton Williamson, and Keith Foster

Between 4 and 7 August 1998 we began a long term study in a drainage thought to be the summer range of the Sasquatch(s) described by Foster in the Big Foot Research Organization’s geographical data base for Conejos County, Colorado. Our purpose was to spend at least six days in the study area to establish our presence deep into, what we thought might be, the home range of the creature and to familiarize ourselves with the area. Exact locations within Townships 35 and 36 North and Range 4 East will not be divulged here because of the area’s importance to us as a long term study area. Also, it is not recommended that anyone, other than serious researchers who coordinate their activities in the area with us, venture into this area because of its remoteness and the unusual occurrences that we experienced.

The study area is heavily timbered with slopes ranging from about 10% (6§) to over 100% (45§) and elevations ranging from 9400 feet above mean sea level (MSL) to over 12,000 feet above MSL. The off road terrain is extremely rough and suitable campsites are almost nonexistent. The soils are granitic, very firm, and not particularly conducive to animals with soft feet leaving discernible tracks -- shod horses weighing 1,000 pounds or more generally left slight hoof impressions in the surface of the dirt road. The study area is summer range for an apparently sizable population of elk (Cervus elaphus). The cow elk and their calves that I observed were numerous, well fed, and healthy. I believe that this population serves as a prey base for the alleged resident sasquatch(es) as well as other large predators including man. No evidence of bears was seen on this trip, but that does not preclude them from existing there.

The first twenty-one hours spent in the study area by Williamson and me were uneventful. We found a suitable campsite that had a fire ring and other evidence of recent human usage -- possibly by seasonal elk hunters. The campsite lay between dense forest and rising terrain on the north-northwest, east and southeast sides and a large wet meadow that drains into the _________ Creek on the west side. The meadow covers an area of about 230 acres and is oriented on a northwest-southeast axis. It was about 250 yards wide west-southwest of our campsite.

At 16:00 MDT, 5 August 1998, Williamson and I heard five distinct primate-like calls apparently originating from an 11,000 foot high ridge north of the campsite. The vocalizations resembled those of a large man rising from a low pitch to a higher pitch before ending -- something like "Uuuuhhhhaaaa - Uuuuhhhhaaaa" and were similar to the vocalizations that I

heard near Leadville during the early morning of 23 October 1994. The vocalizations stopped before they could be recorded. To our knowledge, no other humans were within four and a half miles of our campsite. A possible hiker’s camp was observed by us as we drove into the area the previous day. It was approximately four and a half miles southeast of our camp and was

next to the access road and a pack trail leading up to _______Peak. This camp was located at about 9400 feet above MSL and the intervening, rough, and heavily wooded terrain rose to over 11,000 feet above MSL. By road, the distance between camps was greater than seven miles. At about 16:30 MDT, we were joined by Keith Foster and his son Andrew. We discussed the vocalizations and it was noted that our campsite was about ______ miles from the site of Foster’s scream encounter of June 1994.

At about 01:40 MDT, 6 August 1998, Williamson was awakened by an undetermined disturbance. Since he had decided to keep his horses in their trailer that night, it may have been their movements in the trailer that awakened him. At about 01:57 MDT, he heard a vocalization coming from nearby that sounded something like "Ahhhh - uuuhhhh" -- a diminutive, rhythmic, and almost conversational form of the vocalization heard the preceding afternoon. Also, this vocalization was repeated several times and was followed by a pair of low, sharp clicks as if two hard objects or rocks were being struck together. Foster also heard the clicks. The vocalization seemed to emanate from a small ridge less than a quarter of a mile northeast of our campsite. Unfortunately, Williamson was unable to awaken me sufficiently for me to corroborate his observations.

