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Ane Doc. "bigfoot Man Or Beast

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Spin it any way you want, but the fact remains, you simply refused to answer a straightforward and respectful question asking you to clarify a remark of yours, because you put your foot in your mouth and can't get it out, so you dance around the issue with lame justifications and obfuscations.

Then you do this:

My post you copied for reference) "parnassus:

I'm still waiting aptiently for your answer to my question regarding this remark of yours:

"1) However, most agree that Green was about 10 feet farther from the trackway than was the PGF camera."

When you say "most", to whom do you refer, most people, most researchers, most scientists, . . . . most what?

Could you cite a source?


(end my post copied)

Then your reply:

"Bill, after reading this post, my admiration for your talent is again increased; after seeing you speak and your television appearances I knew you were good, but I am now convinced you could have been a successful actor. Seriously.

Did you appear in any of your creature flicks?"

You think I'm a good actor because I ask you a respectful question? Man, your train of thought and mine are definitely not running on the same guage track, and will never meet.

You are by far the most disingenuous person I've seen in the forums in a long time.


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