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Do You Have A Favorite Sighting?


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I think we had a similar topic on the old BFF so here goes. I like this one because I drive a little sports car and the thought of hitting one of these things and then have it chase you and smash your back end is a great visual to me.

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This is one of my favorites:

Moose hunter shoots "bigfoot" to death

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SSR Team
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Cool sightings all. I remember that one Splash7. Let's just say these gentlemen have a bigger set then me. A couple of roars and I'd be high tailing it out of there. Here's one of the hog killing sightings from back in the day.

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Two come to mind:

First, the "Chetco Indian Devil" incident from Southern Oregon, where the BF was harassing a logging camp and tore two loggers apart when they shot at (and apparently hit) it.

It's a gruesome story, but the details ring true. I've been told, but have been unable to confirm, that the Oregon State police still have a file on the incident, listed as an "unknown animal attack".

The other is a report out of Texas (iirc) where a hunter was in a tree stand when he was harassed by a squatch that tried to pull him down out of the stand. He fended it off by throwing cans of beverage at it and ultimately dumping the ice water from the cooler on it.

What I like about this one the aftermath. The man was so afraid of the woods after that that he once had car trouble in his long driveway and spent some time calling one person after another to come drive him 200 yards or so to his house instead of walking it. That shows me good evidence that he was well and truely traumatized beyond what could be expected of some random encounter with an animal.

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Guest BCCryptid

This is mine, reminds me of Dianne Fossey...

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

June, 1988

Near: Nanaimo off Nanaimo Lakes Road

Mount Benson in the Vancouver Island Range...

The area is a mountain river valley at the base of a mountain. Mostly Douglas fir and Sitka spruce, with a lot of poplars (I think) birch, and scrub brush down near the river. Quite remote from nearby civilization as it is 10 miles or so farther off the very end of a barricaded logging road, which has a few summer cottages.

This happened between 6 AM and 7 every morning over the course of the last week of June. The closest water would be the Nanaimo River and the farthest of its lakes.

I was on a solitary fishing trip/ retreat and has a tent set up own in the valley of the river. Every morning around the same time I was awakened by the sounds of several voices hooting and sort

of chattering. Like the apes you see on he wildlife TV specials. I was scared stiff the first time, peeked out the tent flap, and saw a family group of 4 man-like creatures splashing around in the river. A male, a female and twins.

This happened every day starting on the second morning I crawled out of the tent and just sat watching. They noticed me and I felt like the youngsters wanted to investigate but the adults held them back.

On the last morning I was up and out of the tent and making breakfast by the time they arrived. Instead of going to the water they sat down watching me! Talk about unnerving! If only I had taken

a camera, I could have got some truly amazing shots just then.

The adult male stood about 8 feet tall and was massively built throughout the chest and shoulders. Large biceps and thighs. Fairly human looking genitalia was pretty well hidden by longer hair. His hair was almost black and about 4 inches long on his head and neck, gradually becoming around an inch long on the rest of him. Actually it seemed to form a sort of longer girdle on the pelvic area. All their faces were similar, with a Cro magnon sort of look, brow ridge, and deep-set dark brown eyes. There was no hair around the eyes or mouth area and they have a bit of a beard as well. Their hands are just like ours except on a larger scale and hair on the backs. The most striking feature about them was the eyes. They are not dumb animals! And they understand that fire can hurt them. One little ones was going to pick up an ember that spit out of my campfire and the mother grabbed its hand and slapped it, then made a very human pain-filled wincing expression and sucked her fingers while shaking her head at the little one. Now you tell me what bear can do that!

As I understand there have been fires in the past in that area so it stands to reason the adults would know how destructive it is. The female was a good foot shorter than the male and of a slighter build. She did have fuzz-covered breasts with very prominent nipples. Her coloring was almost the color of an orangutan. She also looked to weigh about half of his weight.

The little twins: I call them so because they were identical in all respects except there was a male and a female. Their fur was not like the adults. It was more like fuzz that you see on a puppy or kitten until the adult coat grows in. When I say little ones I mean little. They were only tabletop height at best and tottered just like human babies do during their first few years. I have NEVER told any one about this because the place would have turned into a circus sideshow, so I hope you do not give specific location details if you publicize this account.

In closing I would like to say that these are gentle, caring family oriented creatures. They showed me no aggression at all and if I had been able to stay longer I might have been able to befriend them. They are a miracle as far as I am concerned. They have restored my faith in the mystical wonders of nature. Please do not do anything to destroy their peacefulness.

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This is one that I have enjoyed. Although, not an actual sighting, I have actually met this gentleman and heard his story first hand.


Splash, that one is one of my all time favorites! Here are a couple of others that are very high on my list.

This one I posted on the old forum, but thought I would post it again. I did clean it up some to make it a little more readable, but just the formatting, spelling, punctuation, etc. The words are the same. Unfortunately, it was posted on the old NC Bigfoot Investigations site which is no longer around.