After daybreak on 6 August, we observed several elk cows and their calves grazing on a bench about one half mile southwest and upslope of our campsite. Several bulls were observed bedded down above the timberline on the east-northeast slopes of _______Peak. After breakfast, we conducted a brief examination of the area north of our campsite, but nothing unusual was observed. Foster and his son departed to examine the bait sites that he had established near the site of his scream encounter. These bait sites were established in mid-July 1998 and were designed to collect hair samples and hand prints. Williamson and I rode the horses further down the drainage following a closed logging road. We rode about one and a half miles down-drainage before coming to the end of the closed road. We found the road washed out and impassable by vehicle. At the road’s end, we found a major game trail that continued down the_________Creek drainage, but we elected not to follow it because of the deadfall and snags which made going impossible for the horses. While at this location, I took the opportunity to pound rhythmically on a hollow log with a large rock for about 30 minutes; my effort, however, elicited no response. We retraced our path to our campsite and rode beyond it to an old clear-cut. The exact date of the cut is not known, but it shows up on the aerial photography taken on 29 August 1989 as a recently disturbed area. This clearcut is now an open meadow with slopes of about 10% to 20% and is covered with a generous growth of grasses, sedges, and some pine saplings ten or twelve feet in height. Numerous cow and calf elk tracks, along with recently used beds, were observed throughout this area.

At 18:03 MDT, 6 August 1998, numerous and sustained primate-like screams or roars were heard by Williamson and me reverberating around our campsite. The direction from which the vocalizations emanated could not be determined, and the quality of the calls seemed to have a definite edge or harshness over the vocalizations heard the previous day. They sounded something like "Rrrrraaaahhhh - Rrrrraaaahhhh!". These vocalizations lasted for about four minutes and, again, I was unable to record them. The horses were securely tethered to the rear of their trailer and we turned in for the night at about 22:30 MDT which coincided with the rising of a full moon.

At about 02:00 MDT, 7 August 1998, Williamson and I were awakened by Foster’s vehicle alarm system, which caused a few moments of pandemonium, and Foster shouting, "False alarm!". He then advised us of the events preceding the alarm’s activation. He stated that he had been awake when he began to hear a rhythmic rock-clacking 50 to 100 yards north of the campsite. The sounds of two rocks being struck together began at about 01:40 MDT. He described the sound as having a definite cadence of one strike per second and lasting for a period about twenty seconds. He observed that the horses were fully alert , extremely nervous or frightened, stamping and snorting and both of them were trying to position the horse trailer between themselves and the source of the rock-clacking. There were no slopes around the campsite steep enough for a dislodged rock to tumble down and duplicate the steady cadence that he heard. Upon hearing the clacking and observing the fright exhibited by the horses, he attempted to lower the window of his sport utility vehicle in order to hear better, but inadvertently activated the alarm system which caused Williamson and me to respond to the emergency with weapons at the ready.

The events leading up to the alarm were discussed, especially the horses’ exhibited behavior. They are experienced mounts for deer and elk hunting and have been used on numerous such hunts to pack out downed game. They have also been exposed to bear which, according to their owner, frighten them considerably. Foster expressed the opinion that no further incidents would be forthcoming because of the noise made by the alarm and our activity and then he retired for the night. Williamson and I decided to maintain a listening watch. Within 45 minutes after activity in the camp subsided, the horses began to alert again and, with the aid of a sound amplifying device, Bionic Ear, stealthy, creeping footfalls could be heard. Although the device had a directional parabola, there was enough spurious background noise from over-flying jet aircraft to make precise directional orientation difficult; still, the footfalls that I heard were definitely not the thudding noise made by the horses or other hoofed animals as they walk. It became apparent that the horses were confirming what I was hearing and that they were giving us an accurate bearing on the intrusions. The horses never alerted toward the meadow on our open west-southwest flank.