A series of Bigfoot encounters


I have a story that has haunted me most of my life on a Bigfoot sighting in central NC in Davidson county. I am not scared of too much as my mom was a believed in UFOs, ghosts, etc. So I have been raised on much of that and to explore the unknown. My mom was not scared of anything like that but this scared her and me and it continued to happen quite often at our home. It all took place between 1978 and 1983. We lived in a big house on some family land at the time and a lot of the area was undeveloped land with a lot of woods around. I spent a lot of time in the woods but near the house after dark. My mom and I would swing on the front porch a lot at night in the summer and sleep out on the swing till late in the night. One night we heard a strange sound in the woods, almost like a scream and yelling, a bone chilling sound. My mom thought someone was playing in the woods down there, for a lot of teenagers at the time would go there and party and drink. Well my mom yelled back at it and laughed about it and this went on for a few minutes and so on. Then we heard a loud walking sound in the woods and it would stop and yell again as it got closer and closer to the house. Then my mom got scared and we ran in to the house. She locked the outside door, which we never locked. She grabbed me and took me down the hall that is where we went in real bad severe storms. It continued to make it sounds and it got to the back of the house which was closer to the woods. It busted open the door into the basement. We had a door that went to the basement from the hallway. It started up the stairs and my mom ran to the door. We had a oak board there that we used to lock that door for it had no deadbolt on it. She grab it and stuck it under the handle and down to the wall on the other side. No sooner she done that it hit the solid oak door with a thunderous hit. The board bowed and buckled so did the door. I just froze in fear on the floor. My mom reached around and got the phone in the kitchen and called my cousin that lived a few hundred yards away from us. In a few minutes he had his hunting dogs and his spotlight and gun with him and was down at the house. He went around back to the basement. His dogs were in fear and would not go into the basement. He went in and turned on the light there and did not see anything, but there was a faint smell like something had died there. He went into the woods a little ways and never saw anything. But it went on from time to time over the years. Later on I moved to KY with my dad and I talk to my mom a lot on the phone. She said it had come back more and more. I moved back with my mom in 83, the year my sister was born. We were in the house and she had my sister in a baby basket in the living room area. It was late and I was in there with my sister. I was 11 then, and my mom went to take a shower, which was against the wall that was against the wall in the stairway. I heard my mom run through the master bedroom and she told me to hurry and grab the board and stick under the handle. I jumped up and did it and I as soon as I got it up there it hit the door yelling and pounding on the door. I was right in front of the door I smelled a nasty smell of decaying meat or something of that nature, it was bad. My mom got her clothes on and we went to my granny’s house and stayed there. My dad had came in some days after that. He was always gone for different areas in the USA, for he was in construction work and he was gone years at a time. He asked my mom why we were staying there at his mom’s house. My mom told him and he laughed at her, so did a lot of people. I even had found great big tracks in the woods by the creek and no one believed me at all. My mom told my dad that she was not moving back into the house until my dad did away with the stairway. So in October of 83 I had to stay at home on my birthday and work on changing the stairway and a bedroom into a laundry room and a bathroom. That was the last I heard it in the basement. But we still heard it from time to time in the woods. One night after that some teenagers went in to the woods down there like they used to and drink. We heard it yell and they yelled back at it. They did it some more and it did too. Then all of a sudden they hauled butt out of there and came flying by in their cars just a moving. They never came back down there again. I don’t know any of them but my mom said she thought it was the man's son who owned the land father down. If you like to contact me feel free too my home number is xxxx and Nextel is xxxx, I do not answer unknown calls but if I don’t answer leave a message and I will pick up the phone if I am here which I am here mostly.

Resource: NCBI

This is one from Mary Green on the GCBRO. Yeah, I know consider the source and all that. But it is still a pretty cool story, even if it is just that... ;)

Two couples were double dating for the first time and were driving around. They parked in an isolated area for a while, near a lake that was lined with tall cattail growth along the banks of the lake. They didn't realize they had parked (backed in) a swampy area and found themselves quite "stuck in the mud" in the cattails when they started to leave. The more they tried to "spin out" the deeper they sank. Pushing the car didn't help. The fan belt flew off and the battery eventually gave out so they were resigned to spending the night in this remote area. They had not worn coats and were very cold, so after a while, the two boys thought it would be best to walk out for help before they all froze to death. The temperature was below freezing and snowing lightly.

The girls curled up as best they could, one in the front and the other in the back, both afraid to go to sleep for fear they would never wake up again. Meanwhile, the boys were traveling up a long, winding, seldom traveled road, with high mountains on each side. It was then they heard a piercing, woman like scream. They then heard rustling sounds in the woods on the side of the mountain coming towards them. They ran all the way back to the car and gave up the idea of walking out for help.

They heard nothing else, so they made one last attempt to start the car, then all decided to scream for help, hoping someone else was in the area and could hear them. Everything failed, so each couple curled up together, one in the front seat the other in the back seat. Finally, they did fall asleep but they didn't know for how long.

They were rudely awakened by an extremely loud scream and pounding on the back of the car. They all rolled onto the floor board and hid, putting their hands over the back of their heads. The pounding grew so loud they all began to scream in terror. Then they heard very threatening growling noises, heavy foot steps, then renewed pounding on the side windows. They could not believe the window didn't shatter the creature was hitting it so hard. Then the creature started rocking the car backwards and forwards until they feared they would be turned over.

Growling and scratching noises continued on and on. One of the girls asked everyone to quit screaming and stay quiet, hoping whatever it was would leave. It grew silent again, then the heavy steps to the other side of the car, another gigantic blow to the car's front window, then the rocking of the car once again. Still , none of them screamed out anymore. After a while, this all stopped and it grew very quiet outside. They didn't dare move for two more hours and after getting back up on the seat, they waited for daylight to come. Once it was light enough to see a little, the boys started to walk out again, and heard the same screams and noises in the woods once more and ran back to the car again. They didn't have to wait too much longer as someone came by and helped them boost off their car, pulling them out with a chain.


I have a three other favorites that I will post in the near future.

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