To aid us in our surveillance, we also used a pair of night vision goggles, but despite a full moon and the unit’s infrared spotlight, viewing into the shadows wasn’t very productive because of the jumble created by branches and snags. A four celled Mag-Lite was also used to pan suspected areas and at about 04:00 MDT red eye-shine was detected. The eye-shine appeared as two parallel, reddish pinpoints which winked off and on at about the same visible plane as the base, and to the side of, a lone tree growing on the southwest rim of a small swale. The swale began about 15 yards north of the horse trailer and was approximately 25 yards in diameter. A person of average height standing in it would be unable to see over the rim and into our campsite. The eye-shine’s color was consistent with the red or orange reported by Grover Krantz ("Big Foot-Prints", 1992), while the color of the eye-shine cast by the horses was lime green. Despite a full moon and clear meteorological conditions, no grazing elk or other nocturnal animals were

observed at any time during the night. (An absence of browsing deer and nocturnal animals was previously reported by me in my report of the alleged sasquatch screams and response calls that I heard near Leadville, CO in October 1994.) The meteorological conditions then were basically the same as on the morning of 7 August 1998. Moonset occurred at about 05:30 MDT.

The intrusions occurred at intervals of one every 45 to 60 minutes and always began with the horses alerting in a different direction toward the forest around us. Stealthy footfalls and movements would be detected and we would wait until we were absolutely sure that an animal was close by; then we would unzip the tent’s insect netting and pan the suspected area with the night vision goggles or the Mag-Lite. An interesting, and I believe important, observation is of the horse’s behavior preceding successive intrusions. They were becoming more accepting of whatever was encroaching upon our campsite. Bears are ruled out because they were not observed and the horses did not exhibit the fear reaction they are known to show in a their presence.

After daybreak, the area around the campsite was examined for tracks and other disturbances. The ground’s surface was, as stated previously, very firm and fairly even, with a layer of pine needle duff under the trees and grasses and sedges in the open areas. Rock outcrops occurred throughout, and the open areas were moist from a heavy dew and a light rain shower from the previous afternoon. An animal’s bed was found about 90 yards north of the campsite under a tree above the northern rim of the swale. This position or bed provided an excellent, but screened, view of our campsite. The bed was dry and appeared fresh, and I did not observe any hoofprints or footprints in or around it although the soil and duff were disturbed. There was no detectable odor in the bed. Foster picked up two base-ball sized rocks and struck them together to demonstrate the sound he had heard earlier that morning. The noise he produced startled the horses and elicited their undivided attention during the demonstration.


1. Primate-like vocalizations were heard on three separate occasions between 5 and 7 August 1998. The vocalizations heard in the afternoons of 5 and 6 August 1998 could not have been made by a human without the aid of a megaphone because of the dense forest and vegetation which quickly attenuated sound. These vocalizations lasted for a period of not more than five minutes each occurrence and were definitely produced by a living animal and not by a tape player. The vocalizations heard on 5 August had, as interpreted by Williamson, a "Heads up or general announcement" quality to them, whereas those vocalizations heard on 6 August were more like "Now hear this!". The vocalization heard during the early morning of 6 August had a conversational quality to it and was followed by a pair of low, sharp clicks which were also heard by Foster.

2. The footfalls and movements heard with the Bionic Ear were consistent with the night movement techniques that I learned during my training as a combat infantryman. The technique was, basically, to place the toe of your boot carefully but firmly, avoiding branches, twigs, or dry leaves, and then gradually shift your weight to that foot so as to minimize the sound of vegetation being crushed or soil being shifted. It is apparent to me now that the tent’s zipper broadcast our alertness and the panning spotlight confirmed it.

3. The horses that we had with us were, initially, invaluable as an early warning system, but they seemed to become accepting of whatever it was that kept encroaching upon our campsite. It appeared to their owner that they were beginning to show the same interest in the intruder(s) as they did when one of us approached them.

4. We were not subjected to the same sort of intimidation or threat displays, such as screams, and thrashing of vegetation that others have reported in their sasquatch encounters. This difference in behavior could have been due to our numbers and the nature of our presence in the area. We all carried firearms, we actively scouted the area, we made drumming noises on a hollow log, we didn’t hunt the elk that abounded the area, and we remained vigilant during the night.

5. Williamson and I had the distinct impression that we were dealing with an adversary rather than a curious and semi-intelligent animal. My conclusion is based on my personal instincts and experience as a former Marine who has seen some combat and Williamson’s was based on his "gut feeling" as he had no previous experience with anything like this. We independently noted the change in the quality of the afternoon vocalizations between 5 August and 6 August, the use of non-verbal communication in the form of rock-clacking, and the repeated probing of our campsite on the morning of 7 August 1998. The rock-clacking could be interpreted as a form of close range communication intended to mimic naturally occurring sounds which would not tend to alert a quarry. According to Foster, such communication is sometimes used by bow hunters when hunting Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) and Mountain Goats (Oreamnos americanus) because they tend to disregard the sound of falling rock

6. The probing of a position is a complex, aggressive, and hostile act that is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an adversary. It is my opinion that the use of this device could only be made by an intelligent, sentient being or beings of potentially dangerous capability or intent. Although there are no recently documented incidents of anyone being attacked by a sasquatch(es), the above described occurrences, the Ape Canyon incident described by John Green ("On The Track of the Sasquatch", 1980), and the reference to chimpanzee hunting behavior described by Jane Goodall ("The Chimpanzees of Gombe: Patterns of Behavior", 1986) caused my personal warning flags to go up. Keith Foster’s "gut feeling" was that the encroachments on our campsite amounted to nothing more than simple curiosity.

7. After considering all of the events leading up to the night of 6-7 August, Williamson and I decided to cut short our planned stay and to leave when Foster and his son left for their home in Kansas. It was clear to us that our campsite could not be defended because of the surrounding terrain and forest and we did not want to test the intruder’s intelligence and tactical ability with just two people and a pair of increasingly relaxed horses. If we had, indeed, been probed the night before, we were obviously under constant surveillance and it would have been readily apparent to an intelligent being(s) that it had the advantage.

8. Although no conclusive evidence was found that would support a claim that our campsite had been visited or probed by a sasquatch(es), the area warrants further, and careful, investigation which we intend to, systematically, accomplish.






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Here is a final one for now.

Through the Fog

Back in the early 80’s I worked at an all night gas station close to the Kentucky Dam. You may have guessed already, that yes, this story takes place during the midnight shift, and it was the same business I worked at when first hearing about what the Beast of LBL had supposedly done to a unsuspecting family while camping between the lake area. (Scary stories always sound better when they take place at night, but this was not my choice mind you, it just happened this way.)

These incidents happened before and after the knowledge of the Beast, but keep in mind that knowing of a creature that could possibly exist in the surrounding area did not perk my imagination, nor spark hallucinations. Whether they merely happened by coincidence or by chance, they happened nonetheless. The following events added to my already established genuine, abiding regard concerning those mysteries that are left undiscovered and unapproachable, out in the dark of night. To this day I carry a healthy respect for things that go ‘bump’ in the forests, and treat other’s similar stories with the same consideration.

Several times during the midnight hours of my first summer working there I would hear what seemed to be a woman screaming. This echoing sound would come from the marshes that surrounded the gas station and would continue into a slow rolling roar that would have sent chills up the spine of even a deaf man. Many people told me it was just a bobcat, which had been spotted in the area before and to be cautious when crossing the parking lot to use the restroom, pick up litter or do some general cleaning outside at night.

I never got used to that lonesome curdling shriek that would erupt the silence of the early mornings. Sometimes it would come from way off in the distance, out of a line of trees that ran along the borders of a large creek. Other times it was closer, coming from the blackened swamp areas, and sometimes it was too intimate; like it was just behind the building I was working in at the time. There was never any warning to its beginnings; the shrillness of the volume would fill the humid air in the summer time and hang on like an eerie floating adhesive, sticking to everything it could adhere too and continue reverberating like the rasps of a beached whale. When the bellowing outcry was within the boundaries of the parking area it would make my legs shudder and grow weak. There was no getting use to this animal’s selfish display of needed attention.

What ever it was it could not be seen as the outside light poles only illuminated the four corners of the lot. The land up to the concrete curbs that squared off the property was lost in the darkness of nature. From down the road or from the nearby interstate the service station looked like a small four sided box with lights in the corners and a tiny building in the center of the lot.

The closer the outcries were, the more distinguished the tones and I couldn’t help but compare the sound to what an old biology teacher of mine would do to get the class’s focus at times. He would take these fist-sized geode rocks that had been busted in half, revealing large protruding crystals from the inside, and scrape them across the blackboard, one in each of his hands. The ear piercing screeching did not cease until he had run the length of the 8-foot slate. It was a hideous torture to the senses; enough to make your teeth hurt, put Goosebumps on top of Goosebumps and make you squeeze your bladder in while a trembling of microscopic marbles shot up your spine. The effect left everyone in a quivering state on the verge of momentary lunacy. Besides being quite deafening, it produced separate tones of raucous discord; some crystals formed a variety of high-pitched abrasive sounds while the larger ones created cantankerous, lower, gravely vibrations. All of them mixed together in some insane symphony. This was the sound that the unseen animal in the marshes would broadcast through the stifling heat of the summer nights.

Its secret invisible visits happened with great frequency at first and then the events would die down and then disappear all together, not revealing its intolerable cries for months at a time. The next spring it started up again, but further away this time in another section of fields that lay beyond the marshlands and closer to a government tree farm. It wasn’t long after it made its presence known again that the two officers came into the station with the tale of the campers found torn to pieces in LBL.

Myself, having been born and bred in a large city up north, did not want to fancy the notion of the alleged ‘beast’ being a Bigfoot or a werewolf, but fashioned my opinion around more logical explanations; bobcat, bear or wolves. Blaming an unknown hairy creature in the forests for being the culprit was not a fathomable answer to someone who grew up in the concrete and steel jungles around ‘real monsters’ called murderers and rapists. Even though several years prior while visiting one summer in Kentucky, not far from the Kentucky Dam at my aunts house, there was an encounter with a very unexplainable life form that knocked my ‘logical thinking’ into the ground. This particular event left me more confused then afraid and I had to change my way of perceiving certain ‘hairy beast legends’ in a new light. But that is another story.

Nonetheless, the idea of a bobcat, beast or a stereotype movie monster, doing that amount of damage to a human being sparked my uneasiness over hearing a possible relative lurking in the shadows around me where I worked. Besides, I knew that the typical murderer or rapist usually didn’t give out a war cry quite as unnerving as this one did, so I knew it had to be in the animal category of the food chain. (Speaking of the food chain…isn’t it ironic that even though we as humans think of ourselves as at the top of the chain, we still fear that which is below us? Not much to brag about is there? Hmm…)

Summer passed with the occasional screeching howls in the background of the quagmires. They would still send me into an instance of cowardice and anxiety but knowing the being was so far away gave me a hollow sense of security. It wasn’t until the late autumn, when the thick fogs began rolling in off the boggy mires, that a foreboding panic would invade me to the very marrow of my bones and create within me a lasting impression of authentic terror.

I had somehow made my way through the dense mist, mostly by memory alone, to the restrooms that were on the back of the lot to replenish the supplies and do some regular cleaning. Because the weather made it impossible for travelers to drive and see at the same time more then a few feet in front of them, I saw it as a great opportunity to get some work done knowing I would have very few customers if any.

It was well into the early morning, around three AM, and I was inside the women’s restroom slinging a mop when I heard a new sound, very different from the one of the bobcats. This one was like someone was riding a bike outside that had playing cards attached to the wheel spokes with clothespins along with balloons rubbing along the same turning tires; riding slowing, methodically, creating a sort of rough clicking growl. ‘Maybe it’s a car with a really bad muffler’, I thought to myself, wondering how it had found it’s way through the lot, or even found the drive way for that matter.

Just as I was putting the mop into the bucket to squeeze it through the wringer that old familiar scream was heard once more. Right outside the small building I was presently in at the time. The bucket turned over from the jerk I gave the mop after being startled over hearing the animal at such a close range. The bleach from the spilled water climbed through the air and stung my eyes but I couldn’t blink, couldn’t move any part of my body at the time; I just stood there staring at the door, waiting, listening.

The beating of my heart seemed so loud I thought that the animal outside might hear it. I really wasn’t aware of how much time had passed as I kept that paralyzed stance, trembling as if freezing from a wintry breeze. After awhile of listening to it’s grumbling low stifled growls outside the door I heard a police siren in the background, coming from the road. I could tell the vehicle was going at a slow pace, and I could just imagine it trying to creep through the cloudy atmosphere towards an accident no doubt. The animal’s commotion ceased from the other side of the door and all went quiet except for the wailing of the sirens that seemed to be coming directly from across the station out on the road.

A few more moments later I heard another scream from the same animal but this time it was further away, like it had retreated back into the wet bogs. This was my queue to get the ‘hell out of Dodge’ and back inside the safety of the front office building. Hastily I mopped up the mess on the floor, grabbed all the cleaning stuff and made my way back through the thickened clouds using my internal compass to the main building, locking the door behind me. The police car was still going down the road but it’s sirens seemed further away by now.

About thirty minutes later, after calming down a bit from the encounter and while taking some inventory I saw a shadow from the corner of my eye run past one of the windows. It shook me up a bit and I turned to concentrate on any more movement from outside. Again the shadow ran past but this time in front of another window. The building I was in was surrounded by three sides of glass windows, and was actually quite small compared to other gas stations. It was all self-serve and there were no garages attached. There was room inside for a few candy racks and a couple of large coolers to keep sodas and sandwiches in. There was also a back storage room but it was more of a walk in closet size, and then there was the cubicle up front surrounded by bullet proof glass where we conducted all the money transactions and stored cigarettes.

The shadow was very tall, way taller then the average man and was rather large in stature and moved in a bouncing motion as a man of sizeable bulk would move when trying to jog, and it appeared to have a coat on or at least something bulky. I heard a trash can turn over, heard the debris scatter across the concrete, (empty glass soda bottles, used oil cans and the rattling of other things) then heard the same can crash into one of the gas pumps outside as if something had picked it up and hurled it. This was no bobcat. This was someone having some fun outside at my expense.

Anger began growing within me as I was thinking that this was not a very humorous practical joke and I actually yelled out loud my dislike of the whole scenario, "This isn’t funny you @$$#&*%!!" Laying my clipboard down on the counter I began looking out the windows straining to see the mischief-maker again, all the while double-checking to make sure the doors were locked. (It was standard procedure to lock the doors after 10 PM and serve the customers through a sliding drawer, much like a bank tellers at a drive through service lane, inside the bulletproof cubicle.) While peering through the middle window, that same methodic grumbly growl introduced itself once more from outside. I was momentarily confused, ‘Was the bobcat back? Could the idiot outside hear it? Was there danger in store for the stranger who was trying to tease and terrorize me?’

The grumbling sound traveled around the corner to the back end and then the building shook from a massive hit to a wall. I could hear some stored items fall off their shelves and deposit themselves all over the floor in the storage room. There were no windows in the storage area, thank goodness, but there was a back door. I raced back there and started stacking cases of soda and boxes of oil against it to secure it even more. There was a low mumbling on the other side of the door and the sound came from up high; what seemed like around the top of the doorframe. A low and deep toned breathing could be heard also as I just stood dumbfounded staring at the grayish brown steel door. Two deliberate solid ‘thumps’ met with the door from the other side like someone who had just pounded on it with their fists and along with it came that unceremonious squall.

‘This was no bobcat! Nor was it some intimidating prankster!’ my mind screamed. In those few seconds a parade of memories sped through my brain, each of them crashing into one another as they raced to the finish line to see who would win, sanity or insanity. The image of an upright wolf like creature that I had seen years before at my aunt’s house, howling on top of the hill, was fighting for position with an overly large bobcat, and then the vision of a Bigfoot was lumbering along side of them. All the words from the two officers stories from a few months before echoed inside my head as these pictures within me created a macabre movie. Dizziness overtook me and I fell backwards onto some other cases of stacked sodas.

I remained there for the longest time, not knowing what to expect next, not really wanting to know actually and definitely not wanting to go back into the other part of the building where I or ‘IT’ could possibly get a better look at each other through one of the many windows. That terrifying thought was brewing when through the open door facing one of the candy racks I could see a shadow moving along the right side of the building, slowly through the fog. It was like not having your glasses on and trying to make out what something looked like through the entire blur of an unfocused silhouette.

Then briefly, ever so quickly a considerably large hand materialized and reached out from its secret form in the mist and touched the window. My first thought was ‘gorilla’, as in just that glimpse I saw the darkened nails, the blackish brown leathery skin, along with long dark hair hanging from behind the knuckles, spreading up the wrist, and up part of the arm that seemed to be floating in the whiteness of the fog. Then it was gone, replacing the horrifying scene with silence for the remainder of the morning.

I dared not move, or maybe I didn’t think I was actually capable of motion, either way, I remained on the stack of sodas for the few hours I had left on my shift. About an hour before the next crewmember was due to arrive the newly dawned sun began burning off the fog, making it retreat back into the marshes, back into the pores of the earth, like the ghosts of the undead. It was only then that I cautiously made my way outside and cleaned up the mess from the thrown trash receptacle. My mind was still trying to rationally explain the hours before but unconsciously I had already decided that the events would remain hidden within my memory, never to be discussed, only to stay buried under the clouds of my own inscrutable mystical fog.

That decision did not last very long as within a few weeks I had transferred to the afternoon shift, with a new guy taking the midnight shift. (Thank goodness for seniority…smile.) It wasn’t a few days later after this change that the new guy started telling me about the ‘sounds and howling’ he would hear from the night before. I re-assured him it was probably just a bobcat, and his reply was, "Yeah, right. I’ve lived around here all my life and I never heard no bobcat ever sound like that!" It was then we struck up a conversation about local Bigfoot stories and I then confessed as to what I had experienced a month prior. Needless to say, it totally freaked him out and he started having a friend come up and keep him company during the midnight hours. He never actually saw anything but the squalls would continue every so often about once a week and then it died out all together by the time winter rolled around.

I believe that in these days and times of the world, that the ridicule endured for these types of witnessing tales is not as straining as it use to be. It is acceptable now for people to come forward and tell of things they have seen or heard that are completely foreign to a logical explanation. The truth is out there, and most of us know it or have witnessed something to help substantiate the basis for the truth to be honestly believed.

-Jan Thompson.

Not sure that this really qualifies as a sighting, but it is a great story...even if just that - a story. This used to be on the Guardian Tales site, but it is down now. Found this after much internet searching, here:


Interesting sidenote: a few years ago we returned to Virginia from our yearly trip to Arkansas via Kentucky. We took a little trip off the beaten path and I am about 98% sure that we passed by the gas station in question. The details given about it are accurate. At the time we passed by, it was closed down. But there was the small operator building and a bathroom building out back. We traveled through this area before I was aware of this story. From what I saw, it is plausible.


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I love the William Roe sighting, it's one that has always stuck out for me. Since I'm an Albertan boy, born and bred, I also gotta go with the Crandell Campground Incident that was investigated by veteran researcher Tom Steenburg. That report was excellent in my books.:D

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